Oh Hai. I mind mapped Ur Biznezz

Greetings and Salutations (It’s is SO totally FRIDAY!!)

Armed with a magic 8 ball, Ouija board, and still tender scars of an advanced degree from the Votec School of Hard Knocks…

…I took a sobering swing at mind mapping out an Online Business.

This is what I came up with.

Mind Map of your business ImageAnd at first glance, yes, this looks kinda do-able (Thank you margarita(s) ).

Sure, it’s a little intimidating, like going to your 20 Year High School Reunion thinking that EVERYONE will have put on some weight and you’ll have nothing to worry about, only to find that the popular kids are still as thin, beautiful, and moronic as ever.

But if you’re looking closely, you’ll notice the little “+” sign at the end of every one of those nodes.

Let’s call them the “Plus Sign Buttons of Death” for now.

Pressing all of those PSBD’s, our friendly little mind map becomes a “Holiday Weekend Ruining” document of “I hate you Andy”.

Warning:  Please fasten your Depends undergarment before viewing next image.

Holy CRAP IMAGEFirst, a disclosure:  I have a 30inch Apple Cinema monitor (I’m compensating).  Even at the smallest zoom level in Mind Jet, said 30 incher still cut off both the top and bottom of this horror show.

Second, I “mailed this in”.  That means this was a brain dump from memory without much cognitive effort. Hollywood directors do this all the time.  And that means this vision of ultimate woe is woefully (har) incomplete.

The way I see it, you’ve got 2 reactions – 2 choices if you will:

Choice #1 – Cry.

Choice #2 – Rehearse the original (And classic) up-sell line ‘Do you want fries with that” in order to seek gainful employment elsewhere.

Or, there’s a BONUS choice (cause I’m a giver):

Bonus Choice #3 – M.E.S. up your business.

How clever.  I used an anagram.  (Cause that’s what you do when you lack “teh clever”.)

M.E.S. stands for:

Marketing – everything your company does to create a sale.

Experience – everything that happens to the customer after they give you their money.

Systems – every mechanism, application, vendor, or term-resource that keeps your company running, i.e. Hosting, Accounting, Shopping Carts, Telephony, etc.

When you M.E.S. up your business, you follow these three rules:

  • Marketing is operations “ACTIVE”
  • Experience is operations “ReActive”
  • Systems are ProActive.

If you’re confused, that’s okay.  I mean, most of the time, I feel like my peers are splitting the atom and sculpting with marble, while I’m sitting here baffled by the dry macaroni, Elmer’s glue, and glitter that I have to work with.

It’s Friday, so I’ll cut to the chase: M.E.S. is a force-multiplying principle can mean the difference between real wealth and bankruptcy.

And it’s dead simple to use.

Dan Thies and I will be talking about MES, the “Moccisan Method” and 3 other  “Successful Outcome” strategies on our “Natural Leverage” webinar.

The Webinar is on Tuesday, September 8th.  And it’s totally FREE.

What?  I said “FREE”.  YEAH!

To attend, all you have to do is REGISTER.

And you can do that RIGHT HERE:


We end our time together today with me wishing you a safe, entertaining, and soul-restoring long holiday weekend.  Remember to leave a few hours of drool-time for recovery, and no matter what anyone says the good vodka will STILL give you a hangover.

OH!  Almost forgot.

If you wanted to download a PDF version of the “MindMap of Ultimate Woe”, here’s the Link.

Download the MindMap of Ultimate Woe

Print it out – this way, if anyone ever accuses you of slacking off, just snap this into their face and say:

“This is MY ToDo list.  Where’s yours?  Yeah, I THOUGHT SO. Hater”

See ya on the Webinizzy!


Andy “Still can’t comprehend why showers get dirty” Jenkins


P.S. Let’s just agree that the P.S. is like a little handy “Do This” footer for folks with ADD.

#1 – Register for the Webinnizy

#2 – Download the MindMap of Ultimate Woe



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  • Gina Gray

    Andy, Sweetheart you jsut gave the kings to the kingdom, the ULTIMATE KEYS TO SUCCESS, the road map to piles of money.

    Anyone can take that as is for virtually any product craft it to the nice and just BANK!

    I’m sure it will be appreciate to all the villiages..

    Gina G
    Xo thanks again for all you do

  • Gina Gray

    damn missed some letters must take that map and buy new keyboard this thing is crap

    Andy, Sweetheart you just gave the kings to the kingdom, the ULTIMATE KEYS TO SUCCESS, the road map to piles of money.

    Anyone can take that as is for virtually any product, craft it to their niche and just BANK!

    I’m sure it will be appreciated to all the villiages..

    Gina G
    Xo thanks again for all you do

  • http://myglobalformula.com Tony Alverio

    Hey Andy,

    Great mind map! Very well detailed and full of content. Keep up the great work!



  • http://nathananderson.us Nathan Anderson

    I’m pretty sure that’s not a mindmap.

    It’s some sort of alien life form you’re trying to upload directly to our brains… to facilitate your alien takeover of the Intranets!

    Dude, you sure you aren’t best stationed as being the wikked mad genius behind some evil corporate entity?

    It would totally match your skillz…


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  • David Foard

    G’day Andy from Australia

    It seems the alcohol worked – well done!


  • rob

    AJ – haven’t seen you since Kerns roof top party at hardrock in S.D. –
    love your stuff – can’t wait for webinixzzy

  • http://whatsmyspin.com Rob Metras

    is there something in the water out there or is La Jolla paradise. or are you all working as ministers at the Church of The Heavenly Kern. I see from my email that John Reese is also preaching under your tent.
    Look forward to the webinar Andy

  • http://www.altan.ca/ Al Altan

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    Do you have a Mind Jet file for download? (.mmap file)


    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      Hey Al! You can download the mindjet file right here: MindMap of Ultimate Woe for Mind Jet

      • http://hiremybrains.com Volker Karl Knoeringer

        Hi Andy,

        thanks a lot for that awesome and awe inspiring mindmap.

        How about a quick and awesome tip back as a thank you?

        What if you would name your files something like:
        or even

        Would that help those avid download harvesters to find your information when they need it?

        Well, I know, anybody reading this is so well organized with their files they just don’t get the idea behind this. Yet the story goes that there are people out there who don’t know the word “folder”.

        Get lot’s done


        PS: Give it a try.

  • G. from Jumpstart Profit System

    Hi Andy

    freaking awesome, take one more martini on me please if this helps to get more great content from you like this one.

    I hope I can get to that level one day.

    For now, I’m in the workshop to launch my first project end of this month, called Jumpstart Profit System, which I hope will do well.

    Thank you


  • http://www.gogvotitanium.com Sean Breslin

    MindMapOfUltimateWoe I had to have it!
    Brilliant Name after the weekend I’ve just had sorting out links On a site with only 4 pages!
    ultimate woe sounds relaxing!

  • http://www.imnicamail.com/ Richelo Killian

    Hey Andy,

    WOW! AWESOME MindMap!

    ANY chance you could make the actual MindJet file available for download as well?

    I use MindJet everyday myself, and would love to be able to play around with that map a bit in MindJet to customize for my own business.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Kind Regards,

    Richelo Killian

  • Laidi

    How could I hate you for being so transparent :D This is awesome, not great, awesome :)

    You need to know every sub-structure of your business in order to succeed and this pretty much, covers everything!

    Thnx buddy :)

  • http://MagneticMarketingSolutions.com Andy


    First, I am glad to see right back in the saddle after making your move. I am anxiously waiting to see what you have in store. Everything that you put out is always stellar work.

    Now, this massive mind map and the content you just gave away here goes to show that you are on a mission. Incredible work my friend, simply incredible.

    Magnetic Marketing Solutions

  • http://www.compellingmarketingblog.com Tracy Needham

    Wow! Got another 20 hours in the day to go with all that?!

    Seriously though–a great detailed overview of everything we need to be constantly thinking about. In fact it’s going on the wall in front of me to remind me of that every time I start to wimp out and think it’s time to go to bed…


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  • Sami

    Mindjizzle’s the shizzle f0sh0. I just registered for the call but something tells me I am going to forget about it because I am lazy…. will you be e-mailing us the mp3 later? #plzsayyes

  • http://www.designersilkplantsandflowers.com Drew B

    So Andy,

    A thought here, would it work to take your Mind Map of Ultimate Woe and put it under the MES umbrella?

    Meaning group the appropriate stuff from Ultimate Woe under one of the three:

    When you M.E.S. up your business, you follow these three rules:

    Marketing is operations “ACTIVE”
    Experience is operations “ReActive”
    Systems are ProActive.

    Just a thought.

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  • http://davethebrave.com Dave the Brave

    For those that don’t have MindManager, you can import mmap files with FreeMind, which runs on multiple platforms.

    On the subject of the mindmap… Phwoar! Now try keeping all that in your head (he admits sheepishly)

  • http://www.david-miles.com David Miles

    Thanks for the M.E.S system… you always seem to have great info to share : )
    I just downloaded the mind map and poped it in to MingJet.

    Now i just got to actual go out and do something with it : )


  • Lex

    Haha yea I did one of these, it looked something like yours. I was all over it for about a week, then it just got pushed to the back by a thousand other documents. Information overload! :)

  • mark

    I have just recently created my site about network marketing hoping to put my thoughts on there about what works and what doesn’t about marketing and personal dev etc basically to record my experiences etc and hopefully to help others who want to do the same.
    It’s fascinating stuff and I have undertook a massive learning curve over the past three months researching and doing stuff like Mike Dillards traffic formula etc.
    After 3 months this week I started to feel a bit stuck and overwhelmed and was in the process of creating a mind map etc to ‘simplyfy’ things. I originally was reading your post ‘what I would do if I was starting over again’ etc and the piece has been a revelation as its kinda inspired me again and literally simplified all the info I was struggling a little with. Then what do I do but click on your link and there is the mind map! Genius!
    What can I say but thanks for the inspiration and a kick up the arse I needed today, it is very much appreciated.
    I have now also subscribed so shall await in anticipation your future flashes of wisdom.
    Love your style mate.

  • Henry

    Great map mind Andy. Nowadays I’m trying to do the same you did. Bussiness is gettint to complex that without a map mind and other resources we became lost.

  • http://www.markvschwartz.com Mark Schwartz

    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for the mindmap. I love timely events – I just started using FreeMind yesterday to start mapping out a product launch. Your mindmap is like manna from heaven.
    Domination Marketing

  • http://www.getresultsonline.com.au john

    HI Andy
    Hope all is well since we caught at Kerns SanDiego event. Just though I’d find out if you ever recived the “DICKS” t Shirt I got made for you and sent over with matrix video? Anyway good luck with new ventures mate, if I can tempt you to come down under that would be cool. John

  • http://theadzdr.com Deb DiBiasie

    Andy, amazing mind map- very helpful…. as are your Boss videos. You will make this venture rock. I am Honored to be able to see it happen. All the best and many, many thanks.
    Deb Dibiasie ND

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  • http://www.dsminteractive.com Steve C.

    Great mind map! Just read your article on Shoemoney. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.climbmywayout.com Alex

    Interesting mind map. It’s definitely an interesting read.

  • Dr C

    Bro! Just started reading your info. To say that I like it is a drastic understatement. Simple, actionable, and I don’t have to be a rocket scientist. Well done!
    Dr C

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