My Guru Death Match with Brad Fallon (and a new video game)

I want to SO thank everyone again that posted over 100 comments to this thread about why I left StomperNet. Thanks for the love and support, you have NO idea how GOOD that makes me feel. And also I need to thank my long time friends and customers for understanding why I chose to go out on my own again.  I’m very much looking forward to adding more value to this market, doing some great free-line things, and creating meaningful training. I’m also looking forward to just being responsible for me, for better or for worse. No matter what happens, it’s gonna be a lot of laughs and gnashing of teeth. Now, down to today’s business.  Forgive the delay, but on Janeen and I decided to take a trip up the PCH to see some friends this weekend.  I left my laptop at home. Because StomperNet is such a well-known brand and huge company in the Internet marketing space, there have been a few people who have been trying to stir up trouble by speculating about why I “really” left. There are fewer still that are screaming that my 14 page blog post where I talk about my career passions, my soul mate, her cancer scare, love of my friends, and my personal goals are all a “sham” or even a “scam” – One that was artfully engineered to take attention off of the dirty underbelly of the internal workings of my former partnership with Brad Fallon. And of course, Jerry West resigning to re-prioritize his life added fuel to the conspiracy fire. I’m gonna address this officially one more time and be done with it. Opening Thoughts: Most of my friends and associates have told me to straight up ignore this drama.  “Andy, you’re not running for political office — you don’t owe ANYONE an explanation for this – you’ve got a 9 year track record of creating success stories and hundreds of thousands of raving fans – this is gutter crap.” All true. I’m doing this because I LOVE my customers, and I trust them to make the right kinds of judgments about me – just as they ALWAYS have. I will be speaking for ME and ME only.  I don’t speak for StomperNet, but I’ll invite Brad to comment on the post. I know he’s kinda busy, after hiring like 7 more faculty members, but I’ve still got some pull over there.  :) I’ll set the stage upfront. First, I’m told that I have a tendency to use NLP unfairly when I write (I’ve read exactly One book about NLP, and I still can’t spell it), so instead of (cough) hypnotizing you with my mad writing skillz (whatever), I’m gonna be OVERLY transparent to the point of nausea and foolishness. Corporate Lesson #1 through #237… If you’re an Entrepreneur you probably want to learn from this because if your company gets big, you’re gonna have to deal with some of this stuff.  That’s the downfall of generating millions of dollars and having a bunch of officers and employees – things become incredibly legal and incredibly complicated. Those are just some of the dues that you pay. And it’s one of the small, but mention-worthy reasons, that I’m looking forward to being a lone wolf again. IMPORTANT: None of what you are about to read changes even a SINGLE WORD from my original blog post called “Why I left StomperNet”. I’m dead serious about that – I don’t care who says what or whatever suppositions or allegations are waved around – I left because it was time for me to pursue other things and spend some real time with the people that I love – end of case. Personal Freedom of Speech – without limitation. For the record, I have NO ongoing commitment to StomperNet.  Nor do I have a Consulting Agreement currently or previously active. There’s no “Earn-Out” agreement, no promissory note, and no restrictions to my life. I also don’t have any obligation to protect StomperNet or Brad Fallon.  NONE.  He can’t come after me or whatever because I let someone be mean to him.  He CAN make obscene gestures, but I’m a wiz with Photoshop and I have pictures of him in Vegas – so… TIE. So like, lets pretend that I’ve got a good Biz Dev and Corporate Litigation lawyer (Not one, but TWO) from the 3rd largest law firm in the world.  Heh.  And if you act now for the low price of $645.00 per hour you can too!  Just click the button below and… Meaning, I have no reason to lie, or spin, or otherwise shine up a turd, if said turd existed. So, lets get to the current drama that’s now underway and being waved around hysterically by a couple of bit players trying to make a name for themselves in Internet Marketing as protectors of the “common man”. Because us Gurus are EVIL. #1 – Did Andy Jenkins and StomperNet sue Brad Fallon – YES. There’s a new website – it’s  The implication made by its promoters is that it will show its readers the “Real” reasons why I left StomperNet and why StomperNet is now in a death spiral and that how it can’t “deliver the goods” to it’s customers. If you’re concerned about that, go ahead and ask the folks who just attended the last StomperLive Event about that death spiral or if “The Goods” were not delivered. All 600 of them. The site then links to a PDF of an official looking document. It’s a COPY of a lawsuit. Full Transparency – There is a current rumor that I am the one that posted this site and PDF, the proof being  the “Author” information that’s part of the meta-info of the PDF file has “Andy Jenkins” as the Author.   Meaning, original PDF was re-saved with MY name as the author of the document, which is pretty much easy to do and pretty much Fraud. I could give a rip about the fraud – being a target is what happens when you’re in this space, but I though I’d shout out to the accusers with “Nice try mystery web master”.  If only it wasn’t a re-saved version of the PDF, you might have gotten away with it. Now, please note that the web master of this site has chosen to remain anonymous. They thought they could hide behind the “shield” of private WHOIS domain registration.  I mean, come on…  Really? Seriously?  Dude, I had your name 18 minutes after your first twitter and first forum post – People that you do business with CALLED ME to tell me about the Shenanigans. And the next time you register a business and you’re looking for Privacy, do it in the right state with the right host. WHOIS Privacy? IP Masking?   Please…  I’m looking at your place on Google Maps right now… #1A – Pen names are for suckers. On the other hand, THIS is how I roll: My name is Andy Jenkins.  It’s actually JAMES Andrew Jenkins, but I go by my Middle name – just like Brad (I won’t tell you his first name, cause you’ll never be able to look him in the eye again – Oh Okay, it’s Clifford – he tried to go by “Cliff” for a while, but that name requires a mustache). <sarcasm> There… That’s the REAL reason I left StomperNet </sarcasm>. That’s my REAL picture on my About Page and also in my Twitter and Facebook profile.  My corporate address is 7660-H Fay Avenue #184, La Jolla, Califonia, 92037.  That’s 6 blocks from my current condo.  I still have a place in Georgia, located in Berkeley Lake.  My new company name is Jenkins Internet Marketing (JIM for short, after my dad, whose name is Jim – it made him cry – so WIN).  My Twitter handle is AndyJenkins. I have only 1 Twitter account (unlike whatz hiz name). My personal Facebook Page (which I don’t check much, especially now that my mother is posting baby and high school pictures of me and tagging them to my account) is  My public email address is Andy Jenkins, mmmmKay? Here’s the story – from the horses mouth (Said horse being named Andy Jenkins): The PDF file that’s linked to from this site is a copy of a civil lawsuit filed by Andy Jenkins (that’s me) and derivatively on behalf of StomperNet against Brad Fallon (The “derivatively” part is important, but I’ll get to that in a minute). #1B – Brad and I actively tried to hide the lawsuit.  NO. The document is and has been PUBLIC RECORD.  Meaning, not only can ANYONE who visits the web site of the County that the suit was filed in get access to the records, the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper routinely runs public announcements on cases that come before that jurisdiction’s court – it’s like the obits, but for lawsuits. And this one had its turn.  So, it’s not only public record, it’s been advertised. And NO, I was not going to send a newsletter to my subscribers or update my twitter followers withToday, I sued Brad, how’s your day going?  Please ReTweet”. If the reasons are not obvious, then you might not be tall enough to ride this roller coaster. You can read the complaint in the PDF file, but how about I save you the trouble and give you the ciffs notes? BTW, there’s a HUGE lesson here for folks contemplating owning and operating a Small Business that gets BIG.  Read on. In the winter of 2009, Brad took an unscheduled distribution of $110,000.  For about six weeks previous, between Brad traveling, the StomperLive Seven event, and the Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 launch, we didn’t speak a word to each other. I was slammed and he was… Brad.  Heh. And I mean that in a good way. But at the time, it seemed like corporate theft.  It wasn’t. It’s not a secret that Brad had fairly little to do with operations at StomperNet, and we have previously gone similar lengths of time without talking.  Nothing unusual there. So naturally, that was held up as further evidence of a conspiracy.  Heh. But our operating agreement is specific – Cash Distributions to shareholders of StomperNet are by mutual agreement. That didn’t happen – that was wrong, and Brad has since apologized for it.  It wasn’t about the $110,000 – I mean, are you kidding?  StomperNet was an EIGHT FIGURE COMPANY according to its 2008 tax returns. This was about being short $110,000 in the specific operating account where payroll is funded from – and not knowing about it. Do you take my meaning? – It was about the sum total of ALL of the bank accounts being exposed with no understanding what was going on.  And when you’ve got a lot of people depending on payroll, you don’t mess around. But the company had better things to do, so I wrote a check from my personal bank account to cover the difference and then some, called my attorney, and forgot about it for a little while. But the straw the freaked everyone out, and thus precipitated the formal complaint was The Arbitrage Conspiracy. Brad was a Joint Venture partner of that launch, while StomperNet and I stayed on the sidelines with no material or strategic interest. And while the launch was very successful the public blow back because of (according to public forums) delivery and customer service challenges  that STOMPERNET got blamed for (because of it’s association with Brad) was EPIC. WE got threatened with a lawsuit and it wasn’t even a product of ours! That torqued a LOT of people off.   And there was a real question about whether or not internal StomperNet resources were used to facilitate the TAC launch. (This had nothing to do with the TAC guys, BTW.) And as you are about to learn, when corporate property is called into question, “Official” (Read that to mean “Pain in the Ass Things”) notifications have to occur. As per the StomperNet operating agreement, I had a Fiduciary responsibility as its primary corporate officer to look after and protect the interests of the company, it’s shareholders, and it’s charter. I am actually legally bound and accountable to state and federal laws because of it. The advisors believed that a FORMAL complaint needed to be filed. FORMAL is the operative principle here – unless it’s formal, the rights of any future claims because of possible damages are forfeit.  And who knew where or when the next pissed off TAC customer was gonna take a swing at us? Corporate Lesson #238 through #387 – managing the rights and policies of a corporation with 50 employees and 12 faculty members requires every “i” dotted and ever “t” crossed. If you don’t do it proactively, you get screwed. Now, because StomperNet is an LLC it CANNOT file a lawsuit on its own – even if it’s against a poodle, let alone one of it’s own corporate officers.  Someone has to act on the entity’s behalf and that someone turned out to be me.  Thus the complaint reads by Andy Jenkins individually and derivatively ON BEHALF OF StomperNet. Makes it sound like I was out to get Brad, right? So, that sucked – bad. Brad was also radio silent – which sucked worse. Not because he didn’t take it seriously – He was on the road (his passport looks like a tattoo sample book), losing his cell phone every other week.  Seriously, ask some other people that know Brad – he never wears out a phone or laptop before he loses it or it gets stolen. He once ended up with an emergency replacement iPhone that had an Ohio (WTF?) area code and every time I tried to call it, 2 people would answer (True story). Attorneys to the Rescue! In my opinion, this misunderstanding turned into a mess because Brad’s attorney is a dick. I hope he’s reading this post because I never got to tell him AFTER Brad and I laughed about this whole thing how much of a DICK I think he is – and how much I think his by-mail-order-night-school-law-degree-legal skills contributed to the world’s biggest misunderstanding.  I mean, don’t tell me that you didn’t get any email from me for 2 months and then all of the sudden answer all of them at once when things get real.  Child. THAT part I was mad about. #2 – Was there a counter suit filed by Brad? – YES, of course. (Full Transparency) There are some more official legal documents (Including a counter suit filed by Brad’s attorney) and official notifications surrounding this, but they’re simply not relevant – I don’t care what anyone says. In the history of partnerships, when one partner sues another, there is almost ALWAYS a counter lawsuit so that the concept “M.A.D.” (More on that below) is put forward and settlement talks can begin. After Brad was served (which took 3 months longer to occur than anyone thought), we got on the phone, talked it out, had an owners meeting, cleared up the awful misunderstandings, and immediately agreed to stipulate an extension to the legal stuff  and appoint a Receiver (whose job is to protect the material assets of the company) until we could sort out what actually happened with the distribution and TAC.  And the extension took a month to get officially filed. #3 – Were all legal actions dismissed?  YES. They were ALL dismissed with prejudice. And THAT ALSO took a month to get filed. Then, we got HAMMERED, mutually apologized for the SNAFU, and went back to work with a promise to talk once a week at LEAST. #4 – Are the lawsuits why I sold out to Brad? One Thousand Times NO. It was about then that Janeen and I got the cancer scare. THAT’S what started me thinking about something beyond the 80-hour weeks at StomperNet.  Not the perfunctory lawsuit. Full Transparency – OF COURSE I was annoyed with and tired of the drama from this kind of nonsense.  It’s always been a dream of mine to start a company and grow it to something meaningful.  Part of that dream did NOT include litigious activity.  After Janeen’s first MRI came back with the Tumor diagnosis, it was pretty easy for me to prioritize my life according to what I was about to lose – her.  NOTHING else mattered – least of all a perfunctory legal action caused by morons. I’m damn PROUD of StomperNet and it’s people. And you can BET your buppie (Overheard that in a bar, sounded cool) that I’ll support the company as long as it continues to create killer “How To” content. And also, the truth is, while I think he’s a nut – I kinda still like my ex-partner. (Brad doesn’t like man-emotion – so that’s as cuddly as we get) Sidebar – let me tell you something about Brad that most people don’t know.  This will probably annoy him, but it’s the truth:  When I proposed to Janeen on stage at the close of StomperLive Five, I was surrounded by the staff and faculty of StomperNet.  Right behind me was Tom Ham and Leslie Rohde – I heard them crying like teenage girls at a Jonas’ Brother Concert.  I turned around to give them a hug and thank them, but it wasn’t Tom or Leslie… Andy Proposes to Janeen …it was Brad. I was as shocked as you probably are. Who knew he liked the Jonas’ Brothers so much?! #5 – Was there a Hostile Take-Over?  NO. Now, lets talk about what has been suggested by some irresponsible forum posts… It’s been offered, and I think this is more or less the exact phrasing, that Brad FORCED me to sell him my shares and executed either a “Hostile Take Over” or “Leveraged Buy-Out” (Depending on which twitter account is telling the story). Clearly, someone has been watching too much Oliver Stone and is too big of a Fan of Gordon Gecco. “Andy, damn you! I’m going to give you a LOT of money for your StomperNet stock… so sell it to me or ELSE!” StomperNet is a privately held company.  There are many classes of stock, but the only class of Stock that counts in any kind of control capacity is the Class A Voting Stock. Brad and I had equal proportions of Class A Stock. TIE! Here’s what that means – THERE IS NO HOSTILE TAKE OVER or LEVERAGED BUY OUT situation that could EVEN OCCUR.  It’s structurally impossible. But hey, it makes a GREAT story and apparently, an even BETTER website.  Moving on… Even if Andy Jenkins wanted to, even though Andy Jenkins was the CEO and active managing member of the company, even Andy Jenkins couldn’t have forced Brad Fallon out – so do you think he had a rim shot of a chance doing that to me? About the only way that’s possible (Full Transparency in effect) is if I was found CRIMINALLY malfeasant – not from a civil case stand-point, though.  We’re talking frog-marching me in handcuffs to a 10×10 cell and being forced to wear an orange jumper kinda criminal malfeasance. And since the financial and other records of the company always show me being SQUEAKY CLEAN… (And BTW, NO – there was never any criminal filings – just so everyone is clear.) #6 – Who offered to Buy Who out?  Brad offered to Buy Andy Out Unsolicited. It’s been suggested that I begged Brad to buy me out and that if he did, I wouldn’t sue him.  First of all, that’s ghetto to even SUGGEST that I’d beg for ANYTHING. But maybe someone reading this doesn’t know me very well. Lets think about this for a second… In the last 5 years, I’ve owned a piece of EVERY SINGLE Company that Brad had an ownership interest in.  Not a joint venture interest – an Ownership Interest. The “Blanket Assignment” that we co-signed at the conclusion of my buyout had a list of 8 or 9 companies, NOT including StomperNet OR FreeIQ.  So, lets call it 11. The fact is I had my hooks deep into Brad.  DEEP. Why? One of my favorite sayings to staff at StomperNet was “Pretend I’m not an Idiot”.  In retrospect, I think I had to say it a bit too often. :) There’s a concept used to describe military strategy during America’s Cold War with the Soviet Union called MAD.  It stands for Mutually Assured Destruction.   Very simply put, it means that one dude is not gonna start a fight with another dude because even though that dude knows he could kick ass, he ALSO knows that the other dude has ass-kicking skills and that the end result would be just body parts, misery, and the lamentations of their woman. (Hint: That was a line from a movie) No.  Brad did not threaten me and I did not DEMAND he buy me out.  I didn’t ask him to buy me out.  It was his idea. There was also no hint of what’s called a “Pipe-Wrench Injunction”.  That’s an old school term that sounds like what it is.  And by the way, have you seen Brad lately?  He weighs like 82 pounds.  I think I’ve LOST more weight than he currently is.  :) Not only was there the MAD factor to consider, there is also something called the “Great Doo-Doo Ball of Karma” (™Dan Thies).  Or for the less ghetto among my readers, “What goes around, comes around”. Consider for a split second if Brad OR I would EVER have a career in Internet marketing again if we ended up wrecking StomperNet? Um…. HELLO? Brad and I have done like $40,000,000 together over the years.  Seriously, what kind of idiots would we be?  BIG ASS IDIOTS, that’s what kind! Not that I’m not a B.A.I. (I surely have my moments… Full Transparency, heh) – but not about my Partnership with Brad, and certainly not about the welfare of StomperNet, it’s staff, or it’s customers. #7 – Did Brad and I ever Argue? We didn’t JUST argue.  Brad and I used to TEAR INTO EACH OTHER at least 2 times a year.  And I’m talking CLASH of the Muddafvking TITANS. Brad and I couldn’t be more temperamentally different. And when the pressure is on, things get intense –and we fought about things that seemed like the end of the world at the time. You know what I used to do?  I’d go through the staff and faculty roles and add up all of the non-staff people that an employee’s salary supported.  The grand total at one point was 195 – Husbands, Wives, their kids… That’s 195 people that relied on the paycheck that StomperNet issued. 195 people that put food on the table, paid rent and car payments, paid for their health insurance… There were three babies born to employees at StomperNet while I was there (DNA Tests confirm that none were mine). 7 people got seriously sick or hurt and had to be rushed to the Hospital, and that’s not including employee’s husbands, wives or kids – they got flowers and get well cards, too. 6 kids started college. And 30,000 customers were worshiped. THAT’S WHY YOU FIGHT! THAT’S WORTH FIGHTING FOR! Because that’s what 50/50 partners DO! I remember being so frustrated with Brad that I had our Dev team create a video game about blowing Brad’s head off (For his Birthday). Talk about a misappropriation of corporate resources! Here’s a screen capture of it. Picture 4 And if you want to play, here’s the link . Do it fast before Brad remembers that I had it made and yanks the page down. The High Score is 55.  Post your score in the comments below. You fight until nothing is left to fight about and then you get back to work. End Of Case. #8 – Brad and I are both pissed at each other still.   NO One of the most ironic things about all of this is that we both think that we each got the better deal.  While I’m not sure this is a legal term per say, it’s more commonly known as a “Win-Win”. The bottom line is, Brad and I argued, there was an awful misunderstanding because of lack of communication, lawyers got involved, we talked about it, went back to work with some new rules, and I got a wake up call about Janeen which started me thinking that it was time to do other things and vastly simplify my life. Brad wanted to run StomperNet – I agreed, I got a wire transfer and moved to California.

"What are we supposed to do with this wagon full of torches and pitchforks?"
“What are we supposed to do with this wagon full of torches and pitchforks?”

I am now tan and very happy. #9 – I’m REALLY worried by what other people will think about this.  NO. So, why am I talking about an “On-Public-Record tactical lawsuit” that was voluntarily dismissed with prejudice – the one that occurred because of a major miscommunication that has nothing to do with me leaving? I’m writing this for the people who care about me, for the people that have always trusted me.  Because this is what they would EXPECT me to do. I mean, in many cases like this, you might elect to do something called a “Strategic Ignore” (I got that phrase from a post in the Warrior Forum – Holla!) and that might be the RIGHT thing to do. Of all of the lessons that I learned while being da boss, one of the best was: “Don’t Suffer Fools Gladly”. It’s ridiculous that I have to even do a follow-up – but because I’ve been so transparent with my customers and subscribers, I want to clear the air about this lingering guff and get back to real work. That’s why. Normally I wouldn’t even address people who call me a “Psychopath” or “Con Artist” because I’ve learned that focusing on Negativity or Stupidity is NOT the way to make more money in your business. But a couple dear customers and followers of mine were concerned that this was part of a “character assassination plot”. And everyone likes a good conspiracy theory. In one way, I’m flattered by it(Bet ya didn’t see that coming…). If StomperNet wasn’t such a huge brand that I had a major hand in creating, then NO ONE would even care. There’s a reason that you don’t see pictures of Gary Colemen coming out of da Club on TMZ, because NO ONE cares. So, thanks, I’m flattered.  I now rate above Gary Coleman online.  Cross that one off my list. Lets review: Lawsuits?  Yes. Voodoo Conspiracy?  No. Hostile Take Over?  No. Leveraged Buy Out worthy of a Sequel to “Wall Street”?  Uhhh NO. When I decided to leave StomperNet, the first 10 reasons had NOTHING to do with a dead lawsuit.  Of course I factored everything into my decision – and on my Pro’s and Con’s mindmap, legal stuff was obviously a con.  But the moment I’d made my decision to take Brad’s offer (In APRIL), my thoughts were about preparing the company for new leadership and preparing my family for a career change.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I guess if you want some real juicy stuff, you should go read about Steve Job’s career. My decisions were about FUTURE OPPORTUNITY – not about ANYTHING that took place in the past. And for anyone who thinks that I tried to HIDE a document that is part of the Public Record that had been advertised in a Metro newspaper, that’s his or her decision.  It’s just not the truth. And while people are entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own Facts – no matter how much they’re desperately hoping that I’ll finally and truly turn out to be a scum-bag after all. Whoever wants to look into my colorful past to dig up dirt will be well supplied with ammunition – no one, especially me, can hide from their past when their life is put under a microscope. I’m SURE that this isn’t over.  I’m SURE that the response to this post will be “Yeah but, what about THIS?”  And “How come the timing and dates are like THIS?”, and “You’re just covering Brad’s ass, you just want my MONEY”, and “StomperNet was a sham all along”… …and maybe they’ll go looking for my juvie records, traffic tickets, or the summons that I got because I had employees working out of my house in a residential zone before the office construction was complete… (Guilty- $500 fine, btw) …and then, they’ll attack my family. Cause that’s what scumbags do. I’ve known that it would be POINTLESS to hide anything about who I am or what I believe during the last NINE years that I’ve been making money online. So I haven’t -and that’s worked out JUST fine for me. There’s a great Yiddish Proverb that goes something like “If I am like others, who will be like me?” AWESOME. There’s a reason that I’ve been around this long.  Some of it might have to do with what I do and how I teach what I do.  Some of it might have to do with the thousands of people that are better off or wealthier and happier because of something that I, or BRAD and I (or one of the Faculty) taught them. But most of my staying power has to do with the least impressive thing about me… What you see is what you get.

Viking Helmets, Sun Burn, and a Beetles Hair Cut.  Dayum
Viking Helmet, Sun Burn, and a Beetles Hair Cut. Run while you still can

This is me, flaws and all.  Take it, leave it. But whatever you do… …don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now, back to our regularly scheduled Relevance. Andy P.S. Shout out to a couple of very decent bloggers who are treating this responsibly.  Their concern seems to be more focused on their dissatisfaction with the way that third parties are treating this subject – and they’re not insinuating worst-case scenarios or filling in the blanks.  That takes restraint and intelligence.

  • Jerry West

    You went above and beyond in responding to all of this AJ but it was needed. People just want “Dirty Laundry”. And to set the record straight with the “conspiracy theory” that I resigned and AJ and I are releasing a product soon … I didn’t speak to AJ before, during or after Live8. In fact, we still haven’t spoken on the phone since he left Stompernet. A couple of days after I resigned I sent AJ a text message about my resignation and he responded with “Good luck”. That’s it. AJ’s pursuing his interests and I’m pursuing mine.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Doesn’t mean we don’t love each other. We just don’t talk on the phone much. :)

  • Dan Thies

    “If the reasons are not obvious, then you might not be tall enough to ride this roller coaster.”

    Damn that’s funny…

    To pile onto the conspiracy, I have NOT resigned from StomperNet, and Andy and I ARE doing something together soon. Like, real soon.

  • Ross

    I don’t care what you write about, I just enjoy reading it ;-)

    I’m excited to see what you are going to pull bro, if you can put this much thought into garbage, we should all expect amazing things from what you do that is fun!

    The parasites and trolls have hit the web in full force with their conspiracy theories and I believe you’ve deflated every single one of them.

    Stompernet isn’t the same without you and you’re missed by everyone from members to faculty.

    Send my love to Janeen.

  • Chris Kellum

    50? I’ve tried about 5-6 times and the best I got was 25. But I am on a laptop with no mouse . . . Sweet game, though. All of the Fallonisms is what really made it special.

    Anyway, I think we all learned our lesson – I learned never to open a link to AJ’s blog when on the iPhone – never scrolled so much in my life!

    And I’m afraid that people who want to stir up BS and controversy will *still* want to do so, regardless of what logic and facts are presented.

    This whole situation has reminded me of something I read a while back in John Carlton’s Kick Ass Secrets of a Marketing Rebel (awesome product). I hope he doesn’t mind me quoting a little section regarding him and the late Gary Halbert:

    Now fast-forward to one of my first writing sessions with the infamous marketing guru Gary Halbert (who gets little argument when he bills himself as the “greatest living copywriter”).

    We get settled into his office – it’s early morning – and before we can start moving on any project… two of his secretaries burst in with a litany of bad news. Taxes are due tomorrow. The owner of the main print shop is in the waiting room, looking grim. The computer just crashed. The building’s landlord is on hold, apparently pissed off.

    Every fire sounded like something we should take care of right away. I sighed, assuming our “get down to business” session was going to be delayed.

    I was wrong. Gary shooed the secretaries away and locked the door. And started writing ads.

    “What about all those emergencies?” I asked.

    “Screw ‘em,” he said. “Our job is to bring in the money.” And we spent the next six hours doing just that. Writing ads and making phone-calls that brought in the money.

    So AJ, I guess what I’m trying to say about these haters is . . . screw ‘em, and go bring in the money. :)

    • Chris Kellum

      Oh, this game is like day and night when you add a mouse. Think I managed my way up to either 37 or 39 . . . 55 is insane, though.

      • Andy Jenkins

        The High Score was set by a 12 year old, btw. :) I think I have a screen capture of it somewhere…

  • Mark Mason

    Dude. You rock. Best blog post I have read all year! — Mark

  • Lance

    Damn Jenkins, you must be good! That’s gotta be like some sort of scrolling record you got me to do just then.
    Well blah, blah, blah, forget the crap-ants out there; here is the only really important part of that entire post:
    It’s not “You can bet your buppie.” It’s “You can bet your bippy.” It came from the sixties show Laugh-in.

  • Melanie Benson Strick


    It takes a pretty confident leader to be this transparent. I know, I’ve been challenged sometimes where the line is.

    Bottom line. Shit happens in business. Good and bad. Most people like the drama and chaos so they hype all the bad stuff up.

    Sometimes chaos happens and what you do with it can create powerful opportunities for others. As one of the newest members of the StomperNet faculty, I’ve already seen that principle in action.

    So thanks for setting the record straight (I for one had only heard the rumors even though I spent 2 weeks with Brad in Oz when we were speaking for Chris Howard who apparently just got one of those new phones cause he was glued to it the entire trip.)

    Enjoy the sunshine here in L.A….its what we pay the big bucks for!

    Melanie Benson Strick
    Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach
    & Team Building Expert

  • KarenKramer

    Hey Thanks for clarifying this Andy.. I still can’t figure out why some scumbag tried to post a copy of the lawsuit in the comments on my blog… They didn’t even pick a post that had anything to do with you or StomperNet.. Of course, I just deleted it..

    Truth is… none of this matters a rat’s patootie.

    I wish you and Brad all the best and will continue to follow your adventures.

  • Sherrie Rose (The Love Linguist)

    I love you Andy and not in the way your finance does.

    Lessons learned make you grow as a person and a entrepreneur. Watch the shenanigans with Kern, Moffo, Reese and crew.

    Will see you on the beach real soon. Maybe you can even fill my love bucket (hey, it’s a concept!)

    Sherrie Rose
    “The Love Linguist”

  • Scott Lovingood

    Dude- Your blog posts are like War and Peace :) I have never seen anyone write soooo much over nothing :) It was great reading though. Having been in a couple of partnerships, I can understand how things operate. If you have never been in one, you don’t realize how much communication matters. Even when you think you are on the same page, you find out you have differences.

    Good luck in your future. I enjoy reading your blog if for nothing else than the NLP Ninja mojo :) haha

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  • Zain Bador

    Hey Andy,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain all of that in it’s entirety. I have to admit, it was pretty hard going for me to read all of that as you’re one funny guy and I choked on my drink a couple of times from laughing so hard. I’m just glad it didn’t come out of my nose…

    Anyway, for anyone who really doubts Andy’s motives or intentions, let me just say that from my own, personal, experience (a few cigarette breaks during a Stomper event), I would have to say that Andy Jenkins is one of the most genuine, caring, thoughtful, kind, compassionate, honest, straight-shooting, helpful, respectful, honourable, sincere, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, truthful, fair and true individuals I have ever met, living on this planet today… (If I had a bigger vocabulary, I’d use a whole heap of positive words about him). I’ve met a lot of jerks both online and off. Especially the ones trying to get my wallet.

    Andy is definitely NOT one of them!

    And I can say that because Andy gave me some honest and great advice when I was going through a pretty traumatic phase in my life. That’s not the mark of a great Internet Marketing “guru” – that’s the mark of a *real* human being just caring for the people around him. He didn’t need to care – he just does! That’s just who he is. And if you ever meet him, you’d know that…

    I also have to add that I am honoured to have met someone that’s raised the bar in terms of openess, transparency and really put everything he’s got into whatever he does. If anything, use Andy as a role model instead of trying to bring him down.

    And for those of you thinking that Andy does NLP. Let me set this straight – as a qualified NLP Master Practitioner myself – Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern do NOT really know anything much about NLP. If you had the slightest idea about it, you’ll know that in the last video, Frank was struggling to explain what a pattern interrupt was. He kind’ve got there. My playful, poking comment in Andy’s last blog post was really just pointing out that if these guys *did* learn a bit then boy… would we all be in trouble! There’s a lot of linguistic pre-suppositions that Andy and Frank *could* utilise in their videos but don’t. You’d only need to see the last video to get that. Hell, if they weren’t so busy dicking around, then they might actually be using NLP… but they’re not. And to a certain extent, I’m glad they don’t – these guys sell exceptionally well, *naturally*. They don’t need to use NLP. Well… unless they want to remove a phobia or something on each other. One of my favourite Internet Marketing guru’s does use NLP exceptionally well… but I’m not going to tell you who he is. But he’s not Andy! Go learn some and you’ll spot it immediately.

    If anyone disagrees, then I think they probably have never met Andy, really sat down and talked to him. Trust me… Andy likes to talk. He’d talk the balls off a rhinoceros if you gave him the chance… but he’s is one honest and funny guy.

    So, why not stop the speculation and get your facts straight. Why not just ask instead of gossiping? As you can see, Andy’ll tell you how it is!

    Sorry for the length of this. Looks like I got carried away on this comment… I am pretty distressed that anyone would bother to try and stir up trouble like this.

    Andy – You know you rock, right?!? You really shouldn’t need to justify yourself. The people who love and support you will do just that because of who you are and how you’ve helped them. They’ll always be there for you, dude!

    I’m just wondering… when’s “StomperNet: The Movie” coming out? There seems to be quite a lot going on here… and for a lot of folks it’ll be easier watching it than reading it. What’s that line from the Predator… “I ain’t got time to read!”? ;) So far, I got Owen Wilson playing Frank Kern and Vince Vaughn playing you… It’s a comedy, obviously…



    PS: I pretty much suck at the Brad game – only got 31. It’s the damn re-load bit. I swear it should be quicker…
    PPS: And yes, I can and do clear out phobias using linguistic techniques but not professionally – mostly for friends. It’s easy stuff when you know how!

    • Andy Jenkins

      Zain – Believe it or not, I have no words for your comment. I am humbled and thankful that you’re in my life.

      Now, about that NLP training…


      • Zain Bador

        Andy, I too feel humbled, thankful and also indebted to you. The quality of what I feel I’ve learnt from StomperNet has been really life changing.

        I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, in a public forum, to a guy who can wear a pink boa on video and still go on to make huge amounts of cash without ruining his make up (then again, I live in Brighton, gay capital of the UK, and know a guy who likes to wear dresses… each to their own, I suppose). Weird, I can’t seem to find that historic Stomper video anywhere… did you make a deal with Google?

        Anyway, my point is that it’s your honesty and effective communication that shines through. Just those 2 things help to build a great relationship, not just in marketing but in life in general. That’s really what I’ve learnt from you and now strive to continue doing wherever possible. And if I’d known that earlier, I’d probably still be married. I actually admire your courage to do it a second time… as George Carlin once said ” ‘I am’ is said to be the shortest sentance in the English language. Could it be ‘I do’ is the longest?”. You’re a braver man than I, Mr Jenkins! :P

        I dread to think how the Internet Marketing world would be transformed like if both you and Frank did NLP! If you’re really interested, I’d recommend you have a chat with your man, Eben. Watch his Deangelo stuff – that’s pure NLP!

  • Scott Kublin

    Ditto on the lesson learned about reading your blog posts on an iPhone. Geesh!!! When will I ever learn?

  • Chuck

    I love that game, Andy.

    Partnerships are like marriage, some are just not meant to be.

  • Berri

    Great blog post even though it wasn’t needed but something you needed to do, just another reason why so many people respect, like and admire you! There will always be scumbags in this world that have nothing else to do but stir up trouble. Just keep being you and enjoy life!

  • Rick Hardman


    Thanks! I got a copy of the pdf through a from submission on my site that these “seeking for a dirty story”people must have gotten from other comments I have made on your blog.

    I was about to tweet it, thinking that you may want that when I thought to myself, “Did Andy real send this to me?” Sense started to come to me and I asked someone who I knew was close enough to you to find out about it more before I went tweeting it.

    While I have not heard from him, this clearly answers any questions I had. On the bright side, I was unaware of some of the sites and posts that you refer to from people are fabricating the “juicy story”. I must be following the right seo people.

    Have fun in sunny California and welcome to the west coast! Beautiful, isn’t it?

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  • Brad Fallon

    Hey All,

    I just landed in L.A. (5-hour flight from Atlanta), and the plane didn’t have Internet. Ack. I don’t know why Delta can’t seem to get power plugs and in-flight Internet access on the same flight, but this time I had a fully-powered laptop and no connection. So I’m a little late to the conversation, but I thought I’d chime in.

    Not much to add; Andy said it well — and in great detail :-) In fact, it reminded me that I always used to say that I could take a weekend seminar and distill it into the three ideas you need to know. And Andy can take an idea and turn it into a three-day seminar, all by himself.

    That’s part of the reason we made a great team. (That, and the fact that Andy is one of the hardest-working people I’ve ever known.)

    So I’ll keep it simple and just say this, from my perspective . . . .

    Andy and I were 50/50 partners for more than five years, most of that with only a handshake. Our differences are a large part of what made the business work. After awhile, we got sideways and had some disagreements that were a little more serious than our normal semi-annual arguments. We even sued each other. And our lawyers even called each other names; imagine that. :-)

    But soon thereafter, we sat down together and worked out a deal in, literally, one day. Because the transaction required more lawyers, it took months to get all the paperwork done.

    At the end of the day, we signed documents — by fax, actually. I faxed a pile of documents from the lobby of “The Hotel” at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. After that, I went to Lake Mead to finish my SCUBA certification so I could go diving on Yanik’s Maverick Business Adventures trip in Iceland the next week.

    That was the same day I spoke at Mike Filsaime’s Launch Tree event. By dumb luck, I also got to dive with the sharks that weekend in Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay that weekend, but that’s a different story.

    And then I wired a bunch of money to Andy. And he and I are both happy with the outcome. He doesn’t have to kill himself at work anymore. And I get to help build StomperNet into an even greater company than it already is — a pretty high bar, to say the least.

    So that’s the story, and I hope that’s enough for those who care. Two 50/50 partners got sideways, sat down and worked it out, and crafted a win-win agreement. Both of us care about StomperNet and its customers, and we plan on doing many things together in the future.

    And if you still want to tweet something,
    here’s a suggestion: ;-)


    Brad Fallon
    Co-Founder, StomperNet

  • Paul Colligan

    I once heard it said – the effective in social media are authentic, not transparent. classy job.


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  • Quincy

    Hey Andy,

    I know that we’ll be hearing great things from you (what’s that thing that you’re working on with Dan?? ;o)

    But first, enjoy getting that well-deserved tan!


  • Don Crowther

    Well stated Andy. Thanks for slaughtering the trolls with your unique brand of verbosity. They can’t handle the truth!

    StomperNet’s not the same without you, but you’re doing what’s right for you and yours. Knock ‘em dead!

    Plus, (hint to everyone out there…) I’m really looking forward to your upcoming product. It will be killer!

    Take care,

  • Ed Dale

    Until you have run a company with the responsability of feeding all of those mouths – you can never have any idea of the pressure that takes.

    Sure if your a heartless Bastard, you can hire and fire at will. I know Andy is not and I can understand why he is now indecently exposing himself in La Jolla (BTW seriously Andy, you can wear a shirt every once in a while!!)

    Well Said AJ


  • Internet Marketing Reality Check

    Great post, Andy, but I don’t think those whining knuckleheads deserve you even wasting 2 seconds of your time to have to explain yourself. You don’t owe them anything.


    Why is it that the people in the IM market that try to stir up this trouble and “controversy” all have many of the following traits…

    1. They post under anonymous forum usernames or they are using an obvious pen name.

    2. They are almost always also selling to the IM market. Therefore, they are competitors trying to talk trash about someone that competes with them.

    3. If you look at their web sites or their marketing, they may be making some money but they clearly aren’t a huge success nor have massive name recognition in the market.

    I’ll save you the trouble and just answer the question for you…

    These people are insanely jealous. They can cry and whine and moan and claim that they are doing it “for the good of the market” and to help other marketers, but the fact is they are doing it because THEY want to become a well-known guru and have massive success. They also behind anonymous names because they are cowards.

    So these are people that lay awake at night just so miserable with their own lives and they are just stewing in their own envy of others that are where they want to be.

    Think about it… how come we never see any super successful marketers lashing out against others? Taking up this ‘great cause’ of trying to save the common man from being ripped off by the evil gurus? Because it’s all BS. It’s an old, outdated method to try and take the position of anti-Guru to try and prop yourself up to make money from the same market.

    It’s funny that these ‘crusaders’ out to save the world from evil Gurus (while trying to make money selling to the same market) think that the customers in this market are dumb. It’s one thing if a market was flat-out ripping people off with fradulent credit charges or not honoring refund requests. But the fact of the matter is, all the products in the IM market has refund policies. And anyone that doesn’t honor refunds will be out of business quickly with the FTC. My point being… the ‘common man’ is smart enough to just ask for a refund if they don’t like the product that they chose to buy for themselves.

    Yet these whiners think that people aren’t smart enough to request a refund for a product they aren’t happy with. They’d rather just imply that the product sucks (and in some cases it may) and that the buyer has no recourse and was just screwed out of their money. This just isn’t the case. Anyone can get a refund for anything they choose to buy that they aren’t happy with, period.

  • Dennis Murphy

    Hi Andy,

    As someone who has posted in one of the threads looking for information regarding the lawsuit issue, I appreciate you addressing the issue and some of the concerns it’s existence had raised for me.

    I can only speak for myself regarding why I was hoping to get more insights about the lawsuit. I saw the issue brought up on a public forum, and then I saw it quickly get deleted away. I wasn’t interested in the gory details, but I was interested, as a possible customer, in checking to see if the company had unaddressed issued I should be aware of, especially with a very public launch in the near future that I was surely considering investing in.

    When I saw that all inquiries (yes, some were definitely overboard, but some were what I believed to be fair questions) were quickly deleted, I did a quick search on “the tubez” and saw that a lawsuit did in fact exist, which is why I made my post on another forum. I thought my post was very even-handed, and was just hoping that the concerns that some posters had raised would be addressed.

    I’m sure to some, the fact that I had the nerve to make a post makes me a troll. Well, I can see why some would think that because I don’t have a recognized name in the forums, plus the fact that I have only 1 post at that particular forum (my profile was created there in early ’08, so isn’t just a made-on-the-fly profile, and I have hundred under my real name in another forum), but I posted there and here using my real name. I’ve used my same real name on this post, and I’ve used my real main email address in order to make this comment. No one has to believe that or care, but it’s true.

    I’m just a regular dude in cyberspace that was a bit concerned by something that was, in fact, being deleted from a particular forum, and those asking about it were being derided for asking.

    Your post here is very much appreciated and I appreciate your transparency. Did you have to address it – no. Did you owe it to anybody to address it – no. But I am glad you did. That says a lot about you, and it is appreciated.

    So, take my post for what’s its worth (not much). Some of us did have, what I believe, some legitimate concerns. My concerns have been addressed.

    I do thank you and wish nothing but success for you and for your family.

    Dennis Murphy

    • Andy Jenkins

      Dennis, that’s totally cool of you to comment. And make no mistake, I encourage and seek out honest and even self-serving questions. This post was aimed at the very small (less than 4) people who saw it as an opportunity to self-aggrandize and just be creepy.

      ANYTIME you have a question, reach out- and if I can answer it, I will.

  • Doug

    Not that you need it, but I figured I would just lend a little more moral support:
    I think you exercised great restraint in this post, which was stellar…by the way. Your so ghetto too…not!
    Fortunately I am–Funny thing is…I have a website to run so I have to pick and choose my leisure activities. Since I’m on my computer every waking moment, my leisure activity consists of the Amazon one click shuffle, and reading *non-I.M.* posts such as this one. I intentionally gave 0 time to any anti-Andy sentiment.
    The losers that make their pathetic attempts at journalism…without doing their due diligence, are nothing more than parasitic neophytes. If you are one of those parasites…due the world a favor, and eat a bullet. Trust me, know one is going to miss you anyway.

    I’m stealing your roller coaster line…as Dan so astutely pointed out…that be some funny shit.


  • Lance

    Andy, you sir are a class act.

    And I imagine a pretty kick ass copywriter as well. I read every word of that mo-fo (Well, after I headed for the P.S. and non-existent order button, I went back and read it all).


  • Ravi Jayagopal

    Just when I thought your other post was insanely brilliant, you completely knock my socks off with this one.

    Andy, Stompernet won’t be the same without you. Stompernet *emails* won’t be the same without writing them.

    You’re one helluva dude, dude!

    All the best in everything you do.

    - Ravi Jayagopal

  • Anna

    oh Andy, you sexy blond viking. Best wishes to you and Janeen in you new environs :-)

  • Garrett

    Wow Andy, I simply had no idea. LOL, the way you explained it was flawless.

    -How are you liking California?

  • Todd Da’ Chizism

    These guys are such just Schisters? (Did I even spell that right?) Back on point… Yeah their Shcisters! I mean come on… The whole StomperNet thing is just a scam right? I mean it’s just an over priced INFO MARKETING SALES PITCH stealing money from innocent soles looking for a pipe dream… This whole shenanigans and lawsuit are another scam juts keeping it all in the public eye!

    Oh wait a minute? I almost forgot a few facts here… How about the fact that I am a high school drop out that was lucky enough to build a million dollar business in my first year on line! I knew nothing and was self taught!.. BUT THEN, I ponied up the 800 bucks a month and started learning a few things from BRANDY (Brad and Andy) at StomperNet. And guess what… After applying what they and the awesome faculty, like Dan, Leslie, and the infamous Mr. West, were teaching, um… My business sky rocketed! How about to the tune of 2.6 million the second year after applying their techniques, 3.8 million the third, and on track for around a measly 5 million this year! Oh yeah, thats during the worst economy in 40 years!…

    Here is the real deal. I don’t care about the parting of GURUS’s. Sure, there are always questions and rumors, but it doesn’t matter. The fact is… Together they built an awesome company that has literally helped changed my life, as well as many others! So Brad and Andy aren’t hand in hand any more. Sure, it was a shock and undoubtedly harder on them then any one else, but guess what? Good honest people get divorced all the time! Sometimes even for the better! In this case… It sure looks like we’ll see some more killer information from both parties down the road… It doesn’t matter that they don’t have a ring on their finger any more. I’m just glad they got together to help kick start my I.M. adventure in the first place!

    So here’s to BRANDY!
    I truly THANK YOU BOTH for helping me over the last few years!
    You guys have helped change my life and the lives of my family with your most awesome INFO MARKETING techniques! I will for ever be in debt!

    ROCK ON!


    Todd Chism
    Crackers and Chile Marketing!

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  • pay per click services


    While a member of StomperNet a few years ago, you inspired me to start a BLOG about Domestic Violence, which has since helped thousands of women (and men)

    I have now taught over 19,000 students online how to make money with PPC/Affiliate Marketing, and SEO and still teach, as well as help my own brick and mortar clients quite successfully.

    You are a man with a GREAT heart, and I am actually ecstatic that you now literally live right down the road from me! :o )

    I wish you and Janeen all the BEST life has to offer, and having worked for another Guru, I understand what and why you left…because of all the drama, bull, and many more things I cannot say without dirtying your page ;o)

    God Bless…

    Adrienne DeVita

  • John Jaworski

    Great Recap Andy.

    All of this crap reminds me of advice my Mom used to give me. In times like this when I had two friends mixed in turmoil she would tell me ” Would ya please mind your own business!” ( I guess I’ve always been a bit of a “busy body” as she would have said!)

    Glad this is out, hope it’s done with. It’s been a bit painful to be part of… but… Let the healing begin! :-)

    So Dude… What’s new in Video Marketing? I’m sure you’re up to some sort of evil shenanigans!
    John Jaworski

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  • Mike Swanson
  • Samurai Dave

    I’m on the same line as Todd here…NOBODY would spend $800/month for several years in a row if there was nop value…period.

    So even if i saw a poster on the (internet)street with your head and WARRANT on i would be thankfull to you :o You guys learned me (and many others) how to make money on the www and build a solid company.

    Looking forwards to your upcoming goodies…


  • Brock O’Leary

    When your own life is shallow, empty and meaningless…you have to resort to finding and magnifying drama in other people’s lives. It is truly sad that these folks don’t realize the point of living is to live your own life and not watch somebody else live theirs. Tough to figure this out when you brainwash yourself daily with celebrity tabloids and other meaningless drivel.

    Stuff happens and people go their separate ways. Nothing lasts forever. Andy, thank you for being you and always entertaining as you teach/share.

    When will you be writing a book on the life lessons you have learned along the way? Now, that would be an interesting read.


  • Chris Ellis

    Hi any Just Let it go, your to good for this kind of crap!


    Truly inspirational words, I will await your next product or service with anxious eyes and you have climbed the mountain and have seen the rising sun..
    Hope the tanned look does you well, I know extra sunshine always makes me happy. Take care and the Best of Luck in the New Dynasty called “JIM”

  • Rafael Marquez

    I love Conan The Barbarian. I had no idea this whole mess was going on. Thank you for explaining the receivership question. Good luck on your future endeavors!

  • Andy Beard

    So glad all the “interested observers” will hopefully stop sending me links to PDFs hoping I would mention something and should it happen in my comments I will have something definitive to point people to read.

    The irony is that this is all about a company and team of people that is a huge success because they do so many things right.

    • Andy Jenkins

      Thanks for the compliment Andy!

  • Jesse Nano

    Like others have said, you didn’t need to say all this.

    But this proves, once again, that you are what you claim to be and beyond.

    All the best.

  • Jesse Nano

    Sry for double post, but can’t find “edit” anywhere lol

    For all the people that started to dig up stuff and all that sht…I think you guys have WAY too much time on your hands…

  • Kim Doyal

    Hi Andy,

    I just attended my first StomperNet Live and wish I could have been at some when you were there!
    Love your attitude….. I’m SO looking forward to seeing what is coming next from you. Totally enjoyed the Random Acts of Coolness.

    Welcome to California too…..
    Hope Janeen is doing well.
    Kim Doyal

  • Kathy

    Hi Andy,

    Zain Bador (way back up there) came up with some great statements. To me the best one is “use Andy as a role model”. What a top idea. If I had the money, I’d love to have AJ as my mentor.

    Zain’s other comment about “I do” being the longest sentence, today is my 28th wedding anniversary and I still count myself lucky that I agreed to marry my man 5 days after I met him.

    I also wanted to copy the paragraph of praise for Andy but I didn’t want him to get too much of a swelled head. :)

    Andy, thank you for being so honest. I was lucky enough to miss all the negative posts and pdf’s. Not many people are prepared to go into as much detail as you have.

    Be happy, you are already a success.


  • Andrew


    I will sound like a broken record from my last post by saying that I am proud to say you are a mentor that is there for every entrepreneur to learn from.

    As you know I have been part of Stompernet since day 1 and I guess my ‘claim to fame’ (Not that it is why I have done it at all, as I knew the quality of the information to be gained) is that I been on virtually every Stompernet faculty calls in 3 years.

    This has set me up for a successful life for many many years to come, so thank you.

    Having never missed one of your calls at all, the value you and the rest of the faculty have given to its customers have been nothing short of a lifetimes education, in that time, at a world class level.

    You were the reason I joined in the 1st place and knew that with you in control Stompernet would always over deliver, because that is you.

    I am like Brad I don`t feel over comfortable with the ‘man emotion’ but the first time I travelled from Australia to my first Stompernet event, you greeted me like a ‘long lost brother’ that made the 60 hour 2 way trip totally worthwhile.

    I can simply say that I will always be looking for your products and teaching. There is never going to be a hint of doubt that your next product will be amazing and will help 1000`s of people all over the world to move forward in their business.

    I have been proud to be part of your working life over the past 3 years and I look forward to continuing to do that.

    I know Brad will be successful in his running of Stompernet with his track record and creative ideas.

    So lets move on and I look forward to being able to tell you all my continuing successes from your inspirational teaching.

    Looks like I have a few ways to contact you as I am never sure which is the best :)

    Good luck to you and Janeen for the future.

    Andrew (Australia)

  • Ely

    Thank you, Andy! A lot of people were wondering what’s happened. That sounds like a quite straightforward talk and all makes sense. I’ve seen things like that happening in a corporate environment. As to the noise around… well, admit it, you are the celebrity in IM world. Noise and rumors is the celebrities’ fate :-)

    Good luck to you and Janine.

  • Kristie McDonald

    Andy – excited to see what is next for you. It’s been a fun ride at Stomper with you at the helm.

    I always wondered if the huge enterprise “dream” was worth it . . .

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  • al

    Right on nice post.

  • KiwiKev

    Hey Andy

    Congrats and all the best to you and Janeen

    cheers KiwiKev

  • Fran

    Hey Andy,
    I must live in a bubble!
    Actually, it is part of who I am to avoid the soap opera life.

    Today, when I went to check out the new SN offer was the first I heard of the chaos. Read enough of the ambulance chasers to know exactly what they were about…one of my favorite sayings by Emerson: What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.

    Thank you for publishing the details.

    I wanna be just like you when I grow up…well, except for the funny face and the paparazzi…oh, and maybe your need to wear underwear in public (I was at SN5).


  • itsjeremy

    WTF…OK, I just read this whole thing because I had to know what the heck you were talking about in your webinar last night (leaving SN)!!!!

    I’ve utilized my gmail filters and have all IM’ers emails going to one (now really big) Label/Folder that I glance at when I’m curious about what is new…(I found it easier to get some *real* work done this way ;)
    Anywho! I’m glad to hear it all this way: via this post.

    Damn! That is some drama, but makes for one helluva post. LOL

    I agree with a comment earlier, even if you guys were accused of worse, I’d still say “them guys some good @$$ IM’ers” (and probably a lot more too).

    Great to hear that your wife is well…that would definitly be a “scary” (to say the least) time. Being able to “step-away” and spend time with your family like you said above is what it is all *really* about anyways!

    BRAVO to you my friend!

    Thank you for all that you are ;)

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  • Seth Johnson


    You are a great influence to many people and I want to thank you

    for staying around to teach us a thing or two :)

    I hope you are enjoying your wonderful new life in California as a free


    Thanks Again
    Seth Johnson

  • Walter Daniels

    You sound like me. I once said on Paul Myers MicroBiz list. “If I wanted to run a Fortune 500 Company, I’d have gone to work for one.” Big companies are nice, but not everyone wants to run one. Some of us just want to satisfy our customers, without all the c&*p that goes with running a big company. Others are happy building and running the big company. Don’t feel like you did anything wrong, by not staying. You got lucky with the wake up call. It not only happened while you were young enough to still enjoy life, but a happy ending to the call. A lot of people don’t, and many others don’t learn from seeing it happen to someone they know.
    When I was young, I wanted to be able to spend time with those I really cared about, no matter how weird the hours were. I’m 60 and disabled, so I’ve sort of gotten to do that. :-) But, disability pay s**ks, so I’m using my experience, and knowledge, to write a book. (I didn’t, and still don’t want to “guru” up. :-) ) Hopefully that will bring enough income, to cover what SSDI doesn’t, so I can get around in spite of being 90% paraplegic (that means paralyzed from the waist down).

  • Wesley Jordan

    Hey Andy,

    This is one of the most helpful posts that I’ve read in a really long time. I have a business on the verge of expanding into something massive and have already seen that the 50/50 model is going to lead to problems down the road. Reading your post was like looking through a portal into a future that I don’t want to experience and has given me tremendous insight and quite frankly, the courage, to make the changes now rather than later when I’m forced to. Thank you for sharing your experience as it provides a look into something that only experience can teach and stands as a warning beacon to people in my position. With this new information I’m going to rebuild my model so that I can replace the “incredibly legal and incredibly complicated” growing pains by taking actions now that ensure everything is setup correctly. I have already been surprised by people and events more than once as I continue to learn how to run one of the largest companies I’ve ever owned. What an incredible roller coaster ride! Thanks for sharing your hard earned wisdom and best of luck to you in everything that you do.

    Wesley Jordan

  • DavidAllenNeron

    I spent a bit of time surfing the ol interwebs here tonight; I can’t even remember how I stumbled onto the droids site but it’s irrelevant now.
    Really in all honesty I think it’s kind of funny how such a dichotomy like God vs Satan/Lucifer or whatever Gandhi and Hitler or some such none-sense has crept into what is seemingly such a positive community.

    In a world where we obviously all want to do well I find division like this detracts from our overall goal as human beings surrounded by other human beings. That goal being Community.

    Self expression is important and I think either way you go with that (being a dick or being positive) ..”You Win” it just depends on what you want to win.
    Everyone likes taking “Celebrities” down a notch and everyone always cheers on the underdog, until the underdog exposes himself as the shill he claims to be calling out.

    It gets to a point where all the name calling and “exposing” becomes a game or some kind of spot-light that provides someone with some self-importance they themselves attack others for.

    We all want recognition. PERIOD.

    But what do you want to be recognized as and where does that take you?
    I’ve learned all the manipulative techniques all the gurus claim to use (and some do efficiently, no lie) but come on, give me a break show-boater use it to change the frucking world instead of peddling models. I mean really ?! Tony Robbins? NLP? No… sorry, it’s Bandler, Richard frucking Bandler. There must be like some kind of intelligence barrier or something going on with some people online.

    You have to have some kind of morality compass and I’m directing that at the more negative individuals but the blame lays all around us because I find a lot of the information that is provided is VERY valuable information but not in the dollar sense that everyone attributes to it but the impact it *COULD* have and that the inherent value attached to it via the ol Federal Reserve notes detracts from it evolving past that.

    That and you (marketing) guys are missing out on some of the biggest things when it comes to getting people to take action and actually change their lives.
    Which brings me back to the morality compass again because it works both ways or as Mittens Romney says “What’s Sauce For The Goose Is Now Sauce For The Gander.”
    As a community (focused on the positive) unlike SOME people *cough*droid*cough* because we essentially deal in information we need to reframe that to dealing in education and the more we tweak our systems and provide higher percentages of success & results the more we can influence the ACTUAL education systems and maybe people wouldn’t grow up not taking action and feeling so helpless.

    Let’s keep this all positive for 2012, approach things with a level head and keep in mind we’re here to educate people:

    “the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession. ”

    or pedagogics for those of you with an odd vocabulary like myself.

    To me the situation goes something like this…. You can teach a man to cut down trees and create the lumber necessary to build a house but if he doesn’t know how to build a house he won’t even bother, he’ll just look at other peoples complicated houses with siding, a roof and shingles, insulation, electricity, a foundation and he’ll be sitting there with a bunch of tools he doesn’t know how to use because no one taught him the steps to building a house, or pouring the foundation and of course as marketing goes we just ignore those people and call it targeted marketing.

    Even corporate advertising is highly targeted and I’m definitely not saying that targeted marketing is bad at all, I’m just saying when you do that you miss out on people who in most cases need just a touch more help but are 10x more grateful and they have lots of friends because misery loves company and there is a world full of poor people with capabilities they don’t recognize or gave up on ages ago, they only need a little coaxing and they’ll take action if it’s done correctly, because you have to remember poor people think everything is a scam, the price going up on bread is a scam instead of realizing shortages of food all around the world. Poor people are generally quite unfulfilled people so they fill their lives with the true manipulators television PROGRAMMING, forever drowning in American Idols, Jersey Shores and every kind of sport you can think of, even cards! People feel so helpless so they identify with the primal tribalism that their favorite sports teams provide, or the favorite singer on whatever debasing “celebrity” culture promoting television show is popular these days.

    Culture is not your friend. -Terence McKenna

    We need to take some of our humanity back before we can give back to humanity -David Allen Neron

    Honesty/transparency is always the best policy, I highly commend you Andy Jenkins.

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