Did Google Waste 3 Mil on The Super Bowl Ad?

How ’bout them Saints? :) Nothing like a good comeback story, eh?

As if it wasn’t exciting enough to watch an underdog upset, there was a moment during Sunday’s broadcast where I actually got tears in my eyes like a big ole’ baby.

It wasn’t the game (After editing like a gazillion shows for NFL Films, football doesn’t grab me the way it used to).

It was at Google’s Super Bowl ad.

You can watch it here if you missed it on Sunday.

Like MILLIONS of other viewers, I got choked up. In less than 60 seconds, I was moved and the extremely short spot just leaves you saying:


SPOILER ALERT: Did you notice that there were NO actors on camera in the ad? NO voiceover? Heck, there was only ONE PICTURE.  Just words on a computer screen, right?

FACT: With what I’ve already showed you, YOU could have made this commercial. It’s all there in the Five Step “Little Boss” Video Formula.

FYI – CBS charged THREE MILLION dollars for a 30-second ad during the game.  This ad was 52 seconds long. Not that there is anything wrong with that (slaps head).

One of the biggest companies on earth, running one of the most expensive ad spots possible, and you REALLY COULD do this yourself!

Okay, Okay. There are a few missing components that I haven’t covered YET. Let’s talk about a couple of them right now…

First I want to show you EXACTLY where the magic happens in this video. It’s not on the screen at all (Which is why simple videos RULE).

It’s in YOUR HEAD.

That’s right. If you thought of love, romance, family, the Eiffel Tower, artworks in the Louvre, a steaming espresso at a cafe, the taste of chocolate…

All of these things were images CONJURED UP in your head by simple words on a screen. What MOVES you is what YOUR OWN IMAGINATION brings to the viewing (Remember falling in love?)…

  • Feature: Google’s search is simple to use.
  • Advantage: Google search has the best results.
  • Benefit: You can even use Google to find LOVE! (Awwww!)

Now, tricking people’s minds into filling in the “gap” in films and videos is one of the most powerful tools you can use in sales videos.  So is telling a story about a journey (More on that in Video #3).

I explained it in “Little Boss” and now you’ve seen a REAL world example. But I admit, I’ve left you hanging because you’re still missing one of the most important parts.

You’re still missing the “glue” that helps stick these slides together into a single story – the “flow” that keeps your mind moving, stirring your emotions deeper and deeper.

Is it a secret? No. You already know it.

What do the following films have in common: “Star Wars”, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Jaws”, “Superman”…

Yeah, they’re all known for their memorable MUSIC. (And actually, all those movies’ scores were done by John Williams, a guy FAMOUS for making memorable movie scores…)

One of my favorite quotes about movie-making is this:

“Music is the LIFEBLOOD of film.”

And I BELIEVE that. It’s why I personally COMPOSE a LOT of the original music you hear in all my videos. :)

I don’t say that to brag. I ain’t no John Williams. I ain’t even Lady Gaga. uh… wait…

I’m telling you this because I’m going to SHOW YOU how to do it yourself in Video Boss Part 3, coming VERY soon. So keep an eye out.

Until next time,

P.S. You can watch the Google ad right here, and please, leave a comment there and let me know what you thought of it. It really SHOULD give you a whole new understanding of just how POWERFUL simple videos can be.

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