Online Video Gets MORE MONEY than ANYTHING. Period.

Yeap. Like a Boss, capisce..?

Surprise! I’m starting a new “Video Series” TODAY – and it’s going to melt your brain and ignite your imagination – and tickle other unmentionable areas…


Here’s what I believe: Video Marketing GETS MORE MONEY than ANYTHING. Period. And in these videos, I’m going to show you the simple little techniques that I use the have literally raised the bar of how people do Video Marketing.

Do they work? Well, I’ve been doing some testing and the results go like this…

Over $5,000,000.00 in sales from 3 simple little slide-show video campaigns.

Even if you’re NOT in a generous mood, I’d call that a win, eh?

Here’s where the first video lives:

Check it out:

Now, one of the best parts about the kind of video that I do is the tools I use might ALREADY be installed on your computer.

Plus, it shows you how amateur videos (with pretty much ZERO SEO work) are ranking on the first page of Google – right along with “The Learning Channel” – and they’re getting over 104,567 views!

Watch it now:

Here’s what else is in the series:

  • How “Regular Folks” who are NOT professional Video-makers are CLEANING UP using simple video marketing strategies:
  • How “James” created a short, 4 minute slide-show video as a gift to his dog, and how it went VIRAL and got over 4,000,000 (That’s Four Million) views.
  • How “Robert” used camcorder Video of his wife exercising to ramp up to over 90,000 visitors per month to his YOGA site.
  • How “Bill” made short, less than 2-minute long demonstration videos for his Artificial Christmas Trees site that are now 11 of his 12 most powerful converting web pages.
  • The CURSE of Online Video Marketing – how to protect yourself and take advantage of what everyone else is afraid of.
  • The absolutely fastest way I know how to make a killer sales letter video from SCRATCH, so you could be converting more visitors to sales in just a few hours.
  • The most popular and powerful software you should use to make slick, professional looking online video. Some of these applications are so easy to use, you might not even need to read the manual.
  • A silly, but hardly ever used trick to make the voice quality of your audio sound like it was recorded on an expensive, professional microphone.
  • How to make “Flip-Cam” video look like “TV-Studio” video. This secret is a head-slapper.

And much more!

Go here and WATCH

BTW, this is PURE content – there’s NO pitch in this video, so feel free to pass this link around if you have friends that want to make more jang and bling-bling on the interwebz, yo.

All up in that Video!


  • Tony Finbarr-Smith

    Hey Andy,

    Pleased to see the video boss launch – I’ve been waiting for you to come out with something like this since you left Stompernet, and especially since you did that video how-to with Frank (the one using prezi).
    Hope it’s all going well my man, and I’m keeping my peepers open for your next video.

    You are the video boss, so you picked a good name!


  • purposeinc

    Hey Andy! My name is dk – also Dr. David Klein.
    My friend Jeremy Schoemaker (shoemoney) pointed me over to your video you just released today, which ROCKED!, to help me with a video product I am working on.

    I am on the phone with Yanik on Monday.

    The background in the video looked incredibly familiar.

    My office is on La Jolla Blvd at Bird Rock Ave, where the red bench is. :)

    I learned so much from that video, that it was amazing. It was also highly motivating.
    Thank you for the nice gift!

    Much Love,

  • Kory Basaraba

    Hey Andy,

    Just saw you speak at Jeff Walker’s event. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Your presentation was the highlight of the entire gig for me.

    In 18 minutes you changed my perspective on making videos. And I’ve been producing them for a while now.

    What’s obvious to me after watching your videos and hearing where you come from as a person – is there’s NOBODY more qualified to teach us how to make money from video.

    Can’t wait to join the party.

  • Phil

    Looking forward to the next video. Sounds like a great way for tons of traffic.

  • Cheri


    LOVED your video. In fact, I have been checking out my email box for the next one – you are building suspense and keeping me waiting! (Something not too common on the web!) Bring it on – I’m ready!

  • Andrey Gayvoronsky

    Cool videos, the only thing – you are talking toooo fast for me :) At least much harder to understand than ‘common’ video. But it’s my fault – not native language. Thanx alot :)

  • Paul

    I sure hope this will be coming out in a slower, more “tutorial” version that, of course, I would expect to pay a few bucks for.

  • Tom

    Hey Andy,

    Two GREAT videos. I had a question for you. How can I become an affiliate in order to promote your program when you release it or is it only open for the big name internet marketers like Filsaime and Jeff Walker?

    I would like to have the opportunity of marketing your new video training program. I know that it will help a lot of people.

  • Charles Montgomery

    Those introduction videos fired me up for the last few weeks and I was smart enough to download them since the content in them was potent! I am sure you made lots of money, what a launch!! My only issue is with your blog here, this is my first visit, and where’s the graphics yo? :-) I would have also liked to subscribe to comments to make sure i read your reply since I KNOW you’ll want to talk to me personally… ;) Keep rockin’ superstar. We are in the midst of the biggest renaissance this planet has ever seen – and people like you are driving it!

  • Rodney Daut

    I loved the video. But I think it totally sucks that you took them all down. Can you put them back up again at some point. I took some notes but would really like to watch them again as I’d intended to.


  • Cheap Mommy

    I believe you called it…greening up the videos. Maybe I can see the videos again sometime in the near future plus the 3 sales promotion videos you mentioned which made $5,000,000 DOLLARS in sales.

    Loved The Video Boss non-selling sells videos.