Traffic Boss: Your Videos + Viewers = Sales. Instructions Inside.

This is the secret sauce…

You ever wonder why that wonderful independent film you love lost money and flopped, while that boring lame-fest movie you hated is breaking record after record at the box office?

Hint: It’s NOT a matter of taste.

You can go straight to Video Boss Part 3: “Traffic Boss” right now and find out what it is (and how to add this “secret sauce” to your video marketing recipe).

And besides another tutorial filled with nitty-gritty video tactics, I’m also going to flat out give ya one little things will make YOU a Boss with your viewers watching your videos.

Close the gap. I’ll tell you how, when you Watch “Traffic Boss” right here.

Until then,

P.S. If you missed Parts 1 and 2, you won’t know how easy it is to make cash-collecting viral videos of your own. That’s okay – when you sign up you can go back and see anything you missed. Check it all out right here.

  • Joyce McKee

    Andy, my mind is spinning – not only could this be used for marketing your product but it can be a part of an awesome webinar or information product!! Looking forward to Tuesday – however I am on the road that day, so will have to catch up with you later on Tuesday.


  • Scott

    Andy, where can I buy some of your old/recent teachings on ecommerce?
    could you recommend a course?

    Thanks :)

    p.s. video was usual.

  • Patrick

    Hey Boss-
    There’s no doubt in my mind that Video Boss is the right thing for me. It’s the right time. Everything makes sense. Andy rocks. But here’s a hitch…I am very new to blogging and particularly video blogging/marketing. I know Andy has the expertise and teaching skills to teach me everything I need to know. The material is complete and comprehensive. Furthermore, I believe his stuff will allow me, to the extent that I work my tail off and actually DO something, to create the lifestyle I want and I’m ready for. I also know that I am very willing and ready to work my bum off to learn and absorb the modules….but as a complete and utter newbie my concerns are that the learning curve is steep enough and that Andy provides SO MUCH material—all of which completely new and unfamiliar material to me–that I simply won’t be able to learn and absorb it all quickly enough before time runs out. My unanswered questions are both related to this concern: Will there be hard copy step-by-step instructions for each module that will make it easy for someone like me (me) to “catch up”…some sort of written guide/instruction that I could print out and use as supplemental learning guides, as I’m learning the Video Boss material and getting up to speed as a newbie? To have both written and video step-by-step instructions would make it easier for a beginner. The second question is related to the first: Will the Video Boss modules be available to me beyond the 4 weeks of releases and 6 months of application? In other words, will I receive Lifetime access to the Video Boss material that I’m signing up for? Both of these questions connect to time—and having enough of it to learn and apply while continuing to run two successful businesses. It’s ALL new to me…so I probably will need a little more time than the average subscriber to absorb and apply Andy’s lessons as I get rich.

  • Shane Hale

    Sweet This product I think will rip the roof off of all video products! Andy is da man!

  • Andrew Sweeney

    Andy, we spoke while you was the driving force behind SN. I would very much like to contact you directly re the Video Boss program and my existing web site. We sell video based tutorials you may recall. Bottom line I have a ton of converting traffic each day from web designers / video / sound guys etc.

    Look forward to speaking with you.

    All the best Andrew

  • Slaven


    I didn’t buy your course, and I probably won’t because I can’t afford it right now. However, I would like to watch the 3 videos that were available prior to the launch of The Video Boss, but I am always taken to the “Sold Out” page. I thought we would have access to these videos for free afterwards, or at least that’s what understood from the sales video. Am I wrong in thinking this?


  • Heathfilm Video Production

    G’day Andy – Just stumbled across your site today. I notice your video-boss site is closed out.
    Are you likely to re-post the videos?

  • Dave

    Any chance the videos for Video Boss are going to go back up. I watched them all, but would like to watch videos 1 and 2 again if possible. I have the emails with the links, but they all direct to the Video Boss Sales Page (sold out now). I will patiently wait for the next round, but would love to study the free videos again.

    Thanks and congrats on the apparently super-successful launch.

    • Davene Grant

      Hey Dave,
      Did you ever get a response on this? I am so bummed I missed this course. Did you get the videos??? I want to study them myself. Thanks for any help.

  • Vicky

    Hi Andy,
    Just going over my downloaded version of video boss video 3 the traffic boss and it died at about 19 mins in, right at the info I wanted ABOUT GETTING TRAFFIC, I’ve searched everywhere to try and download it again- but of course they have all vanished into thin air as you’ve sold out of your coaching programme- congrats by the way. Anyway would love to know where I can download them again. Would also love to know when the coaching programme is going to be out there again.

    The Vickster

  • Dan F.

    Hi Andy, the videos that once were available on the Video Boss, are not anymore. I understand that it’s too late now to register for the program, and I really regret that, because all the banks were closed at the time I find out the Video Boss is live, and I couldn’t put cash into my account to get in … D’oh … anyway, I’d still like to see your free videos again, but the links don’t work anymore…

    Well, in case there is a solution, I listen.

    Thanks Andy, I was bought from the first video anyway.

  • Kai Schwenk

    Hi Andi,
    first congratulations on the succesful launch of your coaching program. You are probably crazy busy right now ;)
    Let me share a short story with you: I’ve been reeaally excited about the videoboss lauch at 3pm and eagerly wanted to participate. Unfortunately I’m German so 3pm western is 9pm central european time. Have I mentioned that Germany is no place you want to go for experiencing top notch customer service? It is not, definitely. No, no, no, no!!
    I sat at my computer when I received your early bird mail and registered in in no time. Wait, what? Problem with my credit card? Huh? Ok, one more try…
    Five tries later it was settled that my visa card didn’t work although I have no balance problems whatsoever (Don’t they do those ads that the card gets accepted all over the world? Yeah, right!). Being that great customer service place the visa hotline has been closed since 6pm and wouldn’t open again until 8am (2am western). Heavy hearted I realized that I had no other option but to wait and hope that there are still seats left at that time. You probably know where this is going: At around 11 o’clock pm the last seat was sold. Damn it!
    So, after having had one of the best days of my life I wonder about three things (actually four if you count figuring out how to torture any visa empoyee that comes across my way):
    First, is there any chance to still join the program? Any way? Sacrificing something fury at midnight comes to mind…
    Second, why didn’t you let me pay via paypal? Don’t you love me anymore??? Ok, that was a little bit too much.
    Third (and most important), do you plan to do another VideoBoss Coaching program some day anytime soon after this one is over?

    All the best for your program and god bless you and your family,

  • Jordan

    I have the same question as Dave. I downloaded the 4th video, but failed to download the others before they were taken down. Any chance of still getting them? They are awesome videos and I would love to watch them over and over.

  • Jake

    I know you must have your reasons for taking down all the pre-launch videos since your course is now sold out, but….I was looking forward to viewing them on my day off, today and now can’t. I never heard of you before until this week and decided to see what you have to offer. But now I’m just annoyed because I can’t view the videos. So the next time you have another launch of any type of product, I won’t be interested. Why take your videos offline when you have future potential customers?

  • Miguel Alvarez

    Hey Andy

    Congratulations on a very successful launch of the Video Boss coaching.
    I sent your staff an email about trading in one of my affiliate commissions
    (made 14 sales, thanks) in exchange for access to one of the VB spots, but
    they have not answered me yet.

    Would you please get back to me on that when you read this? I *really*
    want in. =)

    Miguel Alvarez

  • Liz Martinez

    I watched the first two videos and found them extremely helpful. I wanted to watch the third video, but when I tried this morning I see that they have all been taken down. I wish I could have afforded to get into the video coaching course, but it is just out of my price range at this point in time. Perhaps when another class opens. However, I was wondering if there is anyway that I can get access to the 3 videos you created I was hoping to be able to at least use the information in them to get started on some videos of my own. I really only need the 3rd video, but it would be nice to be able to refer back to the second one as well as the third one while I am getting started.


    Liz Martinez

  • Jason

    Hi Andy,

    I was too poor for your coaching (FOR NOW!) and would really love to be able to see the first three videos again so I can be monetarily prepared when you do open up again. Anywhere we can see those videos or download them or something? Thanks.

  • PJ Holmes

    Hi Andy. Just wanted to tell you that although I didn’t make it in time to get in on the Video Boss coaching, I learned more from those free videos than I’ve learned from most of the expensive courses that I’ve bought. Unfortunately I didn’t get to download them!
    I know its expensive hosting videos, any chance you can hook us up with a download link?
    Thanks again……


  • Halloween Costumes Man


    I also would like to see the free videos again. Are you going to put these videos back up?

    Please. Please – Twice


  • Davene Grant

    Hi Andy,
    I am totally freaked out that I missed out on the Video Boss course. I couldn’t download the videos – Windows 7 – is driving me crazy. Are there any random spots left. My husband is so mad at me the I missed it. I didn’t realize that there was a cut off. Did someone’s card bounce? Please help!
    Davene (headed for divorce) Grant

  • David

    Hey Andy
    I’d love to see Vids 3 & 4 – missed em and now they’re redirecting to the sold out page.

    Sneaky workaround (cue Andy’s evil laugh) – you can still see vids 1 & 2 (Google cached them) if you Google the following:-
    for video 1, search for
    for video 2, search for
    They may not be there for long though.
    Shame there wasn’t time for Google to cache the third and fourth video pages.


  • Tim

    Hey Andy,
    How do we get the 3 tutorial videos for free to start out with? Everything now forwards to the sorry you missed the sale page.

  • Tim Stenros

    Andy, I was traveling during your launch and tried to download your launch videos (1-3) but had to catch a plane before the download completed. I really wanted to study these and implement some of the awesome ideas you shared while I’m waiting for an opportunity to participate in your full Video Boss program.

    Can I get a link to download these 3 vids?


    Tim Stenros

  • Chad

    Andy, I know you’re awesome with video… and with Little Boss you showed how to use Keynote/Powerpoint to make a rock’n video easily.

    I challenge you! Show us what you can do with this: Google Presentation on

    I’d be very interested in seeing what you come up with.


  • mark

    Hey Andy,

    Man not sure if you know this or not but your links to part #3 are redirecting to your “Sorry due to high demand my private coaching program is Closed” page

    Understand that the coaching is currently closed – but hey at least fix the links so those who are interested in getting on the list know what a terrific program it is you have for offer.



  • Sean B.

    Hey, Andy
    I think I am with most of these folks in that you have such killer stuff and the videos you used to sell video boss where enough for any beginner…. so is there anyway to have access to those videos (1,2,3) for free? That is the stuff I need to start with…. the other stuff was way to much for me right now….
    Thanks man,
    Sean B.

  • paul wolfe

    Hey Andy

    I used some of the techniques from the Video Boss series to make a keynote/screencast video to promote the services of my band (which plays at weddings, corporate functions, etc).

    I thought I’d post the link so you could see some of your teachings in action!


    • James Chapman

      Great job, Paul! Nicely done!

  • James Chapman

    Hi Andy –

    I was slow on the draw on your course. I’ll be ready for the next one. Will you be re-posting the first three? There seems to be many requests for them – and I’d love to go back and take some more notes too.

    Please re-post! : )


  • John Petrocelli

    I really miss all the excitement you conjured up
    with the Video Boss Launch …..

    The 4 vids were a streak of majestic creativity
    at its best

  • Eugene

    tried your links for free content and just get a sold out message :(
    Is this like your NYTimes post on Used to be Free?

  • Christine

    Hey Andy,
    Why didn’t you leave the free videos up? I never got to see them. I hate when people take things down too quickly during / after a launch.

    • Andy Jenkins

      I’m sorry you hate me. :( Here’s why (As published in my last email):

      “P.S. In just a week or so, I’m gonna re-release the Video Boss Short Course that I used for Pre-Launching the now infamous “Video Boss”.

      Here’s the reason for the delay – the videos had dates and times and URLS built into them that were based on a fixed launch date. I didn’t want to confuse folks that watched the videos after the program was closed because it hit capacity in like 7 hours.

      So, I just need some time to make them “Evergreen”, y’all. I’ll ping ya when I’ve finished tweaking them.”

  • kyle

    Hey Andy, you should really put up the Free Boss Videos again! They were awesome! Better yet you should sell the Video Boss Basics…something for people who are more advanced like myself. A package of the video boss boiled down to the main parts. Sell it to people who dont need tech support. People who dont need you to hold their hand ( like me) and many other…huh…lets say mini ninjas, yeah we are mini ninjas. Make it happen they will sell like hell. Im kicking myself in the ass for no downloading all 4 of your free boss videos :-(

  • Russell Bolding

    Hey good ol’ Cousin Andy!

    Going into this, I don’t expect a response or even a reply, but I needed to send you this as I’m three inches shy of having all my hair yanked out.

    I have all four of the Lil’ Bawss (Little Boss to the layperson) videos and I’ve just now started getting into them. I’ve been on this Interwebs Marketing carousel for three months with nothing to show for my frustrations. I’ve tried everything from Suzi Phillips’ junk to Travis “Bum Marketer” Sago and all points in between. I’m really ready to give up.

    But just as I was almost there, I thought I’d skim your videos one more time. Thing is, I’ve been turned on by the prospect of selling real world, physical products… using video. The frustrating part is I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing and I’m not sure using your videos will shine any light on me to get my on the right path.

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re fantastic videos. And don’t think I’m expecting any fancy schmancy handouts or freebies. I’ve asked this in other places and gotten interesting comments. If Andy can’t chime in, is there anyone else here who has used video to sell products from Amazon to make a fairly okay living? We’re not talking 50 Gs a month. Just, a decent living. Two or three thousand a month, pushing five. Anyway, love your videos, Andy! Keep up the great work. Oh, two last things: I think you look like Jim Belushi and… your blog ain’t half bad either. ;P

  • Russell Bolding

    Ah, and would you know it. I had something else I wanted to ask as well. Can someone take, say, a PLR article, fix it all duded up with graphics, music, text, and narration, and make money from it? I see where one can add a link to a product on Amazon and make money that way but I was wondering what anyone else had to say.

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