Playback – How to get ANYTHING you want…(with no pants)

Here’s what I want to tell you about today:

It’s my 9 year anniversary.

9 years of selling products Online.

It started with eBay, graduated into eCommerce with Yahoo, and evolved into Information Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and finally culminating into the pinnacle of all Internet Marketing achievements…



In celebration, I’m going to a Childrens Charity Event tonight to get drunk with Deepak Chopra.  Betcha I can get him to do a keg stand.

Tuxedos, Beer Pong and Deepak. It may not be Kayne’s idea of livin’ large, but…

So, I have one thing to say to my High School Guidance Counselor:

#$(&#$)(* @@##$@  and while you’re down there, you can $*@$%^  #( @***# $*, too.

The title of this post is “How to get ANYTHING you want”.  It does not espouse or proport to reveal to you closely guarded secret loop-holes of the Search Engines, Hypnotically Potent copy-writing techniques, or  Prognostications worthy of a call to your dealer broker…

Instead, it invites you to consider that:

A) Your Favorite Movie has something to do with your current level of entraprenurial success.

B) Being professionally self-LESS and personally selfish could hold the key to your happiness

C) Chutes and Ladders (Yes, the board-game) might be your ultimate to-do list

D) The people that want to buy from you will show up and raise their hand  if you ask them to

The following are exerpts from the 3 hour and 40 minute marathon live teleclass that I did with John Reese.  In celebration of 9 awesome and humbling years, please listen along with us as we talk about those little things that ended up making us wealthy in ways we still don’t fully comprehend.

…with no pants.

Part 5 – The Wisdom and Rambo and Andy Dufrane.

Part 6 – The Action to Acquire Method – How to get ANYTHING you want.

Part 7 – The Honest To GOD Truth about Automated Money-Getting.

Part 8 – The Value of “LIVE”

BTW, if you could go back in time a couple of years with the information you know now, how would it change your current success?

John Reese talks about that in his new Money Mindset course.  Check it out here.

P.S.  If you missed the first 4 sections of the Reese/Jenkins call, you can listen to them right here.

  • Mike

    Andy Andy Andy,
    Your poor Guidance Counselor.
    Good riddance to him! (or her)
    Great stuff! Thanks a million!

  • Greg Rollett

    Great stuff Andy. I’m sure its been a wild ride! Everyone’s overnight success is the result of a long journey. This stuff with Reese was priceless!

  • Dawn

    Andy – you are so flippin’ refreshing! Love your blog posts. Glad you culminated into a blogger.

  • Jim Allmon

    This is amazing stuff and the format is entirely entertaining! That said, you can learn an awful lot of stuff from these guys. It’s lengthy, but so was “Gone With The Wind”, and look how huge that was! Don’t use the excuse “But Andy… I don’t know nothing ’bout birthin’ no Bizness!” Listen and learn, young ones…

    Andy, slap a high five to my hoodie, Deepak and get him to tell you the story of… uh… never mind. I’ll get in trouble if I mention that danged Shetland pony and the scuba tank again…

  • Athenian Arts

    Am I allowed to make a long, mostly pointless comment?

    First of all, both the first and second half of the calls were excellent. Very informative, and engaging as well.

    About the game theory stuff.

    I wanted to suggest that Chess might not be the best analogy.

    You should check out the Chinese game “Go” :

    The strategic differences between chess and go are significant, and can clearly explain why the US lost the war in Vietnam.

    Chess, is a game based on attrition. Taking out as many of the opposing forces as possible in order to achieve victory. That was basically General Westmorelands strategy.

    His North Vietnamese counterpart, General Giap, approached the war much more like the game of “Go”.

    In Go, you try to occupy as much space or territory by expending as little of your own resources as possible.

    Anyway – I’m not in y’alls head so the analogy might not be totally accurate, but my guess is that it’s closer.

    You guys should learn to play go. I’ll play against you once you learn the basic rules. :)

  • Tom Wilkinson

    Andy Rambo and John Dufrane,

    You two guys have a great balance of energy.

    Great insights into the marketing game.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Terri


    Love your writing and wit! I enjoyed this call the first time around and am so glad you put it up again for everyone to hear. This is just what I need on a fine Thursday morning…a good kick in the ole butt to get moving!

    Thanks again!!

  • Jose

    … and what a blogger our turned out to be!

    I’m here, downloading all these goodies you’ve prepared for us… and it feels like I’m STEALING a complete COURSE / TRAINING [insert current buzzword]

    I’ll see if I can shake off this unnerving feeling as I watch the progress bar, but don’t let that stop you from being so nice to us :)

    ahem… thank you Andy

  • Andrew

    Ok, so my favorite movie of all time is also Shawshank Redemption! Weird. That movie has been firmly entrenched at the number one spot ever since I saw it in the theater. That makes me feel that I am in the right place.

  • Mark Nolan

    Your guidance counselor, LOL.

    Awesome stuff! Thank you Andy and John.

  • Atlanta Roof Company

    Just excellent! Thanks for a fresh blast of real helpful info.

  • David Kartuzinski

    Andy, Happy Anniversary.
    Are you doing any sort of Amnesty for all of your fans with regards to any, ahem, greyish-blackish-dark stuff that may have transpired – in the past? Getting your forgiveness on this day of celebration, your anniversary, would definitely help us – who are in the penitent position, to move past our previous transgressions and really focus on our future.
    Anyway, just a thought and Happy Anniversary.

  • Mike Stenger

    Damn Andy…part 7 where you got into things being a game was DEEP. Everything else though, is still pure awesomesauce. Where can we mail you our flowers and chocolate for appreciation? Hell, I’m seriously considering one of those singing telegram guys!

  • John W. Furst

    Hey guys,
    You are just phenomenal. I “love” your call so much that I had to blog about it. (Not wasting much time writing about mu humble opinion – just send everybody to you straight away.) Thanks a lot.

    And I made a nice “photo” of both you.

  • Paul Gold

    Awesome……..As always!!!

  • Jesue Walker

    Wowser and thanks Andy and John for all 8 audios…totally loved it and due to typing 75 words a minute got all of the action steps quickly!!! I so appreciate you guys breaking down multiple streams of income vs multiple streams of revenue. The game theory is real deal in business and in life…I strategically worked on major health issues to bring myself back into balance, now I am an Advanced Iridologist with a couple other things under my belt but taking the threat out of my health issues and applying strategic plans to how I would live while working on it got me through it and better. Keeping the Sales spirit in my process is something I’m learning to do now. I thought building relationship with online customers was something hard and laid it more to my brick and mortar spot, then I had an awakening lol…I wasn’t building relation with those folks either after seeing them so…new challenge and yes, I’m a taker…I could go on but then again it’s not my darn blog!!! Much success to you guys

  • Eric Marlow

    These excerpts are great Andy. Thank you. Will any more excerpts be coming down the pike from this particular call?