Playback – My 10 Hour Mastermind with John Reese

This is why modern technology ROCKS!

"What do you mean I'm a work-a-holic?"
“What do you mean I’m a work-a-holic?”

I’m mixing, editing, and encoding the first 4 parts of the ASS-KICKING Teleconference that I did with John Reese last week while traveling a little under MACH 1 at 37,800 feet.

That’s my laptop running Adobe Premiere CS 4.2.0. and I’ve got a pair of noise canceling headphones on so I can tweak out all the noise from the telephone line…  If your eyes are good, you’ll see that at this moment, I’m just over Dallas,  messing with some EQ.



If you missed the Call between John Reese and I, I don’t mind telling you that you missed a rare thing.  Once every couple years, I feel like a presentation truly “hits it out of the park” – and this was one of those times for both of us.

Of course, the people that were foolish enough to hear it live were COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED…


So, yeah… Sorry about that.

Below are the first 4 sections of the Teleseminar.  There’s about an hours worth of content here, and 2 more hours of content to go.  I’ll release some more parts over the next few days.

ACTION ITEM:  Listen to Parts 1-4 and please PLEASE leave a comment for John and I.

Part 1 – Why you leave so much money on the table

Part 2 – Should you compete in Big Markets or Niche Markets?

Part 3 – Should You focus on ONE Business or seek Multiple Streams of Income?

Part 4 – How much is it costing you to be COOL to your customers even when (especially when) they’re WRONG..?

  • Robert Scanlon

    Hi Andy – I missed the call (prior commitments being even more important than Andy Jenkins and John Reese … I know, I know …) so I’m mighty grateful for the time you are spending on the plane on MY behalf!

    And very excited to know I have a treat in store for me when I get to listen … (and I already own Money Mindset)

    Tnx for the effort!

    (or in Australian: “Onya Mate!”)

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Robert!

      Flight Update – Passing over Lawton, Oklahoma…. Holla LAWTON!

  • Jim Allmon

    The 6th guy down on the left… you need to put one of those black rectangular boxes over his eyes! Hey… ease up, it’s me and I can say what I want!

    Seriously though… this was bar none, the coolest and most information packed events I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing? Hearing? Listening to? what’s the best way to say this? Anyway… Thank you Andy and John. You’re cementing the trust factor and believe me, there aren’t many that get that from me… and probably others.

    I strongly encourage anyone interested in an education for this business to listen with all antennae tuned and receiving. Take notes. Many. (At least now you can pause and rewind to hear the part about John’s pants again and again…)

    Again, Gracias, Amigos!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Jim!

      Flight Update – Passing over Holis, Oklahoma – Holla HOLIS!

      (Note: I am about to fly into Texas… That is… if they’ll let me. I’m just passing through, so I should be good, but if the updates stop, you’ll know why.)

  • Jim Allmon

    Well… you know what they say about Texas… especially if you don’t live there…

  • Zack

    This sounds like only crazy people would choose to miss this. Well, I’m not crazy, but I AM limited to an iPhone at the moment. Any chance of putting QuickTime versions up?no worries if not, but I had to give it a shot :) .
    Looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about ;)
    oh and you have absolutely inspired me to “edit in the air” -my new metaphor for being crazily dedicated, in only the best of all possible ways, to getting the job done now.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Hey Zack!

      The download link has MP3′s, which should play back A-OKAY on that little iPhone gizmo… For shizzle?

      Flight Update – now approaching Silverton, Texas… Niiiiice Silverton…. Pretty Silverton….

  • Brett T. Smith

    Hey Andy,

    I loved the call – looking for the next one!

    Take Care,

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Brett!

      Flight update – now passing through Encino, New Mexico! Shout out to Encino!

  • Michael Martine

    Really valuable stuff, gentlemen. Your generosity seems to know no bounds.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks Michael!

      Flight Update – Now passing through Claunch, New Mexico. CLAUNCH! WTF kinda name is that? HOLLA! :)

  • Jim Allmon

    Did you wave to Roswell? That’s my digs… aliens and all.

    • Andy Jenkins

      I totally flashed you a No Nukes sign.

  • Tony Finbarr-Smith

    hey Andy,

    thanks for going to all the effort editing the call – being in the UK I have to miss most calls and more often than not the replay recording is total crap.
    Is every marketing guru’s home a marble echo-chamber? ;)
    Breaking the call into pieces is also a real handy feature, as trying to find where you left off is a pain in the ass.

    All in all, I guess it goes to show you care, and we appreciate that.

    Thanks Andy,

  • Ross

    Welcome Home, Andy! ::he said from Maryland on the East Coast::…

    I was on the call live, but I will DEFINITELY be listening AGAIN to see if you edited out the “pants” and the “colorful” lang–ahem, I mean to take more notes! I really enjoyed the candor and the loose and relaxed feel of the call. I hope it makes it through the editing process.

    Seriously, I meant it when I said “Pure Gold” and “FREE doesn’t mean useless.” You guys (you) were racing through the material so fast that I couldn’t keep up even with the note-taking tip you gave. I am looking forward to the “Cliff Notes” version of the call in PDF format to see how it compares to my notes! ::hint, hint::

    Thanks again, Andy.

    Ross A. Myers

    P.S. The email from the plane thing WAS really cool! Thanks for including my tweets in the email.

  • Doug

    Hey bud,

    Great stuff as always :)

    Hey…I couldn’t help but recall an article that I read about a year ago. It is the best article that I have ever read on customer service. Ever since I read it…I decided that I would try to emulate all of the philosophies contained in the article.
    I highly recommend it.

    Upon reflection, perhaps I’m not doing such a great job? I’ve had to take a defensive position recently, not about my site. But, there have been some FTC issues as of late…in my niche (not the FTC issues that we are all familiar with)

    Anyway, my daddy always told me…”don’t get into a battle of wits with an unarmed man”.
    So I have found myself using you line, Andy. “You may not be tall enough to ride this roller coaster”, but not in an endearing kind of way…if you know what I mean :)

    Be damned you, Andy. If my biz goes down in flames, it’s your fault, brother!


  • Richard

    One of the best webinars I have heard in a long time.

  • Zahida

    thanks for sharing, Andy. I just d/l’ed and look forward to listening n learning.

  • Jeff

    Hi Andy and John,

    I would have to agree with the others here, it’s one of the best teleseminars that I have been on; and I have been on many! It’s refreshing for you to share your vast knowledge with us. It’s not often that those who have the knowledge would share freely like you have. Sure, some of the information I have heard before but most are new and the spin that you put on that are priceless. You guys definitely are a classact. Appreciated very much!


  • Roel


    You are really doing a great job with this blog. Absolutely awesome!
    I have been following this blog since its launch, and, just to say, I do not follow any other blog ;-)
    Keep up the great work! It is highly appreciated.


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  • Wendy

    Andy & John,

    Great info — just what the doctor ordered this week for sure! Now to go through John’s course.

    Thanks again

  • Jose

    Thanks Andy – absolutely stunning content!

    U Da Man!

  • Paul Gold

    Lovin it as always

  • Phil Hughes


    The only thing missing was absinthe ;-)


  • Article Gallery

    Thanks for sharing the audios Andy.
    Had to hold down the fort so I missed it live.

    I always find humor in everything you write, so thanks for making
    me laugh and learn at the same time!

    Motown Terri

    P.S. Reese cannot rap, I saw what he tried with Kern. LOL
    But you on the other hand, can hang with the homies!

  • Mike


    Your talent is amazing! Even at 40,000 feet! I’ve been off-and-on following you and Brad for quite some time. Got The Net Effect, but I don’t think you guys are doing that anymore. I have just found your blog through Mario Brown and will bookmark it.


  • Alessandro Zamboni

    Thanks Mario, I miss the original call and I really appreciate possibility to hear it again in the time I will need to digest the tips and tricks.

    Alessandro Zamboni

  • Celebrity News

    Great info about the niche market, I always think that very small niches could be a waste of time. Competition and busy market is actually a good thing, the trick is to find an edge to be successful…

    Jack. K

  • Rudy

    Andy, been looking for more info on John Reese (because Jeff Johnson recommends him) and luckily I stumbled upon your site. Can’t wait to start listening to the interview. The one thing I don’t get enough info on is conversion so I would like to read your take in a future post. A million thanks!