I’d like to show you how NOT to build a list

Any minute now….

Don’t you hate when this happens?:

You see well-done sales letter or slick and pretty sales video… It’s WORKING. You’re reading or watching, you’re into it, and then BAM – you’re distracted with an Opt-In Form.

WHY OH WHY would the seller do that? They’re driving traffic to a place where they’re trying to close the sale, right?

They’re making their case, overcoming objections, they’re selling to me… Aaaaaand then, they give me the option to NOT BUY??

They’re suddenly showing me bunch of good copy to get me to stop thinking about spending any money with them, but instead join on up and start getting FREE STUFF. Sigh.

Ya know, maybe spending money on that product wasn’t such a good idea anyway. I mean, think about it – if you’re GOOD at getting opt ins with this scheme, you’re actually doing it at the expense of PAYING customers.

Repeat after me: A Confused MIND says NO!

So Have ONE GOAL and ONE GOAL ONLY on your landing pages. This is a rookie mistake, and I see WAY too many veterans doing it, too.

Look, after 9 years of Inteweb marketing, I’ve made mistakes like this – we ALL have.

But I’ve also tripped over a couple of spiffy tricks I’ve used to build a list of happy and responsive subscribers. And I’m talking six-figures worth of subscribers.

So rather than dwell on mistakes, here are a few of the higher points I think will save you a lot of pain in building your own lists up. If that’s cool with you. :)

1. When you’re marketing, you’re either creating relationships or closing a sale. That’s it.

If you try to do BOTH, you end up giving the potential customer a parachute to jump out of your carefully crafted pitch, or you send them mixed messages because you now feel compelled to get them to join your list if they don’t buy.

That ain’t gonna work, son (or cuzin, or boss, or daughter).

Here’s my advice. At the beginning, you’re only getting 2 kinds of leads: Cold Traffic (They don’t know you at all) or Endorsed Traffic (Someone referred them, but this if your first “official” introduction).

For these people you need to concentrate on creating a RELATIONSHIP before you try to sell them ANYTHING.

Do you ask someone for money the first time you meet them? I try not to. :)

The fact is, asking someone to do business with you the very first time you meet has a very small chance of success – that’s why most online businesses have the abysmal close rate of 1%.

Instead, you get to know that person and show them what you’re all about.

All of the sudden, you’ve got a connection, AND NOW the relationship can evolv to a place of trust. From there, it’s SO MUCH EASIER to start to “Talk Business”.

And THAT’S WHY list building is so powerful – because the first time you meet a potential customer, all you really need to do is eliminate the risk in order to create a relationship with them.

So, how to do you eliminate risk? First things first – let’s define “Risk” in our market. Risk is generally a condition where a person is in a position to LOSE something if they engage with another person.

When someone first “meets” you online, they don’t know if you’re for real, or if you’re a waste of time, effort, money, air, etc.

So, how do we eliminate risk and create a relationship that could lead to a TRANSACTION of VALUE down the road?

Picture this: Pretend that you’re a visitor to an page where you can get a free-report and all you have to do is give your email address to get that free-report.

Most online sellers try to create juicy “Opt-In Compensation” (Where the visitor gets something for opting-in) that is very similar to the problems that their PRODUCT SOLVES.

And this is WRONG.

Here’s what I would do – I made this phrase up about a year ago – it even got re-tweeted a couple of times:

2. OFFER Value without Expectation of Compensation.

Pretty catchy, eh? :D

I’m talking about reaching as broadly as you can into your chosen niche and giving away FREE content that solves the basic, general problems for those prospects.

Don’t give away a free chapter of your e-book, or a free trial of your e-course… Those things put the burden on THEM to prove to themselves that you’re worth buying from. It’s like giving them a job to do that has no compensation.

Instead of giving them WORK, just PROVE to them that you’re worth buying from by solving their pressing problems for them the very first time they meet you, AND ONLY ask for an opt-in in exchange.

Don’t even bring up that you sell anything at all at this point.

In fact, you should deliberately be trying to help people who may not be potential customers of your specific product AT ALL. That might seem counter-intuitive, but think of it like this:

3. Free Line Content Should Solve the BIG Problems in Your Niche

Remember, the reason we’re building a list is so we can make lots of offers to lots of people. We don’t want a list that’s so targeted that they only have that one single problem in common, right?

Because once we sell them that one thing, we’re done. Unless you sell something people need refills on, that list is not very valuable to YOU, much less to any potential JV Partners.

Let me give you an industry-specific example: Weight Loss.

There’s really only 3 main reasons people are overweight.
1) Bad Diet
2) Lack of Exercise
3) Health Related Issues

So, while your product might address an exercise program for busy professionals or “Easy Healthy Cooking on a Budget” or even more specific “How to Exercise When You’re Debilitated”

Your product is still only addressing ONE of those 3 reasons which means that you’re NOT talking to the other 2/3rds of the market. But WHY NOT address the entire market with your free-line?

Then, once you have a relationship, offer your product to a segment of those subs who are INTERESTED. Everyone else who ISN’T interested is FINE in the meantime, because they got free solutions from you. They are in the black, and you have proven to be a NO-RISK interaction.

So NOW you still have room to address that other 2/3rds of the market in future products, or JV promotions, etc. from INSIDE the comfort of your own list. You don’t have to go out and re-build new targeted traffic.

If you’re the person with a course on Exercise for the Debilitated, you’re going to be much more able to make JV deals with other folks if you have a list that has a broader interest in similar, related products, too.

And when that JV mails for you, he’s not just going to mail to HIS segment of people interested in the narrow focus of your product… If your free line content has BROAD value, he’ll send to ALL his prospects.

Overall, solving the big, general problems your niche has in common will get you the MOST traffic. And the goodwill you gain will allow you to build a valuable relationship that you can leverage and profit from in the future.

That’s with your own products, as an affiliate, as an ad publisher – you essentially now have an audience that you can TEST new revenue streams and products with.

4. Expanding Their World Automatically Complicates It

Let me give you one last example with my own product, Video Boss. I didn’t go after ONLY the hard core video heads with my marketing and free line content.

I went after ALL internet marketers, and I wanted to prove the value of adding video to your mix. SOME of those people will get WAY into video and are going to NEED Video Boss.

Some people are going to use that free line content and it’s going to pull back the curtain on a whole new business/hobby - if they LOVE video, I’ve just expanded their world, and they will need a guide.

But the ones that don’t… They’ll stick around because I provided a solution – a way to get more customers – that they may or may not use specifically.

But they know that this guy Andy Jenkins has good solutions! So when I talk about a problem that they DO have (like – gosh, I don’t know… List Building?), I’ve already got my foot in the door.

Think back to the first time you EVER MET or HEARD of Andy Jenkins… Chances are, it wasn’t because I was selling you something.

And if I was, I probably had something you could get FOR FREE without ANY expectation of a sale… But of course, NOT on the same page. :)

So of ALL the ways you could go broader with your OWN free line content, leave me a comment to tell me how you will apply this in your own list-building efforts.

Hope that helps, and have a great weekend!

P.S. Even if you haven’t started building a list yet, let me know what you think of this by leaving a comment below. Or just read below to see the people who will tell me I’m wrong. :)

  • http://www.jacknguyen.com Jack | Online Marketing Blog

    Man, sweet writing style Adny. Building the relationship is very crucial in building your list, and everyone should build that list early.

  • http://www.Danskrib.com Dan Croft

    Hey, great post i will take some of the information i got from this and try and remember to use it in the future. I was just waundering tho when you built your list which im guessing is in the iternet marketing area, did you just target Americans, or everyone in the world, just waundering if targeting less wealthy countrys could hurt conversions in the long run.

    Thanks Dan

  • Jesse Nano

    Awesome post Andy…I’ve always got into a fight about the opt in on the sales page and I always thought that it was a bad idea…but, some people say that it is a good idea simply because of the “a customer has to see your message on average of 7 times before they buy” deal…what do you think on this?

  • David Vitale

    I am just starting this journey, so I do not have a list yet. I have to say though, your blog and videos are by far the most helpful and honest I have seen out there. When I do pull the trigger, I know exactly where I will be going. Thanks.

  • David Foster

    Hey Andy,

    I could not agree with you more. I know there are so many out there that think the biggest list wins, but I believe that the most responsive list wins. I would rather have a list of 5000 people and an open rate of 60% than a list of 20,000 and 0.5%.

    I was not aware you had a blog! Glad I found it! Have a great Sunday!
    David Foster

  • http://www.mybusinessnightmare.com Alan Stransman

    I am a huge fan of anyhting you do. I think you are a great talent, not just a very knowledgeable marketer and editor.

    I would love to send you a copy of my book, as I think you might enjoy the humor.

    If there is way to send you a copy, please let me know.

    Alan Stransman
    “Don’t Let Your Dream Business Turn Into a Nightmare”

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com Social Media

    Righteously Right On AJ.

    The Video Boss was the bomb and this List Building nugget ain’t too bad either.

    Going to use these some of the nuggets to enhance my Social Media Marketing Plus Blog.

  • http://www.ted-payne.com Ted Payne

    Great post Andy,

    I am glad I skipped my no email on weekend rule!

    Great points on the free line – should be common knowledge but far too many people are too concerned with giving away their “time. Trading your time for hundreds and even thousands of opt ins is time well spent IMO.

  • Kurt

    Great thoughts as usual. Jesse I’m with you on it being a bad idea. Here’s personal perspective: I almost purchased a $297 product. But because of the opt in and the potential information that could be gained from the list info, I opted in rather than buying the product.
    In this case, I am glad I did because the responders were horrible. Plus I really, really find poor spelling to be a turn off for some reason. (And this guy couldn’t spell at all.)
    So, lesson one, if you are going to offer an opt-in on the sales page, at least make your responder info worth reading so that a potential customer will have more faith in the value they may receive by actually paying you money for more information.
    Lesson two, either learn to spell, take the time to proofread, or pay someone to do it. Trust me it means the difference between selling your product – or just having it up for sale… Grammar is one thing, I understand someone from non English speaking countries not being 100% grammatically correct, and can live with it. But for the love of all things, Spell Check… :)

  • Ellie

    Andy, I am proof positive of this post. I am not a video techie. But I’ve done slideshows, mini-vids, etc on my past website. I was so blown away with your intro that I now am a regular to your blog. I am also VERY excited that you’ll put those earlier videos back up soon. (Especially since I’ve sent emails to you and a few of your affilitates BEGGING to get them back! haha) But this process works. I’ve only got 3 people I follow now on any IM stuff… and you are NOW one of those 3. Lovin’ it…

    I, too, am a big believer that relationship building is just as important online as it is in a brick and mortar shop. (Published a tourism mag for 10 years and a sister website for 5) And I can tell not many are doing it well – in either situation. So kudos to you …. great post… great teacher. Thank you thank you thank you….

  • http://www.blogbriefing.com Clive at Blog Briefing

    I was WAY too slow in getting into list building but am getting there. I’m 100% with you on the Free Line ‘cuz I want people to like me and find my stuff useful before I even think of selling them something. I remain subscribed to a boat load of bad marketers lists just to remind myself how NOT to do it!

    • http://www.patternstudioa.com dean

      dido bro, the internet is 98% full of shit and if you let it , you’ll end up learning a bunch of useless out of date shit…
      there are only 13 elements that You need to focus on and I free Auto Responder is one of them… I have one to give you : isoregister.com/GA/designtech.html ….. go there sign in to the double opt in and watch videos to learn how to put it together and they’ll host it for you free….
      It’s amazing bro, and you can launch when ready.

  • kalem

    Relationships are everything. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to gauge where the quality of the relationship is. Especially if your list isn’t interacting with you.

  • Ghaleed

    Great post as always Andy – The money is in the list – Old cliche but Old Is Gold!

    Either close the sale of build a relationship – Look foward to further posts!

  • Ghaleed

    Great post as always Andy – The money is in the list – Old cliche but Old Is Gold!

    Either close the sale or build a relationship – Look foward to further posts!

  • http://thejujulist.com Matthew Shields


    Hey Boss-man…great post!. This is a topic that I was just arguing (err…strongly discussing ) with a client a few days ago. This is a very typical approach that many who don’t have an online marketing back ground have a hard time adapting to.

    “Stacking the Cool” hasn’t really been possible in traditional marketing…it’s been tried but most don’t have the bank to make the campaign effective. This unfortunately leads to a mindset of “free doesn’t work in my business”

    As you have outlined here if done correctly it will work and can also be done very inexpensively, the relationships created are a very powerful tool for any business.

    Keep up the great work, you and your cronies do it up right!

    Happy Trails

  • https://noriskinvestor.com josh Carr Superstar

    Love this! Your system totally worked with me I was sold from video one (and unfortunately just to slow on launch day) you did an amazing job of selling your brand (You) and letting that sell the product.

    We have a real estate program that is having a lot of success and we just had a firefox toolbar built that is filled with tools for real estate investors. We are just going to give it away, No registration, No questions asked just pure value. I think it will be perfect.

    • Darlene

      We are investors and would be very interested in your toolbar app. Please let us know how we can get in contact with you? Thank you, Darlene

  • http://www.cybernags.com David James Wilson

    Thank you for the post. Is there anyway to down load the 3 free video you sent?

  • Connor

    Hey man,

    Great post and all, but here’s what’s bothering me. You release some cool videos in the pre-launch for Video Boss, and then take them down just because the course is now unavailable to buy.

    I didn’t have chance to watch them all in their entirety, and would genuinely appreciate it – as I’m sure others would – if you uploaded them elsewhere so we could watch them time and time again! Otherwise, I think the fact you’ve done that is pretty unethical.


    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      I just sent an email out to the subscriber list this morning with this information – we are re-working the free Video Boss videos so they are evergreen. Here’s why: People were VERY upset about Video Boss selling out so fast, and I think it would be kind of a jerky thing to do to keep the free stuff out there when it still ramps up to join the full course… when it’s not actually available. The content in those vids will be very helpful to folks, but it would also make lots of folks mad since right now, it’s sort of a dead-end. So we’re cleaning them up, and we’ll make an announcement when they’re ready boss. Make sense?

      • http://floweringsoultoday.com Jules

        Andy, I do recall you asking folks in the videos to download them to give your amazon account a break and ahem, I did as The Boss instructed and have them all sitting at my fingertips a-n-y time I need them. (Besides, I thought they may disappear and I was not going to lose THOSE high value vids). Just do as The Boss says folks :)

        Jules, Australia

  • http://sambell.us Sam Bell

    Hey Andy,

    Great post I agree that you have to deliver value to your visitors and build a relationship first a matter of fact most potential clients in the IM niche and some other niches have become immune to the regular “get your free report” in exchange for an optin pages, and because of that optin rates have gone down in some of the major niches. With that said how would you “OFFER Value without Expectation of Compensation” if your just breaking into a new niche and your not 100% clear on what the major challenge or problems are in that niche?

  • http://www.goodcontentwebsites.com/blog Paul

    Wow…Andy your thinking has got me “thinking!” Are you saying NOT to do what all those other marketing guru ebooks, reports, and courses are telling us to do?

    Isn’t just a simple opt-in page giving your prospect something of value in return for their e-mail address all we need? And what about the OTO offer? Should we can that also?

    I am sure many of your subscribers and myself included would like to know the answer to these questions? Unless you have a free report or ebook telling us how this can be done?

  • Tom

    Thanks Cuz! Good reminder of providing value first, and taking a ‘customer-centric’ marketing approach out of the chute. And certainly worth “testing ” to quantify and prove to ourselves if we’re not certain, of the value differential in each approach – - – landing ‘sales’ page vs. landing ‘opt-in’ page vs. landing sales page with an ‘opt-in’.

    - Tom

  • http://twitter.com/happyblogger Tanya Brown

    You’re absolutely right – I first heard of you when I watched the free videos on the stompernet blog. And when you left, I started reading this blog, and when it was time to launch video boss, I already trusted you knew what you were talking about. Of course, being in Frank Kern’s videos helps too :)

  • http://actionequalswealth.com Joe Fryar

    As always your insights are thought provoking! The internet marketing business is built on two foundations: traffic and a list. Period. I hope to now rethink some of the lame ideas that everyone seems now to use. Thanks for always thinking outside the box! Great ideas come from great minds! You have a great mind, Andy! Thanks!
    Joe Fryar
    Action Equals Wealth

  • http://www.behealthyandslim.com keith junor

    I need a list building course but I have not purchased one yet because none of the sellers have appealed to me.
    I am not sure why but I think that a list building course created by you will appeal to me.
    I am making money online but not building any relationships with my visitors , and I know this is costing me future sales.

  • http://safefatlossrevealed.com/ Mark Hanson

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the helpful tip.

    I’ve been guilty of scrambling my marketing messages. I’ve discovered the hard way that by providing too many options for the prospect (more than one) you confuse them and get nothing in return.

  • David Foster

    Hey Andy,

    Dave again and I just wanted to let you know what I have done that goes right along the same lines as you. I am building a social community, and out of the gate we are GIVING people a free online business card that will connect to all of their social sites etc. When I first started this project I wanted to GIVE before I EVER asked…and the response has been amazing. I am already at close to 5000 opt ins in just under 6 days. So is there truth to what you are saying? ABSOLUTELY!!!

    I have always found that the more you give, oddly enough the more you get in return…but you have to do it with no expectations. REAL value!

    Again thanks Andy! Great post!
    David Foster

  • http://www.jenniferthieme.com Jennifer Thieme

    Great reminder. I need to pull the optin box from one of my sales pages… :-)

    I have a TON of free content for my niche via my 200+ page “authority” website. I also have optin boxes on most pages, as well as boxes along the left selling a couple of my introductory products. I’m a service seller but my sales funnel begins with a few inexpensive ebooks.

    So this setup goes against what you say here about having optin boxes and sales related offers on the sames pages as your free content. I am hesitant to remove those offers though, in particular the optin boxes. I understand the idea of “too many choices,” but if I remove all offers…. I’m sure my subscriber rate will go down. Probably my sales page conversions will go down too.

    I can see how my pages are too complicated but I am scared to change them!

    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      It’s worth testing, but I think what you’re describing is different than what I mean. I was talking about an actual full-length sales page with copy or a video that’s strictly supposed to close the sale – but then also has an opt-in. It’s perfectly fine to have a blog or article site which has opt-in boxes and links to purchase items.

      But if the point of the particular page is to move the prospect to ACTION, you don’t want to provide more than one objective BECAUSE, people will tend to take the easiest one. So if you want them to buy, giving them an option to only opt-in instead will erode the effectiveness of your selling efforts.

      Hope that clarifies it for you! Thanks for commenting!

  • BobLee

    Hey Andy,

    As always my brotha’ your write the best articles… I retweeted it immediately. We’re been together for a long while now and you’re just getting better and better with each post. Your new lease on life is wearing well on your interaction.

    I want you to post an new article about “writing from the heart” my man. You Andy, do it like none other and more people need to understand just how effective it is to do so. I’m doing a land of a new Affiliate News Center and I want to feature your style in the 3-25 launch.

    I truly love the honest, straight up direction that a many are taking and expecting from quality internet interaction. Keep up the great work my brotha!


    Affiliate News Center | Orlando

    • http://exiteer.com Lee Grey

      Cuz, typo in your URL. You’re never going to make it in affiliate marketing that way. ;-)

  • http://www.tammystanley.com The Tamster

    I have to believe ya, Boss! Because you focused on the relationship alone, my webmaster (aka my brilliant hubby) and I started saying what a great guy you were the very first day we learned about you (from your first Video Boss video). Yeah, we acted like we knew you and that you were our friend! And of course once you focused on the sale, we bought, and I should mention, we are deeply thrilled that we did.

  • http://easyalchemy.com/ Natalie

    Well, Andy, I’m mighty glad I’m in the Video Boss course cuz I’m buzy practicing all these ways of how NOT to build a list!

    Thanks for bein such a cool teacher.


  • http://www.FlatAbSecrets.com Steve

    I love your writing style Andy. You’re always entertaining with your wit. :-) In this post, you have given me some great ideas for my fitness and weight loss site.

    Your suggestions are so basic when it comes to addressing the human thought process, and yet so easy to over look in our marketing. Bravo to you Andy for providing such great value to all of us!

  • http://www.theadzdr.com Deb DiBiasie

    Your Boss vids rocked and your message is so true. Many have lost faith and trust doing business both offline and online…too many have been riped off form big business, institutions and governments who we are supposed to be able to trust. The new trend that i hope and believe is here to stay… is to develop a relationship that proves we care, are willing to genuinely offer assistance and can be trusted. Thanks for stressing these points and walking the walk. We all should be trustworthy.Unfortunately some have ruined it for the masses… rock on keep spreading the love and the message.

    Deb DiBiasie ND

  • http://apple-investor.com Ernie Varitimos

    Everything you’ve said about developing relationships is true Andy, but getting people to stay and pay has been my difficulty. I do a live broadcast before the market opens, it’s free to anyone, all you have to do is create a guest account (this gives you access).

    After watching the live broadcasts for a couple weeks I ask that you join, but only a very small percentage do. The rest simply hang out and take advantage of the free ride. They love the broadcast but won’t commit. The members love the broadcast and have provided outstanding testimonials.

    I feel like I should kick the freeloaders out, but I don’t in the hopes they will eventually sign-up for the paid subscription.

    In the mean time it’s been difficult to attract new people. I use Twitter (with over 100K followers) and a relatively small mail list. People click through the link but don’t become guests and don’t show up at the broadcast.

    If I could get people to come and watch my my analysis and education that would be half the battle. The other half is getting them to commit. I know I’m simply not being effective, and I’ve been following the advice of all the gurus, like you, J Walker, and others, but it’s not working.


  • http://jaypeete.com Jay

    Great content Andy, list building is where I would start if I had it to do all over again. I love building good solid relationships anyway. I just wish as a newbie all of this talk about building a list was as mainstream as it is now. I probably would have had a much bigger list by now.

    I do believe that marketers should be building a list that is not too laser targeted because you’ll niche yourself right out of a lot of money. :)

    Continued success my friend!


  • http://blogtrafficfisher.com Michael Martine

    I’m glad I didn’t make this mistake! The reason I didn’t make this mistake wasn’t as well thought-out as how you explained it—it was more intuitive and simple: there can be only ONE desired action on a page. Not two. Anything else, as you so rightly pointed out, creates confusion and confused people do not do ANYTHING except leave.

  • http://theguruhub.com Gregg Zban

    Free content is certainly THE way to build trust and credibility. I posted an article to The Guru Hub called “The Fine Art of Reciprocation”. This is why we all give away free stuff and how the response to someone giving you something valuable for free triggers a reciprocal response which is pretty much human nature. Powerful stuff!

    Thanks for the post.

  • http://rethinkhypnotherapy.com Travis Pederson CHt.

    Great post! Just what I needed.

  • http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/main-22177/pop6.html Abu

    Thanks Andy for the useful information. I do not have a product now but I am usually distracted by the sales pages that have the optin popups and you are right it affects the the prospective buyer’s decision whether to buy or go for the freebie.


  • http://www.thegwave.net Chris Lang

    So Andy, you have inspired me to do a test. I am going up unlink all my ads directly to salesletters and change them to link to my squeeze page instead.

    But I do have an important question for you: What about the visitors that bounce on a JV? Many JV partners do not want to give their list to me. I was the victim of a Joe Job in 2008 and lost my list and my rep. Still don’t have my list back. So, since I don’t have a large IM list of my own no medium sized JV partner wants to just send their list over to my squeeze page. They want salesletters with no opt in.

    That works fine for you big guys, you have so much list overlap that it matters little for you. But NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE of your caliber will JV their LIST INTO MINE. That ain’t going to happen for the little guy. And before you say so, yes, I am embarking on a list building project. Problem solved by summer.

    But for the little guys in my position over the last two years, how do we overcome that?

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  • http://www.spiritofnature.org Debbie Shelor

    Hi Andy: Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious. Something I’ve overlooked. It totally makes sense so thanks for pointing it out.

  • Airfreddy

    Hi Andy:

    This was great did you end up posting this after my question to you at the boss about this?

    You are making me think about “PURPOSE ” Much More is it to sell or to start a relationship


  • http://www.fixmyuglycredit.com Mike

    Andy, free line and wide net are NOT the catch-all success strategies.

    I agree with you that a confused person doesn’t buy.

    However, I disagree with you on free line and wide net. In some niches it works — obviously or you wouldn’t preach it. HOWEVER, in other niches it doesn’t work. In fact, most people here have heard the “free line” drum beat for years and have actually opened up their solutions to prove solutions.

    And then the EXPECTED happens: these recipients want more FREE help; they don’t want to pay for it. Anybody who’s been around the Internet for awhile knows this. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. I only know that preaching the free-line and wide net are not a panacea–as they appear to be.

    I’ve been with you since the start (Stomping the Search Engines, Stompernet, etc). I HEAR what you’re saying about “free line” content and “relationship” building. Perhaps it’s more strategic than simply saying “give away (some) solutions” and “cast a wide net”. Perhaps it’s STRATEGY that turns freebie seekers into buyers and “wide net” marketers into niche solutions providers.

    The solution clearly is NOT good “BOSS” like videos.
    It’s NOT giving away solutions.
    Nope, it’s not just casting a wide net.

    It’s a whole LOT of testing what works for YOU in your niche. After years of spending $1,000s on the alleged step-by-step, I now understand what works for some might not work for others. You have to test before overhauling your strategy.

    On one of my niche sites @ Bad Credit Repair!, I offer LOTS of free value. It’s not just free value that converts into customers.

    Just my unsolicited $.02. Having said this, Andy, I believe after all these years you’re a straight shooter. I hope you discuss the “rest of the story” either here or inside VB.


  • http://seNinja.com Roger Bauer

    One of the harder lessons learned is to make sure your follow up sequences in your auto-responder don’t make too many offers so that confusion is minimized.

    One offer per follow up sequence is another key to improving conversions with your list.

  • Svetlana Stolyarova

    Andy, that’s a great advice. It fits to my industry – I’m in residential Real Estate sales . We have another problem – nothing to really sell on-line (hard to imagine anyone who might buy the half-a-million dollar property without seeing it in real life:). So, our goal is relationship building anyway. I am thinking about what free line content Should Solve the BIG Problems in my Niche. This kind of approach to building Real Estate list failed so many times! In every single home which I list I see magnet calendars, To-Do Lists, etc. (a lot of useful materials) from another Realtor. Why sellers never considered calling those agents on whose lists they were?

  • Ron Matthews

    Hey Cuzzin Andy,

    The way your framed the information in this blog post gave just the perspective that I needed to better understand how to more effectively market to my niche.

    As to how I’m going to apply this idea, I have to first tell you that my niche is alternative health and healing. For my own role as an expert in the field, I’m an Energy Medicine practitioner.

    One of the coolest things about Energy Medicine is that probably 85% of it can be self-administered…if you know how to do it.

    So the idea that came to me after reading this blog post is that I’m going to combine your words of wisdom with TG’s 10x10x4 distribution method. Each video that I produce is going to present a different health challenge that Energy Medicine can address and then demonstrate a simple protocol that effective in addressing that challenge.

    The goal here is to lead people to a membership site that I just finished creating that contains detailed video-based instruction on how to apply Energy Medicine methods and procedures to the most common health challenges.

    Between what I’m leaning from you and what I’ve learned from TG, I think I might just be able to pull this off.

    So that’s my story and I’m stickn’ to it…

  • http://www.beginnerguitaronline.com steve mirabile

    List building has been the hardest thing for me to decide upon.

    Since I don’t have my own product and only have a few affiliate products that I promote, I’m left wondering what I would try to sell to them…

  • Barry

    Great post Andy,
    There’s nothing like the obvious for hitting you ‘Bam’ between the eyes.
    You need to nurse your visitor into the sale, not letting them wander off.

  • mark

    Guess I should take the part of my podcast out saying I will be asking
    for money at some point,even though I’m giving out free info right
    now to musicians.

    Thank you for the simple yet “Golden” tips on list building Andy.

    Mark G

  • http://www.theyankeegardener.com/ John Rowe

    Great stuff Andy once again. I can see where anyone stuck in the old marketing mentality might want to disagree with you about your approach but I do feel sad for anyone that isn’t willing to keep on on a daily basis with the ever changing Internet ways. Keep that great info coming!

  • http://www.transformingcommunication.com/transforming-communication/transforming-communication-interview-part-8/ Mike the Thai guy

    Your timing is impeccable…AGAIN!
    Today I’m starting filming the videos for building my list and boy am I ever glad that I broke the habit of a lifetime and checked my emails before I start work…

    Thanks for this Andy,


    PS Your launch was great I enjoyed every minute and I’m putting it all into action..

  • http://lawofattractionexpress.com Vence Paul

    Makes a lot sense, sometimes its the simple stuff we over look that gets us into trouble.


    What’s Up With ALL These Helecopters Flying Around My House AJ?
    It’s Making Me Nervous…

  • Pam

    good stuff as always..thank you

  • http://www.frozenshoulderpainblog.com justin

    Great info, that actually makes alot of sense.
    If we are focusing on either sale or optin on one page, how do we structure our sites and seo to get both?
    How do we send visitors to both separate pages at the proper time?

  • http://www.dannyashton.com Danny

    Another great post andy!i remember when you first hooked me many months ago with your free webinar about natural leverage. Your emails now often lead me to bookmarking sites (mind map of woe )or re watching videos again and again (video boss)

    Before hearing from you i thought list building was a bit spammy and not applicable to all markets (the vast majority of the IM stuff was causing me to unsubscribe like crazy). I see myself as pretty cynical but somehow your upfront style had broken my wall of cynicism and i listened when you spoke. The fact that you could break me, forced me to rethink my strategy and now i am actively trying to use list building for my current sites.

    The problem is that my market is not IM or weight loss but is a specific electronics product… say something say like a room heater – it’s not ;) . It might have health benefits but this is just one reason for people buying. There is also a lot of misinformation in my niche but would content about this just be breaking your rules as I’m pushing stuff to sell rather than providing a solution. Basically how do i think of content that will entice the vast majority of people searching for a house appliance?

  • http://www.professionelle-werbetexte.de Martina

    Essential thinking!
    When I think about what I have read in different newsletters the last days (and I deduct already all the hundreds of reminders, webinar invitations, pure sales pitches etc.) this is the only message I will remember (and by precaution store on my hard disk) Isn’t that a compliment?
    Thank you.
    PS: Of course I retweeted immediately.

  • Miles Hennis

    Hey Andy,

    Great article, I’ve heard this numerous times over the years… It’s just one of those hurdles that’s difficult to overcome the whole “give without want” thing.

    Off to the drawing board to figure out what I can give :)

    Have an Awesome, Joyful, Prosperous Day Everyone,

    Miles Hennis

  • http://www.HowToDoubleYourProfit.com Henri Schauffler

    Andy, this is so clear and simple. You are helping novice and experienced alike. These days, “content is king,” but only useful content!

    You are modeling exactly what you teach with your awesome free videos on making videos, and stuff like this. You are The Man.

    Where have you been all these Internet-marketing-guru-years?

  • http://www.hijabtrendz.com Aby

    Hey Andy, when i start reading this article i was confused because thats not what i’ve been reading every where else, but i guess it makes since that you have to have the right stratigies.
    Thanks for the wonderful article.

  • Bill

    Great post… your advice about a couple of the basics here contradicts what I see being done most of the time, but it makes sense. Thank you, you are doing a great job providing value and keeping it real… I appreciate it and look forward to your posts.

  • http://www.tammystanley.com James Stanley

    I just love how you help to focus the objective of the content we generate. As a big thinker, excited about everything, the temptation is to try and do too much. Great insight and clean writing. 2 thumbs up!

  • Bart

    Great Andy, but can you show us an example, this all seems so ephemeral!!

  • http://ImaginingBetter.com caitlyn

    Hi Andy,
    I’m a window shopper. Physically as well as virtually. I make a decent salary and spend a good portion of that on things I don’t need (and am willing to spend for quality on things I need.) But, I don’t spend quickly.

    To get my $$ a business needs to satisfy me on several fronts. Quality of product or service, obviously, but also quality of presentation, fit with my tastes, quality of relationship, and my confidence in the likelihood of positive follow-up and customer service if things should go wrong or I am unhappy.

    As I build my websites, http://ImaginingBetter.com which has a more educational feel about how developing imagination & how brain science can lead us to some better life, and how life individual & collectively might be better, I have wanted to only create relationships. In the other one “Caitlyn’s Write”, http://caitlynjames.com, I am using my creative writing degree for evil and happily sucking others into that vortex. How to monetize these things occasionally bedevils me.

    Your article, while giving me some confidence to consider how I will build my “sell” pages in ways that are different from many others (’cause those pages aren’t working on me) has also calmed the waters so that I can continue to grow my relationships without any expectation.

    Thanks for another classically great window shopping experience. It’s like I got a free juice just for coming in the store.

    :-) Caitlyn

  • Freda Hill

    Hi Andy, hero in video, Thanks for sharing,
    I actually did the same yesterday,
    removed the optin box off the first invite page!
    I’m glad you think this way too!
    I still cannot take the step to want to make
    an unknown list of people who won’t be able
    to hit the reply button to me. ;) (Scary thought)
    Cheers, Freda

  • Jeff Gordon Parker

    There you go again Andy,

    Another example of giving value by giving great content on the topic of list building for Franks Course coming up…

    I own Mass Control 2.0, and I’m sure this list building thing is going to be sweet! Like A Boss!

    And I was blown away by the thought you put into this post Andy…
    I see through the lines and it touched me…

    I look forward to shaking your hand in person one day and thanking you…

    Thanks again Andy, I wish you the best on this JV launch!

    Jeff Parker
    Fitness Dude

  • http://www.linkagemarketing.com Denver Web Marketing

    Hey Andy, thanks for the validation. For years, we have been deprogramming so many of our clients who feel they need the razzle-dazzle pop-up, opt-in, free reports smack dab in the middle of their main money sales page (just because everyone else is doing it). We believe in the ladder of escalation – always move the prospective buyer one step forward toward a bigger commitment/ sale. When it comes time to take them to your money page, the last thing you want to do is take two steps back and offer them the distracting “free opt-in” option. Great stuff. Glad we found your blog:)

  • http://themindsetmaven.com/20-videos.html PJ McClure

    Thanks for the recharge Andy.

    I love your style and appreciate the reinforcement of my list-building approach. I’ve listened to some that claim you shouldn’t give away anything that you might ask them to pay for later. The whole idea, as I understand it, is to build huge value as your calling card and let them return the love with their dollars down the road.

    You got it together cuzin.

  • Gregg

    Great advice as always Andy. Thanks!

    Tell us please, what’s that GREAT ‘swirling tag cloud widget thingy’ in your side bar?
    I gotta get me one for my WordPress theme. Cheers Boss!

    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      It’s called WP-Cumulus, cuz. :)

  • John Buell

    Thanks Andy, I used your Video Boss ideas to make some really cool sales videos and with this post I’m getting some really great ideas for my new on-line campaign.

  • http://GenerosityMarketing.com Bryan Bliss

    andy, after the second time through reading this, it makes alot of sense.
    It sorta brings up some common cultural problems. Your solution will probably still be hard for some marketers to swallow because, no matter how common sense you make it.
    basically you’re saying you need to be singularly focused to a group of people who are by nature and by peer pressure predisposed to be ( or to TRY and be ) multitaskers.
    Don’t try and make a sale on the first meeting makes sense but this is like trying to convince a hungry caveman thrust into a world with 20$ in his pocket, landing right in front of a McDonalds that he’d really be better off taking his time, making a meal from scratch and skip the instant gratification of some quick junk food.

    Step by step,
    First things first,
    One thing at a time makes sense,
    but its not an easy position to sell a public thats looking for
    a lottery ticket jackpot,
    a free meal,
    and a one night stand.


  • Sueebeee


    Thank you for clearing a path through the fog-lined road of doing business online. At least with Brick-and-Mortal type sales, there was a handshake and interaction. On the web, you don’t have that. We are interactive creatures striving for relationships. Great advice on how to BUILD that RELATIONSHIP in-the-cloud (online) and WHAT WE NEED TO DO TO KEEP IT.

    We live in the world that is so fast paced and everything is instant gratification. The drawback is we tend to create instant relationships or we experience what I call true Attention Deficit Disorder (not the medical kind); where we do not give enough attention or committment to the relationship to make it last.

    Everyone can see that you have built the level of trust where people are committed to you and you are committed to helping them. You cannot build this trust overnight nor make them trust you. The only way this can be accomplished is by providing great content (communication and interaction) with the customer. You are a great example to follow.

    Great post!

    Sidepoint: Your title caught me and made me think… Is he talking about not build lists or he is talking about how NOT to build the list the wrong way. Catchy title, I do say.

    I’m in the Video Boss Course and enjoying it immensely (worth every penny).


    • Ravi

      Hey Cuz Sueebeee, I thought you looked familiar. How can I contact ya … email me ravinesh.chaudhary @ gmail .com let’s discuss further on Video Boss stuff in addition to the dashboard, etc. Cheers, Ravi

  • http://GenerosityMarketing.com Bryan Bliss

    andy, after the second time through reading this, it makes alot of sense.
    It sorta brings up some common cultural problems. Your solution will probably still be hard for some marketers to swallow because, no matter how common sense you make it.
    basically you’re saying you need to be singularly focused to a group of people who are by nature and by peer pressure predisposed to be ( or to TRY and be ) multitaskers.
    Don’t try and make a sale on the first meeting makes sense but this is like trying to convince a hungry caveman thrust into a world with 20$ in his pocket, landing right in front of a McDonalds that he’d really be better off taking his time, making a meal from scratch and skip the instant gratification of some quick junk food.

    Step by step,
    First things first,
    One thing at a time makes sense,
    but its not an easy position to sell a public thats looking for
    a lottery ticket jackpot,
    a free meal,
    and a one night stand.

    “WHAT DO WE WANT??!!

    thanks and take care,
    Bryan Bliss
    ps something went weird in posting this comment, please delete earlier first inclomplete

  • http://www.luminous-views.com Michael J Slattery

    Thanks for pointing out exactly what I was doing WRONG on my landing page – thought you were gonna point everyone to my page.

    Okay okay I am working on it.

  • Faydra J

    Great post, Andy! We’re finally taking action & building our online businesses. We’re not going to be afraid of failing anymore. :-) Your post really outlines the basics of sales pages, list building & customer relationship building. Also, I’m looking forward to your re-release of your pre-launch videos. I didn’t get them all downloaded before they were gone. I believe we can make significant strides in our business with them. We, my hubby & I, really appreciate your knowledge & willingness to share it with all of us. I look forward to the next (right?) launch of Video Boss…we want in!

  • http://www.marjoe.dk John Dencker

    I will say hello here from Denmark (Europe)

  • http://energypa.amanation.com Geary

    Everything sounds so easy coming from you Andy. Great content, video, and marketing skills. I do appreciate the information.

  • Shaun

    This is some great info…I made this mistake for over a year straight. I went from giving too mucha away for free without selling and then (from the advice of another famous Internet Marketer) went right to cramming sales down people’s throats. Now that I’ve used the set up you described above….I’m glad to say its alllllll good now and the results show. This stuff works….so go do it!

  • http://www.jewellerpro.com Anatoli

    Good staff Andy. You are The Boss!
    Thanks for guidance. Its nice to know this BIG little secrets.

  • http://losemanboobreview.info Clem

    This just makes so much sense you don’t have to over think a thing. Andy you are on the money.

  • Karen Smith

    Andy this is so good. I need to build my list and these tips will really help. We loved your pre-launch instruction and have gotten as far as publishing the video into an mp4. We’ve had quite a few problems at this stage (because of our inexperience not your teaching methods!). We didn’t feel we were ready for your Video Boss Coaching coarse, but need more help with the basics. Any suggestions of where we should go for help would be appreciated.

  • http://Weblaw101.com Drew Amend

    A well crafted post, and some seriously good advice. Congrats! I’ve read each of your posts since the launch, and each time you don’t disappoint. I’d like to emphasize again to readers that giving away a simplified version of your main offer, is still good content without giving away the whole enchilada. Thanks Andy!

  • http://www.harddriverecorders4u.co.uk/ Jeff

    Another one who is proof of the success of your methods.

    I first ‘met’ Andy Jenkins’ through his free Video Boss videos and I am here now ’cause those free videos showed me that you’re an expert in your field and worth listening too.

    Not in the market to buy anything – yet – but you’re right, when I am, it’ll be your door I come knocking on.

  • Josh Hayles

    Great information Mr. Jenkins!

    I’m in Real Estate so I’m offering TONS of free home buying information for people who plan on moving within the next year or so. I’ve started building a list and so far I have about 100 subscribers or so that I’m helping. I’ve started offering free Teleclasses and online classes etc. and they aren’t being as responsive as I hoped, but it’s a start. This blog just reminded me to keep showing them I’m here to help…for FREE and be patient, but never give up.


  • sreenivas

    Great post Andy. I just started my journey of blogging and learning about online marketing and glad that I have subscribed to your blogs. BTW, the free video boss videos were awesome though I am not into any selling yet.

  • Mukesh

    Hey Andy,

    Your are grate. You did teach this at Stopernet. Said so nicely. Can I request you and others to see what I learn from you.
    This will interest all who feel any kind of stress in their life. Because I talk of always stress free.
    See http://www.always-stress-free.com

    Hope you relieve stress.

    And Andy Boss if you say a line I will be blessed.



  • http://www.linkshares.net/?ref=29015 Julius

    Those are some good points, I always say that if you don’t give you don’t get. And at the end of the day, if you have the quality product, then hard work in marketing the white hat way will yield results. One of my colleagues rephrased it recently and said, “you get what you deserve aka what you work for”.

  • kathleen inman

    I agree, great post. I am still learning, questions? at what point do you introduce a product for sale, lol. I have links on my site to affiliate links in my posts, is that ok? how many is too many? thank you I enjoyed reading your post! kathy

  • http://www.gogvotitanium.com Sean Breslin

    Great advice on the optin form Andy I changed mine immediately… Thanks

    Simple and pure common sense!

  • http://www.clubinspector.com Jeff

    Andy, your information makes so much sense. I just gave presentation about using video to build a relationship…ONLY, and several folks insisted that it should also contain selling…thanks for clearing up and validating how important it is to keep each totally seperate.

  • http://empowered-women-entrepreneur.com Marie Leonard

    Your info, Andy, has always been right on. I enjoy what you present and take a lot away from it and apply it to my online marketing. I’ve also bought from you before because I knew the value you were giving.

  • http://www.talkradiotshirts.com brent thomas

    Hi Andy,
    I’m with Ted, Glad I broke my no email on weekend rule. Always look forward to your content. Helpful and ‘real’ I’m just getting ready to launch my new blog in the next 2 days.
    It’s http://www.talkradiotshirts.com and real hard core “in Your Face” politics. My first offer is a ‘freebie’ a letter everyone can cpoy and paste and send to the crooks in DC.

    Thanks again Andy and “WELCOME” to San Diego! I swear we NEVER get this much rain…. must be that pesky “Global Warming” hehehe


  • http://www.gcexperts.com Doug Reitmeyer


    Hi Andy and my sincere appreciation for everything you have provided including this blog post. Took a while for it all to sink in and was in too much of a hurry to get it right the first time. So to make it simpler, here’s the 4 video formula we have adopted from your teachings to show others how to find, get, perform and get paid on federal construction contracts:

    Step 1 – VIDEO 1: Describe in detail the huge opportunity. For us, it is the construction money available for contractors to bid on Uncle Sam’s billions of dollars of opportunities. To give you and your readers some perspective, there are about 884,000 licensed US contractors and only 20,049 of them are registered in CCR and qualified to bid federal contracts (just over 2%). With the economic crisis, private and commercial construction opportunities are around $650 Billion. Uncle Sam is dumping $317 Billion into construction opportunities. NOTE THE HUGE DISPARITY! That’s why we were the only bidder on 4 of the last 5 federal construction contracts our client companies were awarded. Our VIDEO 1 should be up and running in a couple of days on youtube and on our websites (www.topofthegoldengate.com).

    Step 2 – VIDEO 2: Explain to everyone that anyone can do this and give them the “Getting Started” manual that explains in step-by-step detail exactly what to do to get registered and qualified to bid on federal contracts. We give that eBook away at http://www.BidTrakker.com, along with an introduction to our system of tracking every government construction opportunity nationwide.

    Step 3 – VIDEO 3: Show all contractors exactly how we do it – how we find the greatest opportunities with the least competition using BidTrakker. The video will show an overview of how we bid them, cover the paperwork and how we find partners to do the work with us all over the United States. At http://www.reitmeyer.com, they can see that we’ve already completed more than 1,000 federal contracts, over $1 Billion worth. We hope to have VIDEO 3 completed by next Friday.

    Step 4 – VIDEO 4: Offer a $100,000 value training course for $10,000 where they learn every trick in the book from where to find the projects with the most margin and the least competition, how to perform projects from a thousand miles away, and how to get paid fast. The final day of the course includes estimating real projects so they leave with contracts to bid on.

    Because of the demand, we actually started with VIDEO 4 and put it at http://www.gcexperts.com. Seems like everyone wants to know where to find and how to get government contracts.

    And now we’ll start a Q&A website where everyone can get answers to their questions and related their greatest challenges and seek assistance.

    Andy, you have opened our eyes to the correct and best ways of helping others with our expertise and we thank you.

    Warm wishes from Texas, Doug Reitmeyer

    PS – Everyone is invited to the presentation “7 Keys To Federal Construction Profits”. See http://www.myconstructionexpo.com for details.

    Anyone interested in being an affiliate marketer, contact doug@reitmeyer.com

    My next published article will be in the next issue of Commercial Construction Magazine

  • http://www.floridahauntsmovie.com Florida HAUNTS movie

    Thanks, Andy. Just began list building and looking forward to the possibilities.

  • Nando

    Hey Andy! Thanks for post. I’m starting internet marketing now and your posts are really helping me “to think” – sorry any “clerical error” – I’m from Brazil and I’m using a translator :)

  • http://moneyknot.com Alla

    Andy, your ideas are so terrific that I accept them. Not everybody gets that attitude from me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. BTW, you just saved me some money. I was about to place a list building squeeze page on Google. As I see it now, it would serve no purpose. Thanks again. You are great!!!

  • http://www.musclefire.com Ryan

    great article Andy!
    however, should i even make it clear to people that here is a “coupon” available just by signing up for my e-newsletter?
    i need to get my conversion rate up (for purchases that is..getting some decent hits, just not getting the sales i’m looking for)
    thanks – Ryan – MuscleFire.com

  • http://www.startavideobusiness.com TJ Robertson

    Thank you so much for writing this blog post… You saved me from making a big mistake. I have a video marketing business and I was planning to throw an opt-in form next to my sales video… Now I see why that would have been a bad idea.

    My info-product, however is Start a Video Business and I show videographers how to get started, or make more money, using a typically poorly-used asset…. I think this solves a problem that all videographers have… I guess we’ll find out

    Thanks again

  • http://www.HowToBeFreeFromPanicAttacks.com Dr. Bruce

    Hi Andy
    Your article on list building is vintage Andy Jenkins. Excellent! One of the things I appreciate most about all your stuff is that you model exactly what you say – that’s refreshing. Thanks.

  • John

    Great article Andy. You give great information and OFFER Value without Expectation of Compensation. Yet. The example of list building was genius with Frank’s List Control releasing soon.

    Always enjoy your posts.

  • Peter


    Thanks for making the Video Boss Short Course videos available to us again. I was one who was very upset that the videos were “pulled” after launch. I was ready to unsubscribe from your list over the matter, feeling you were not living up to your stated ethical standards espoused in your last post.

    It would have been better to have at least made some mention of re-releasing the videos. I think you would have avoided many angry emails, including one from me.


  • http://classifiedfitness.com Steve

    Wow Andy, I am on a few huge marketers list, after video boss intro videos I expected to withdraw from your list. This is how I treat every relationship I get into with someone whom I can see is marketing a launch. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I DID NOT leave. You are awesome Andy, your are honest and don’t try to pull the shades over people’s eyes. Because the best marketers in the world market to the marketers and still try to get slick and withhold tons of information.

    No, I think I will stay on your list for a really long time. And at some point, I will probably buy something or 2 or 3 or 5 of somethings. Thanks for being awesome man. You are one of those rare gems out there, even amongst the mega wealthy that refuels my hope that I can make it and not have to become manipulative or dishonest in the process.

    Thanks Andy!!!

  • http://www.Internet-Marketing-For-Home-Based-Business.com Karl Hummel

    Great post Andy. You are the man. Everything you said makes a lot of sense. The only time I would personally use a pop up on one of my webpages, is if it is a blog. And even then I would prefer it to only pop up as they are leaving the webpage!

    Thanks for sharing your insight and experience.

    To Your Continued Success,

    Karl Hummel

  • Martin

    Simple but brilliant! Thank you!

  • http://imarketingmavens.com Marketing Mavens

    Thanks for the clarity Andy. My biggest take away from this blog post: When you’re marketing, you’re either creating relationships or closing a sale. That’s it. Speaking of making money, you might be interested in knowing about the lowest merchant account fees in the industry: InfusionPay



  • Eric Berg

    Hey Andy – incredible!

    Just one question – how many short videos does one send out to build up this relationship before the final sales letter?

    Thanks inadvance


  • http://www.homeaffilate.com John McRae

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for the information. I have been building my list without much success for two years. After reading this I see I’ve been doing it all wrong.

    John McRae / Internet Home Business Help Center

  • http://www.larrydyson.com Larry Dyson

    Wow, that saved me $97 and a few days of some course I probably would have bought that would have not expressed this information so succinctly and eloquently. Thanks boss! You have mad skillz.

  • Todd Rogers

    Heya Andy!

    I have to give you kudos, before I get to my main point, for your approach in the Video Boss. You are an awesome marketer for sure, but one thing you do that I do not see reflected here in the posts people are leaving is that you engender TRUST.

    Having a solid sales background behind me from working in the travel industry and the cable/high speed internet/digital phone industry as a salesperson, one element of building rapport with your customer is creating trust that you are the “go to” guy as you mention in your blog post.

    I have been in internet marketing in some form since 1997, since I got out of the Army. I did the eBay thing, and I did the home study course route for pretty much everything from the making money on the internet infomercials to the Carlton Sheets Real Estate course.

    All of it was pretty heavy handed, required you really be a fast study in the subject matter and it was virtually impossible to go from Day 1 with the course to making deals or money within 30 days. It was an education to be sure.

    Long story short, my friend, my question is this:

    In Video #1, you showed the difference between the expensive video camera and the “buck fifty” video camera that essentially does the same thing for video capture. Unless I had forgotten to put it in my notes, what was the program that you recommended to put all of this together or did you not make a recommendation until later in the series?

    I really, really enjoy your style, Andy.

    Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to learning more from you as time goes on.

  • http://www.davincicollection.biz Louis

    Hi Andy you are the coolest and have what it’s take to deliver your Amazing
    Video Boss .
    well have a wild week end Enjoy

  • http://www.the-portrait-expert.com Dave Meir

    You the man and I like what you have to say.

    Fortunately I’ve apparently read the right things (including your stuff) and am in the process of shooting a landing page video to promote my first opt in product – a high school senior portrait posing guide. I spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and . . . a lot of time putting it together.

    The posing, lighting, backgrounds, propping part of photography is the easy fun part, and photographers – no matter what level of expertise – always want to look at others ideas. I want to sell my marketing program and figured the posing guide would be the right kinda bait for the fishes I want to catch.

    Rock on dude.

    Dave Meir
    http://www.the-portrait-expert.com (not even live yet)

  • Peter Phillips

    Andy, you are so right!
    We see so many sales pitches these days that they have become meaningless to anyone who has been online for some time.
    I’ve just read another email from another marketer about how you grow a list by giving stuff away, and now you’ve confirmed that approach.
    You’re right, the only reason I am following you is because of that first contact, which was video 1 of the Video Boss series – you helped me get interested in video, where I wasn’t before.
    Of course I knew a sales pitch was coming eventually, but when it did come at the end of the video series I was a pretty much a willing buyer.
    Keep up the irreverence – it’s your greatest asset!

  • stewkelly

    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for sharing your insights. I’ll admit my thinking was aligned with your’s about not selling, but your point about addressing all the potential segments of your niche was new to me.

    I guess I got so focused on the “drill down into your niche” philosophy I forgot markets are larger than that…and potential prospects need to be nurtured so natural evolution from skeptic to customer occurs.

    I get bombarded with some many emails pimping questionable products, and so many videos where the speed-talking head rambles on for 18 minutes on me, myself and I so much you can’t hit the delete button fast enough.

    Nevertheless, my list building skills are abysmal. I tried this course from some guy in Vermont, but I’m Telling you…. man, it was really annoying. More self-aggrandizement than list building strategies. I’m wondering when, or if, a worthy list building course will appear?

  • http://www.money-makingopportunities.com Peter Phillips

    Dammit! I mis-spelled my own website url – must be too early in the morning here in Australia!
    Let’s hope I get this one right.

    Money making opportunities

  • http://ChrisMcCargar.com Chris McCargar

    Well Cuz… you sure can write ‘em! Another insightful post to thank you for (retweeted.)

    I love reading your stuff… ‘cuz it just makes so much sense! Although my newbie status may preclude my site from having the pedigree of “Guru-hood”, it’s not hard to see that integrating this simple idea will make a BIG difference in my own list-building efforts.

    I like your style Cuz! The BEST results in this biz come not from trying to sell but from providing information to the prospect… they’ll sell themselves on your product and line-up to give you their money.
    Your 3-video series was an EXCELLENT example… I couldn’t give you my money fast enough, because of all the great value content you already had given me!

    What better way to build a relationship then to offer a FREE solution upfront, without any expectations… keeping it clearly and convincing presented.

    To paraphrase a quote of Michael Masterson’s, through
    “The Power of One”,
    “emphasizes… one good idea
    stirs… one core emotion
    tells… one captivating story
    directs the prospect to… one inevitable response”

    …money in your pocket!
    All the BEST to you, my Friend… Chris

  • Renato

    Dude, I Just wanna see one of those mindmaps for some of the posts you do. You sad that you have one for everthing you do, just great posts.

    Aaaand, I Have a question. My niche is made of guitar players that want to start making their own solos.
    I don’t have the things I need to shoot a live video with me in it. Do you think a screen video with great content will do the job? and, one more.
    One idea I heard someone talking about I think is…making a video series and giving the first one away and to see the others you would have to opt-in. What do you think of it?

    From Brazil too…just not on a translator. =D

  • http://www.nerdec.com Edmunds

    Ok Andy, I’m sold…Sign me up for Frank’s list control course!! ;)

  • http://hrjobsearchsecrets.com katherine moody

    Thank you for great info as always. You certainly live what you speak, and I always learn so much not only from the content but also from the way you say it. You have helped this newbie more than you may realize. I’m so eager to start your courses.
    thanks again,

  • http://www.practicalsports.com Camping Dude

    Thanks Again Andy, what would we do without you. Probably livin in a tent in Alaska!

  • Simon Eder

    I always do that with the thought that at least getting a subscriber will compensate the no sale. I tell other people to be laser focused with purpose for their page and I am diluting my visitors with choices.
    When you think about it you will get the subscriber if they buy anyway. Great Advice

  • http://nocomputerproblems.weebly.com Sue Tamani

    Hey Andy

    Looking forward to the reworked intro Video Boss vids again.

    Well, I have 4 things for peeps to do on my splash page hahahhaha

    Better get busy deleting three of them LOL

    Cheers and many thanks

  • http://www.maidforyou1985.com Richard

    Great information! I was wondering if creating a relationship means solving a problem? Can you go into more detail about what creating a relationship means to you? Thank y ou!

    Maid For You Home Cleaning Service

  • http://www.onlinemindsuccess.com Rodrigo

    Thanks again Andy!

    It was, and keeps getting better, great to know you!

    Very clear, full of strategies, great content

    Will apply it!

    Saludos !

    Santiago, Chile

  • http://www.thetruthofcredit.com Rick Vaughn


    Love the blog.

    List building is by far the most efficient way to sell and open those all important “back-end” sales. Once you have proven yourself worthy people will open their wallets no questions asked. Thank you for some great insight here I look forward to coming back often.

  • http://www.privatedimension.at/italian_handbags.html Christa

    After having seen your Mini-Video-Course I tried to make a video. My voice was “awful”. With the second it was a bit better. And I have made videos just with images and effects.
    I never tried to build a list, but I’ll think about it.
    Your Mini-Video-Course has been so absolutely professional and I like your writing style on this blog. Thank you for all!

  • http://www.DentalInsiders.com Chris

    Andy, you da BAWSS!! I’m so digging your style, and your reasoning is as sound as the echo in a racquetball court. That’s supposed to mean it’s really good. I’m looking forward to more…and I’m figuring out how to apply that to my own list-building strategies for dentists.
    Keep ‘em coming!

  • Sergio

    Hi Andy,
    I am in process of start my online bussiness as an affiliate. Though I am new on this, what you say makes sense. I’m suscribed to several lists and much of these marketers try to sell me at the very first time. What I do is, after a few e-mails with the same B.S. is that I unsubscribe myself from their list, becuase I don’t trust them. It’s like having a date with a girl you just have met and you ask her to go to your apartment before you invite her a drink or a coffe, come on! You are a total strange, unless you look like Brad Pitt she will probbably say NO!
    Instead other marketers as yourself give valuable information on the first e-mail and I’m more open to spend time reading the following e-mails I receive from them. I didn’t connect the dots until I read your text. I trust them. I’m more willing to buy their products. I always read what ever e-mail I receive from them because I always expect value or at least something funy.
    Thanks for this valuable piece of information, you never disappont me.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/howtoearnmoneyonlineu Doug Orchard

    Great Information and yes you lit a marketing fire for me with the video boss information thanks
    a lot

  • Bryan Washington

    Dude, The force is with you.

    Those are some jedi style comments you have there. It answers the exact question I was having about building my product too small. I need to unzoom and make it more broad…..like a BOSS.

    Thanks for the help Jenkinizer.

  • Sean B.

    Thanks for the clarification on the vids…. wish I listened but so happy they will be back :) There are many things that you touched on but most importantly was the free stuff. For those that don’t know the 30DC or 30 day challenge really changed my mind on this free concept. And yes I wish it came out 4 years ago. I could have saved thousands of dollars on get rich stuff and learned the basics with FREE content on skills you should learn.

    Anyway….. you are right that a product should focus on a broad spectrum of customers…. now it is just changing your mind or thought pattern when you are creating products (or finding them) and see how many markets you can delve into…. like
    lower back pain

  • Alphonso

    Greetings Andy;

    Thanks for the headsup, the do’s and don’t of an structured pre-eminent mindset,coupled
    with the “give value without expectation of compensation.” I think would tend to build an aire of integrity and trust. A great way to develope a relationship of business longivity. I’m not computer literate and Ihave no marketing experience, so thanks for keeping it simple. Stay Frosty, talk at you soon !

  • http://www.strategicbusinesscreationonline.com Tony Neilson

    Thanks Andy, Valuable information on building a list is difficult to find, providing your insight adds to this all too small body of practical knowledge.
    How to reduce the number of buyers on your list.
    Recently, a technique being used by some of the top marketers has really steamed me. After considering an offer being made, I’ve elected to buy their product/service but, on the way to the checkout, I was blocked by one additional offer after another, all being more expensive products. I don’t mind one or two offers but, 3 and more disrespects and devalues my initial decision to purchase. Faced with this stupid sales tactic, I’ve bailed on my purchase of two products offered by two well known marketers in the past month. I was so annoyed by this it makes me inclined to block their names on my email.
    So, marketers, rethink the cause of statistics on the number of buyers who abandon during the checkout process – it may not be due to the buyer getting cold feet.
    Tony Neilson

  • http://www.ramyremo.ws Endangered

    Hi Andy…….
    Andy, you are amazing ,gifted and very creative.
    you are one of the few professional people i ever saw in my life and i wish
    i could be you cause if i am you i would be walking the walk like a boss.

    look futher for some more inspirnational video posts,emails an blogs.
    Keep on keeping to walk the walk like a boss…!!!

  • http://outsourceouttakes.com Howard Tiano

    Yo Andy,

    What about exit pops to capture a visitor on the way out?
    No distraction, but a last ditch effort to get the relationship going.

  • http://www.best-juicing.com/juicing-recipe.php Rika Susan’s Juicing Recipes

    Excellent article, Andy! Relationship-building is crucial. It takes time, but in the long run it is well worth the effort and patience. It also works the other way round – I like to know who my customers are! If I don’t get to know them, how will I know what their needs are?

  • Mike

    Cool stuff and I def wanna get in on the next Vid Boss BUT…

    It’s a little confusing to someone like me who isn’t down with all your jibe talk :)

    You’re obviously entertaining and know your ish, but I was a little confused – like that dude that was scared of removing his opt-in boxes from his blog… it wasn’t exactly clear to me where the relationship should be built (blog, newsletters, etc. I’m guessing) and then where the sales pitch would be most effective – I think you’re saying a sales page gets sales copy only, and no opt-ins… if I understand correctly, it would have been easier for me to understand if you would have just spelled it out in plain english… wit nunuh dat crazy talk ;)

    Maybe a summary of points at the end woulda made more sense to me… but maybe I’m just not the dude that you’re targeting.

    As an aside, your writing and videos are funny and entertaining… if you weren’t making a bunch of money selling marketing tools, you’d make a fine comedian or entertainer! haha

    Thanks for all the freebies.


    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      Hi Mike, sorry for the confusion, but you’ve gotten it on the right track. I didn’t really talk about WHERE you build the relationship specifically, but yes – look at myself as an example (and you should check out my previous post about starting from scratch). A lot of marketers would start with a product, then make a sales page for it. Then when it comes time to build a list, they just slap the opt-in box on the sales letter page. My main point is that your list should be built outside of the sales letter. I use a blog and my newsletter list to do this. There are lots and lots of other ways of course, but that’s how I’d do it. :) Hope that helps!

  • Renee

    Andy, thanks very much for the fresh perspective!

    Under point number three you said “offer your product to a segment of those subscribers who are INTERESTED”. How do you figure out which of your subscribers are interested?

    Thanks again,

  • http://www.findsuccessnow.com/ Phil

    Hey Andy – Awesome, you live and breath it dude and I admire your straight talking, so thanks for the free (outstanding) stuff and moreover watching the art of you creating rapport with your list. I’ve just released my 1st product and man it’s so exciting, now to the list-building…

  • http://www.BeInspired-blog.com Sean M Kelly

    We can become very impatient sometimes, at least I have in trying to sell before we have built a relationship. The results have been very poor so now I’m concentrating on providing the free general problem solving “stuff” before offering any sale, in other words building that relationship.


  • http://www.internet-marketing-strategic.com Derek

    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for more great content, you rock! Really looking forward to the VB vids coming back online, great info and they entertained me!


  • http://theinfochief.com Rosemary

    I am so impressed with you because you are one of the only marketers that has actually made sense to me. Developing a trusted relationship with people is vital online and your list building strategy is something I am going to implement as soon as possible in my own business.
    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  • http://www.officedeskreviews.com Lloyd Burrell

    Hi Andy
    I had never heard of you until about 10 mins ago when a friend sent me your post. I agree with what you say, the only thing i would add is TRUST. People want to interact with people they can trust, be it on the internet or elsewhere. The list without trust will be difficult to convert into sales.
    Judging by the amount of activity on this page, a lot of people trust you!

  • http://www.getclientsblueprint.com Get Clients Now

    Thanks for the post Andy.

    i’m going to be reworking my front end now when i go live.

    Good useful free content is defo key,



    Get Clients Now

  • http://Readfastertoday.com Nivin


    As usual.. stright to the point and no BS. Proud to be a member of your list. Keep the freebies coming buddy.


  • http://www.10minutenerfolg.de Elke

    Hi Andy, thanks for the blogpost. I’ll keep it in mind and will use it in the future.

  • R Bruce

    Hai Adny,
    I just luv yur tweets – n the tipos r funn tu.
    grate stuf – kip goin,
    cuzin Br luvs ya stuf

  • Fox

    Well said Andy, I can feel this alone leading to another product launch, perhaps Kern’s upcoming launch. In other words I hope folks study what your doing here the secrets are right before our eyes…splendid work. Hey when are you going to re-post those pre launch videos from Video Boss. I got em all, but there to long to post on youtube & other media sites.
    I look forward to learning much from “The Video Boss” product. Again I’m taking notes [-;

  • Allycia Uccello

    Hi Andy
    This is the first blog I have seen of yours and its interesting that you state good free helpful content is what builds a relationship and trust. This is what I have been working on for my new arts and craft site. Its all about good free usable content that addresses many needs. Good to know these subtle but important distinctions make the difference.
    Thanks for information.

    Allycia Uccello

  • http://www.lclgroup.org SINA

    Dear Andy,

    You have succeeded in building a high level of trust in me through your video. I need your feedback regarding the possibility of you creating my videos for me as a starter in online business after over 20 years of marketing services off internet.

    I want to buy from you in April.

    Greetings to Jenkins; she replied my first mail

  • James

    Hi Andy

    Thank you, again, for excellent advice offered so generously. I have now removed all optin forms from my sales sites and I’m busily creating quality content to give away as free reports in exchange for email addresses.

    It makes sense and your example of developing trust with a total stranger to your site by giving away really valuable content (little boss videos and the above article) and my positive reaction to it and the feeling of goodwill towards you that these gifts have generated have been proof enough to me that building a relationship with one’s list needs to be top priorty.

    Thanks, again and keep your good counsel coming!

  • http://www.ZackCovell.com Zack Covell

    Now I can really see how you are so powerful online Andy.

    After the video boss launch, which unfortunately I could not afford this time around, I was so pumped to continue to learn from you and I have recommended to others they subscribe to your lists, because for one, you don’t hard sell anyone on any product you’re promoting…and I dig that bro!

    Have a great week ahead!

  • http://games.7thdwarf.co.uk/play/game/2433/ Craig Bak – The 7thDwarf

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for the great info, and for “Walkin’ yer Talk” man.
    I have had so many great insights from watching what you do (online!), Especially the Video Boss videos.
    Keep rockin’

  • Greg

    Hey Boss,
    Thank you for the insights and teaching you provide. They are really help as I’m just getting started and may be able to avoid some of the pitfalls you’ve described ahed of time instead of in retrospect.
    First heard of you with the VIDEO BOSS free series a few weeks ago and all I can say is…” you had me (my attention that is coz I’m a dude) at HELLO”!
    Thx agian Andy,


  • Tina T

    I have to admit that I am still working on creating that freebie that isn’t part of an ebook, ecourse, or part of anything–just a stand alone. It a fine line to walk to find that free offering that isn’t part of something else, something that has value all by itself and that doesn’t take away from what you hope to sell. That said, I think that once you realize that you’ve been doing it wrong you finally stand a chance of doing it right.

  • Connor

    Hey Andy,

    It’s cool of you to re-launch the videos in a more user-friendly manner. I’ll look forward to that :-)


  • http://www.infocoaching.com Guy Lemieux

    Thanks for the great info lately. I have done some list building on consumer products before. Now I license marketing programs as taught by Bob Serling. What is the best way to build a list on such B2B type of services?
    Could your video course be the answer? If so, do you cover where to post them?

  • Michaela Kennedy

    Wow, Boss, it’s blog posts like these that remind me why I love you. I have 9 people on my list. and I’ve been totally confused by a lot of conflicting info. You tell it like it is, and it all makes sense.
    BTW, I also love running my cursor through your animated tag cloud like a kid running around in a sprinkler. Is there a plugin for such?

  • Alex

    Grate stuff in deed!

    So how do create a list ? with Kajabi or Open source programs like Worldpress or Joomla ?

    Hmm, 160 comments, people like videos Ha ?

  • Joe C

    I like your input here Andy. Im a complete newbie, never built a list before, never built a web site, never shot or edited a video until about 3 months ago. I have purchased some info products to teach me how to get started. Just built my first site after finding my niche. Started writing articles and started getting decent listings on Google and Yahoo. I’m getting some traffic, but I havent converted one into my list yet.

    I think I have realized what I’m doing wrong based on your article here. I’m not doing either (selling or trying for the opt in). I am giving away content on the site without requiring an opt-in at all, and I’m dangling a carrot for the opt in but it obviously must not be strong enough. On top of that, Im only using a sign up box, not a pop up or anything like that. I’m going to make some changes and see if it works. Thanks for the input.

  • http://www.buy-and-sell-cars-for-profit.com/ Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

    Thats good stuff Andy. Thanks for sharing again. But what do you think about having an opt-in at the TOP of your sales page?

  • http://www.chrisaevans.com I’m Andy’s Daddy – It’s True!

    Hey Uncle A. When are you going to release ‘The List Boss’? That’s something everybody is interested and I know that you aren’t trying to sell anything right and all that kind of stuff.

    Also, do you suggest to have absolutely no opt in box on a landing/sales page?

    Can you do some “freeline” vids on that subject??


  • http://www.howtoburnfatquick.com brad

    Andy you are the boss…
    Your example of weight loss just struck home. After reading your post my website http://www.howtoburnfatquick.com is going to change. For the past several months I,ve been considering changing the site just as you have described, it’s a done deal now.
    Thank you

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  • http://allergybusters.net Evangeline

    Hi Andy, Just to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. It makes a refreshing change from some other stuffy internet marketing messages. Look forward to more. Thanks.

  • http://www.DebtCreditTips.com/ Joseph

    I have to say Andy, that I’m a little upset – no not with you. I take your advice to heart, and ever since you gave us those free Video Boss videos I’ve been working hard trying to apply everything I’ve learned from you…and I’m not just talking about your video knowledge either. This post is also going to change how I improve things.

    Just so you know, my Adsense income increased by about $10/day just from little nuggets I learned from you these past few weeks. Now, $10/day may not seem like much…but that’s $10/day every single day…just because I listen to you.

    So, why am I upset??? Because I’m so freakin’ busy applying what I learn from you, that I keep forgetting to keep up with your posts. Ahhh welll…the price one must pay.

    Have a great week Andy.

  • David

    As always great content from the Andy man.

    These are mistakes you see all the time and I am glad someone is addressing them. The whole optin box in the form of a pop up got really popular and have many figures to claim their theory that a hovering opt in is the way to go.

    I do not know if they are true, I know one thing and is the only thing that matters to me.
    It annoys the heck out of me, and I click away from the page as soon as I see one, even if they had already gotten my attention with a good hook and copy.

    And here is the thing, if I click away and get annoyed, why o why do I expect my customers or prospects to be any different.

    Like Disney corp says to their store employees. Don’t ever hard sell, the products are properly displayed for them to buy, your only job is to enhance their experience by being of service.

    Thanks Andy, always great stuff from you.
    I am launching a product soon and I am using a lot of the free stuff I learned from you, so I am living proof of what you are saying

    thanks again

  • http://doorjambproductions.com Steve O’Sullivan

    Hey Cuzin Andy, I think you hit the answer here big time. I never heard of you before I saw your 4th Video Boss Video. Now I’m a Video Boss, Boss.

    I’ve never done list building because I didn’t like the approach. Give me your email and I try and sell you stuff, OK? I couldn’t get myself to do it (even tho I taught others to do it that way cause that’s what the ‘fancy pants’ marketers do).

    Now I’m ready to start list building. Now I know how to do it in a way that makes sense.

    Come to think of it, the only marketers I have spent any real money on have used this technique (just didn’t know it at the time). I guess it works pretty good!

    BTW, I luv The Video Boss course. It’s WAY beyond excellent and I think I actually feel privileged to pay you for it. :-)

  • http://avlmarketing.com/ Tracy Sigler

    This is killer stuff AJ! I’ve learned a lot from you, especially about video and mind maps. In fact, I just did a blog post (screen cast video using a Mindjet mind map ;-) that complements the theory in your post with an overview of the mechanics, or pieces to setting up a list building machine. And the mind map is available to download, no opt-in required. ;) Here it is:


  • Michael G.

    Thanks Andy…some great insights and practical advice.
    Thanks also for making the Little Boss Videos available to us soon…looking forward to them. You made these videos so interesting and compelling.
    I’m going to split test just an opt-in page versus our current LP with a sales letter and opt-in to see which converts better. We currently only have a 1% opt-in rate.
    Looking forward to your next post.

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  • http://www.fabianramirez.org Fabian Ramirez

    I must admit, you added a lot of value to what I was wanting to do, making videos. Although I knew how to use video, you opened my eyes to new possibilities. Especially since I own the screen capturing software you were using. I’m following what you put out there.

  • http://LEXXtech.com Z’da

    Andy, great stuff!!! thanks for sharing your wisdom n knowledge with us .. u d man!!!

    Cheers, Z’da

  • http://www.dreambodies.net/blog Tony


    Great stuff brother! Although I’m such a newbie at the “marketing” aspect of drawing clients and prospects, I have been saying the same thing for two years now to some of the so-called experts. Another ridiculous thing is the 3 mile-long sales page with endless sales copy and 49,000 testimonials. When is that going to be seen for what it is? Thanks for your expertise my friend.

  • http://PersonalSuccessMarketing.com Charlie Seymour Jr

    Andy asked, “Remember the first time you met Andy Jenkins?” I sure do.

    Seemed like a half-crazed (full-crazed?) video star who presented dynamite info, super animations, and a storyline that helped me from the first 5 seconds. And he hasn’t stopped.

    Rock on, Andy… we’re waiting for more!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • http://www.startrankingnow.com Arturo Munoz

    I now understand the power of a list a little too late. 8 years ago, when I build my first web site, I went on to search how-to-build-a-website tutorial. Obviously, no Andy Jenkins nor Stompernet around. The number one thing this “guy” in his tutorial said that he retreated the most, was that he did not build a list. I thought, “well, I don’t need a list for myself” “Why will I use a list of emails anyway” But, I was wrong. A list has so much power. Just last year, I started to build my own list for one of my blogs (now I have 970 subscribers – not many, but keeps increasing). My comment here is, thanks Andy, and for all of us: The way NOT to build a list is to have no list at all.

  • http://www.firecreative-uk.co.uk Debbie Evran

    Hi Andy,

    On a completely different subject – as someone who is into Video viral and all that – I thought you’d enjoy this http://en.tackfilm.se/?id=1268421152130RA96

    The strangest part is how you feel compelled to wait for the countdown to finish!?

    Clever – hey!

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  • http://singingtips.org Albert

    Andy, I enjoyed that read very much. You actually surprised me because I thought you were only about video. I love the way you describe giving real value you to something critical to your niche that solves a major problem. Then how you have other parts of your offer that people can still take you up on. Thank you for this.

  • Temporary Housing

    Glad to learn more about this, as we begin marketing our short term apartments keeping and maintaining a list is going to be super important. Keep the great info coming!

  • http://marketmarkj.biz Mark Januszewski

    Wifey, ‘The Fabulous Davene’ bought VB from you…..it rocks, she’s putting together some ‘wicked cool stuff’

    Anyway. what we do is home-based biz stuff but the principles we teach apply to sales and this emailed helped us see a much bigger market ~ using a couple of simple words controls sales situations and you got us thinking about expanding our base for who we market our ‘skills’ too

    mark j

  • http://www.debbieshelor.com Debbie “Takara” Shelor

    Andy – once again you’ve provided such wonderfully useful content. I can’t thank you enough. There are lots of internet guru’s out there. It is so refreshing when one of them actually offers something valuable, instead of just a copy of the same affiliate promotion letter for the same product.

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  • http://bit.ly/adZa4O Sean

    Revised optin form after reading this post… Helpful content, Thanks!

  • http://www.thegrowthcoachla.com/ Business Coach Calabasas

    I agree with this completely…

    People often don’t understand that there’s a such thing as over-marketing.

  • http://www.hypnotherapylosangelesca.com/ Stop Smoking Hypnosis Los Angeles

    This is absolutely something I wish I could explain to my clients.

    Most people don’t even understand the concept that what their doing is border line legal, and pretty much has the same integrity of spam.

    For example one of my clients is a very old man, who has been gathering emails for over 18 years! The list is massive! But it’s not as if he received consent from every party…so that’s definitely spam! Yet he remains sending over 18,000 emails a month…crazy right?

  • Rob

    Andy Andy Andy Andy …….

    Truly nice work on a certain pre launch going on at this minute… Yes I smell what I am stepping in.. and yes it has your touch written all over it… I know the launch will be successful.. but I just wanted to pat you on the back .. Good job slick…keep up the great marketing I have learned quite a bit following your handywork…
    while I would play an instrument the only note of are C A .. so I would be remiss to not hit the P….

    just an admirer of great marketing

  • http://twitter.com/adilamarsi Adil Amarsi

    Loved it, Brilliant post Andy.
    I’m actually rebuilding my list after making a few errors in judgement but this just validated what I wanted to do :)


    P.S. I hope you received the brownies :)

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  • Anne

    Hi Andy, I love this concept but I’m wondering if you are doing it a bit too well – I love your stuff and want to know what I can buy. Either I’m completely thick or you are not showing me clearly enough. Maybe I need something as subtle as a sledgehammer, but I want to know about what you sell and then I want to buy it!

  • Ian

    Yeah thats cool bos, this what I mean if you wanna seriously get money from online. I’ll trying to implement it and we see the results the next few weeks. Thanks for reinforces my own argument


  • jenkins


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/C-Andrew-Nelson/826558447 C Andrew Nelson

    This is exactly what I needed to hear right now at this very moment. Excellent advice. My one question would be, in building a list for a niche market how do I know if I am solving a broad enough “big problem” with my free-line or how do I know if I’m being too broad? I’m assuming the big problem would be the one that most directly affects the most people in my target market, yes?