My Secret Video Creation Formula is Free Today

That’s right Bruce…

Hiya, folks.

Actually, I want to pull a Bruce Lee and scream “HIIIIIYA!”

Because the 800+ comments on Part 1 of the Video Boss series have been so butt-kicking, I’m ready to go for a second round, and this time I’m not pulling any punches.

Today, we get started. All you need to do is Follow the Formula I call “Little Boss”…

  • No script, no problem.
  • Face “made for radio”?  No need to get on EITHER side of a camera!

That’s right, if you’re on a computer that can read this email, chances are that’s all you’ll need to FINISH your first attention-arresting, sale-getting, cash-collecting Video.

WARNING: This Formula compresses my decades of video and sales experience into a system that won’t just make videos – It makes AWESOME videos. And ANYONE can do it.

So don’t watch this unless you’re ready to revolutionize and future-proof the way you market you products and services. And IMHO, make it a million times more fun, too.

Watch it now, right here.


P.S. If you already subscribed, you’ll go straight to the Formula video. If not, you’ll want to register, because Video 3 is already in progress. I want you to see it FIRST.

  • Annie Infinite

    Love this video Andy – have posted it out to my viewers – and have a request – your RSS link doesn’t work and I would love to recieve regular updates via my reader – I know this might be on purpose – but still….

    • Andy Jenkins

      Which link have you tried? The one on the top right seems to work for me.

  • greg


    can i see somewhere the vidoes you are talking about in little boss 1.

    SEO brainstrust, Product Launch Manager? and the other one.

    you go on about how they have made in excess of 5Mill but i have never seen them, can you show them to me?



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  • Larry Mastel

    Absolutely loved the Boss Videos. Your take on the Google commercial was truly insightful!
    Looking forward to the rest of your video training, but more than that, I am anxious to see what incredible product your will be offering. There is enough content in your free videos to get anyone started with video promotions. Thanks for the push…

  • Maurice Evans, Business Coach

    Hey good job on this. Excellent word pictures and breaking the formula down for those who are not familiar with it.

    question: what wordpress theme is that???

  • Marc, The NYC Hypnotist

    I can’t find the video tutorials that you have listed.
    The links seem to be broken.

  • Mark

    hey andy kick ass videos. missed out on training was traveling without much i access.
    quick question you mentioned video site that lists all videos at once in third video. can not remember name wondering if you could help…

    Rock on!


  • John


    Is it possible to still see the tutorials for The VideoBoss anywhere on the net yet ?
    I was going to look at them this week because I was working this weekend (yes, ALL weekend), but now they appear down. Anyplace I can still view them – YouTube perhaps ?

  • Mike D

    I see the course is sold out and the videos are gone. Any chance of putting the videos on the blog for those of us who missed it?

  • James

    This was powerful info Andy and I look forward to getting some of these ideas in operation for me through my observation of the videos, for as of now it is not in the budget to invest..