Why I left StomperNet

I love music.

Queue up the right tune, and no matter what my mood is, it can get better.

I can (and have) spent whole days consumed by the exquisite synergies created by the feature called  “Genius Playlists”, thoughtfully included in iTunes.  Hours would pass without a single song skipped – just one great jam after another… The Stones, Skynrd, Zeppelin, The Crystal Method, Dire Straights, a little Metallica, some Cannonball Adderley, even a little Fat Boy Slim.

And then…

The music ends.  The song usually concludes with an elongated sustain on a powerful major chord. Silence, then a different set of rhythms spin up to take its place and the next new song beings.

The metaphor of music is about as close as I can come to explaining why I left StomperNet.  It’s not perfect – in fact, re-reading it again, it does moderately poor job explaining the tactical and strategic reasons that influenced my decision to leave.

But I think it might just capture the emotion perfectly.

One Imperfect Hallucination Point of View

The purpose of this blog post is to offer the kind of perspective that the previous public-press-release can’t.  Not necessarily the definitive “answer”, but certainly a point of view. The fact is, there is no ONE answer because the reasons for my departure are as varied as they are complex. And I don’t mean to condescend to anyone reading this – because the reasons are not really beyond anyone’s ability to understand, they just may be beyond my ability to articulate.


“Tipping Points” – not just for Cows

By now, our culture’s overachievement complex has ensured that a company’s arrival “at a tipping point” is not only a critical evolution in the course of “business”, it’s also been elevated to one of the few meaningful goals that every Entrepreneur should (apparently) strive for.

I felt like we nearing that point at StomperNet.  After slogging through some excruciating moments, growing pains, and a whirlwind of an economy, the amazing people at the company found their stride, their center of gravity, and most importantly, discovered their own personal passions.  And while we were not (technically) saving the world, there were days where the attitude and drive of the team sure made it felt like we were.

But as it turns out, the emotional and intellectual fuel that I had to spend on StomperNet was mostly used up getting it to that “Tipping Point”.

I realized this when it was my turn for our daily StomperNet Faculty Office Hours. And it wasn’t a gentle realization either – it was like an airbag deployment.

Just for context, “FOH” is where StomperNet Customers and a Faculty Member gather for a mini-mastermind session on a nifty little conference call service called “Calliflower”.  For that one scheduled hour four times a week, members ask questions about their business directly to whatever Faculty Member is leading the call.

I LOVED FOH.  I actually looked forward to it. I would volunteer to take extra sessions just to “boogey down” with the members.  And if I do say so myself – I was a MACHINE during these calls.

There was something unusual about this particular session – besides it lasting 3 hours and 45 minutes.  It wouldn’t become clear until I got the very last question – from a member in Australia who stuck with the call until after 4am his time.

His name is Andrew.  He’s probably reading this along with you right now.  This is pretty much all his fault.

Destruction from Down Under

“Mate, what makes you so passionate?” Andrew asked.  The damn Australians’ always bring the heat.

FOH has but a single rule:  Strict Confidentiality. All the members agree not to share any private personal or professional information that’s discussed outside of the call – even URLS or keywords of campaigns that we discuss.

This rule has resulted in an environment where a HIGH degree of candor is expected and shared. While I’m not entirely sure, I think Leslie Rohde may have made a member cry during a site review on a FOH.

So, when asked about Passion, I gave an understandably passionate and completely candid answer.

While I was preaching from that soapbox it was like I was on some sort of perverse autopilot.  I realized midway through my 6-point answer that the StomperNet song I had been jammin’ to for the last 3 years had come to an end. If you were on the call, you probably remember the uncomfortable pregnant pause as my reality rebooted.

Like I said, it wasn’t all my fault.

For the 3 hours before Andrew’s question, the topic of this FOH was anything but typical StomperNet fare.  SEO, PPC, and ecommerce – the staple subjects that StomperNet is known for just didn’t come up, at all.  Link Text, Keyword Density, CTR, Quality Scores, and Page Rank – none of the typical StomperNet disciplines were even mentioned.

Instead, I found myself gleefully thundering out answers to questions about Web Video, Conversion Psychology, Inner Game, Operational Processes, Team Collaboration, Email Copy…

And I loved every minute of it.  All 225 of them.  This wasn’t just a new song – it was an entirely new playlist.

The Stiff Breeze of Self-Awareness

I’m lucky to call John Reese a Joint Venture Partner.  I’m even luckier to call him a friend.  And in his capacity as my friend, he gave me some advice that ultimately ended up changing my career.

“Do a happiness audit.   Write down a list of all the things that you do during the course of a week and put them in categories according to the level of Joy they cause in your life.”

Happiness Audit = FAIL

One of the reasons I left StomperNet is because it became clear there are topics that I now REALLY want to teach that don’t necessarily align with StomperNet’s core competencies.

Let me be crystal clear – I remain pretty excited about SEO, PPC, and ecommerce – they’ve made me a mighty fine living over the last 9 years or so.  And there’s more to teach there because there’s still more to learn.

But my heart and consequently my focus had shifted to other interests.  The irony here is what I was doing FOR StomperNet in terms of Web Video, Inner Game, Conversion Psychology, etc. was causing me to become seriously interested (Some might say addicted) to these teaching these new skills.  It’s kinda like the first time you do a bump off of the edge of your black card in a Vegas Skyloft.  The next thing you know, you’re selling your kids baby clothes on eBay for an 8-Ball and tickets to Ka.

Or… something like that.

Ooooh LOOK!  A Kitty!

For example: No – you don’t need to go through my 4-point Transderivational Search Flow Chart to write a killer email subject line.  But when you see your open-rates double because you took the time to study Experiential Behavior, it’s kinda cool.

No – you really don’t need to compose custom music just for a FreeLine Marketing Video.  But I get such a charge laying down tracks to match the emotional and intellectual message that StomperNet’s videos tried to convey that I spent the extra few hours doing just that.

I LOVE teaching.  Yeah, I know I’ll probably regret that little bit of candor sometime in the future when one of my many detractors spews the tired old quote, “Those that can’t do, teach”.  But as long as I’m a client at LucasFilm, and a Post Production Supervisor for Haxan Films, I won’t let it bother me all that much. Except on Monday mornings.

And I LOVE multi-media marketing.  Using Sound and Picture to teach others and market products is a discipline that seems to be custom-made for my soul.

I know that…

When I sit down in front of my workstation to write that script…

When I fire up Photoshop or Keynote, or PowerPoint to make those slides…

When I start flying through the time-line editing in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro…

When I start laying down musical tracks in Abelton, or Logic, or Sonic Fire Pro…

…I feel completely empowered.

And empowerment leads to self-actualization, which leads to a mid-life crisis, which leads to Lean-Cuisine for 3 months, which leads to lots of Buy/Sell paperwork and Purchase Agreements, which leads to 2-seater sports cars, which leads to the Bosley Hair Restoration Clinic, which leads to…

It’s different than doing SEO.  I’m certainly not the rocket scientist that Dan Thies, Jerry West, or Leslie Rhode is when it comes to understanding the Search Engines, but I was pretty damn effective at the practical application of SEO.  But the practical application of SEO feels nothing like the practical application of media marketing, at least to me. THAT feels like eating Zero-Calorie Stromboli.

SEO, for example, requires that you effectively leverage some emergent and undocumented properties of Search Engine Technology and still partly depends on the cooperation of other site owners in order for you to build the most effective page authority.

Video marketing puts you in COMPLETE and UTTER control of the communication where gauging the results are often as easy as just watching what you’ve created (at the least the way that I’ve become accustomed doing it).

Video marketing has also never failed me – EVER.  (Wez kewl like dat)

Every time I’ve done it or taught it the outcomes have been extraordinary.  And for my part, it was so much fun that it never seemed like work – not even once.

Despite the common and rampant misconceptions, it’s never been about the tools or technology either – it’s been about the message of persuasion – and when you believe in your message (and please understand, I’m more idealistic about what I do now than I was before StomperNet launched), the entire process is as pleasant as breathing in cheese-cake flavored air.

Most people don’t realize that when I made the marketing videos for StomperNet’s original launch that I did it with a 30-day trial of Camtaisa, a 30-day trial of PowerPoint, and a $29 USB headset Microphone.  The sales numbers that have been tossed around about that launch seem to shift depending on who is telling the story – but the fact is, that cheap-ass little production was worth over $10,000,000 dollars in sales in the first 12 hours.

Not bad for some trial software and a mic I got from Target.

It is never about the tech – it’s always about the Story.  During the StomperNet Launch it was about the drama of making $16,000 a day from Natural SEO, the excitement of using Eye Tracking Heat Maps to show how we consume Search Engine Results Pages, and the hope the viewer got from seeing it happen to the 50 other people that we had mentored before the launch.  The StomperNet launch was clearly a team effort, but while it was underway, even then I knew that I was doing at least one of the things that I was supposed to be doing.

Oh Hai!  I fix’d Ur Destinee!

Maybe to help put it in perspective – think about this:  When you were 7 years old, can you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?  If you now find yourself doing that thing that you wanted to be when you were 7, there’s a moderately high percentage chance that you’re REALLY happy doing it.

When I was 7, I was the second person in line to see Star Wars in Brighton, Michigan (Thanks Dad!).

From that day forward, I wanted to make movies.

When I was 12, my family lived close enough to Marin County, California that I could ninja around LucasFilm and take tours of Industrial Light and Magic.

When I was 19, I transferred to New York University’s TISH School of the Arts – otherwise known as NYU Film.

After hundreds of TV commercials, dozens of Infomercials, hundreds of hours of NFL Films shows, and a handful of Feature Films, I find myself as passionate about telling stories with pictures as I’ve ever been.

The fact is, for 32 years of my life, I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do.  And for the 3 years that I was CEO of StomperNet, I tried to incorporate that passion into StomperNet’s core marketing.

The results were great.  I’ve been all at once praised for the quality of videos that we produced at StomperNet, and admonished by other Internet Marketers for raising the bar higher than it had ever been previously – making it un-cool to release bad videos anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it still happens, it’s just un-cool.



It was still just A thing that I did.  It wasn’t THE thing.

“We Can’t Stop Here Man – This is BAT Country!”

And so for those three years, I got to occasionally exercise my passion for media marketing.  But it was just a small part of what I did every day.

And as it turns out, that amount was small enough that it failed my happiness audit.

I’m spending so much time talking about media marketing that it might seem to you the sole reason for my decision to leave StomperNet.  It’s not.  It was just the most clear and tangible reason. It was the most familiar.

Like I mentioned, that last Faculty Office Hour(s) call turned me on to some other disciplines and skills that I’d been DOING as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer – I wore a lot of hats at StomperNet) that I hadn’t spent much time teaching.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn PRO”

For example, I’m a big fan of Repeatable Processes.  Once you discover a process for doing something that is 80% effective, it’s time to memorialize it (write it down) and use that process over and over again. That might seem completely obvious, but you’d be stunned at how often that simple concept fails to occur to most Entrepreneurs. It fails to happen even more often.

Mind Maps and I get along swimmingly.  I’ve usually got Mind Jet running whenever I’m sitting in front of my computer (I made a mind map of this post before I wrote a single word).  There’s something about mind maps that just make sense to me – they work far better than flow-charts or check lists or any other organizational tool that I’ve ever used.

In fact, I used them so much to communicate processes to StomperNet Staff that I used the Poll Function in our Collaboration Tool (Called Jive Small Business) to find out if the staff liked them or not.

80% did.  That was enough for me.

I made mind maps for Email Subject Lines, Email Copy, Landing Page Copy, Sales Funnels, Sales Copy, Shopping Carts, Upsells, Video Script Writing, Joint Venture Partnering, Video Sales Letter structuring, Lead Generation…

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble

The point being, I spent a LOT of time creating processes on Topics that had NOTHING to do with what StomperNet was teaching. But it was ABSOLUTELY what StomperNet was DOING.  And in order to create a process that works with 80% consistency, you’ve got to spend some time figuring out how to do it the right way.

And I’ve found you don’t spend very much time figuring “stuff” out to the point of committing it into a Mind Map (that your entire company uses) unless you REALLY LIKE DOING IT.  Human nature is pretty consistent in that way.

Yeah, I’ve got a Mind Map that I use just about every time I write an Email Subject line.  I don’t know what that says about me personally, but I do know that when I was figuring it out, I had a damn good time doing it.

And I like to teach stuff that I have fun doing.  Alas, PlayStation Secrets didn’t test well on ClickBank, but if it did, you could bet your wireless rumble controller that I’d be working on the autoresponder series for that mofo as we speak.

Some might say this is about the grass being greener somewhere else.  Maybe.

But this wasn’t all about me.  There were some external forces to consider…

“In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane”

I’ve been a partner with Brad Fallon since 2004.  In that time, I’d guess that we’ve generated something like $40,000,000 of revenue from our joint activities.   In order for success of that magnitude to occur, our partnership had to leverage our different, individual strengths – and luckily that occurred pretty naturally.

For example – I’ve always enjoyed hands-on, nuts and bolts operational activities.  Chris Watson (Publisher of StomperNet’s NET EFEECT) once said “AJ leads from the front”.  I would not presume to argue with Chris, as he is ALSO Australian.   I like brainstorming the marketing funnels, the positioning and timing of campaigns, the width and breadth of the offers and the details of the content and products.

And to his credit, Brad let me run with those things pretty much unopposed.

Brad also has his own set of Strengths.

The late and VERY GREAT Ken Giddens once told me that he thought Brad was a “Collector and Connector of Talent”.

There’s no doubt that Brad is that and more.  Brad had formed relationships with many of StomperNet’s key faculty members and staff before StomperNet existed.  And one of the reasons that StomperNet hit the ground running as fast as it did was simply because Brad had created relationships that could easily be deployed when the time was right.

A telling moment occurred at the first StomperNet Live event. Leslie Rohde took the stage and deftly described the nature of the “Brad and Andy” (which would later come to be known as “BrAndy”) relationship in 2 sentences flat.  It went something like this:

“Brad finds the biggest truck he can, takes it to the top of the highest, steepest hill he can see, points the steering wheel at a location at the bottom of the hill, hits the gas and… jumps out.  Andy runs to catch the truck, leaps into the drivers seat, guides it around the pot holes and flaming oil drums, fixes the brakes, and pulls it into the driveway at the bottom of the hill. “

In 2006, I think that was about as accurate of a metaphor as anyone could synthesize to describe a truly complex working relationship.

But in 2009, things had changed because people as they inevitably do, change.

Brad is constantly educating himself.  He’s a voracious reader and has a nose for identifying concepts that the mainstream will eventually take interest in.  He was extolling the virtues of books like Good to Great and Blue Ocean before they hit the bestseller lists.  I think that ease with which Brad absorbed High-Level concepts drove his perspective in a real and fundamental way.

In the fall of 2008, he immersed himself in the teachings of Eli Goldratt who is most often recognized as the author of the “Theory of Constraints” and “Critical Chain” business management principals.

For the sake of simplicity, these concepts are far more operational in nature than anything that Brad had studied or adopted before.  And as it turns out, he liked it – a lot.

With Brad’s new interest in Operations, and my new interest in NOT operations (heh), the partnership ALSO found itself reaching a tipping point.

This smells like a Billy Joel Song.

Even though Brad left me mostly to myself, I always felt an obligation to respect our original shared vision for StomperNet.  Even when I felt like it was time to take the company in a new direction, I still felt compelled to honor Brad’s big picture ideas.

I don’t mind admitting how difficult that was at times.  And it wasn’t as if Brad was Monday Morning Quarterbacking my every decision.  It was just a personality trait that I had – and will probably carry with me (In some form) in every future partnership that I have.

When Brad told me that he was interested in being the Hands-On Operator, one thing became clear as day – in order for Brad to have the best chances of success, he needed to NOT have a partner that would second guess his every operational decision.

I’d spent my entire time at StomperNet making operational decisions and more, so I was pretty sure that unless I was out of the picture, there would be no way that I could just leave it up to him – I was just too conditioned and used to having my arms wrapped around it all.

I’d be lying if I said that I would have stepped aside if I didn’t have my own powerful new ideas in the context of what I wanted for my new career. But mercifully, our mutual realizations happened nearly simultaneously – probably preventing a power struggle that would have torn StomperNet apart.

What will happen to StomperNet?

No doubt it will change.  The personality of a small business, especially one in the Internet Marketing space, can’t HELP but be driven in part by the personality of the owner.

I found it next to impossible to position the company with the slightly aloof, clinical, and somewhat emotionally detached demeanor that most small companies have.  I just couldn’t do it.  I have, for lack of a better description, a big mouth and idealistic disposition.  And during my time as leader, I think (for better and sometimes worse) the company took on parts of that personality.

Brad’s personality will definitely affect the way it communicates with the marketplace, so some sort of change both in service scope and in communication tone is inevitable. But there is no doubt that his personality will be more appealing to certain segments of the market where my bluster and abrasiveness was clearly not (What do you mean drug references and sexual innuendo in email copy are not Best Practices? Lawyer, PuuuLEASE).

That coupled with my belief that StomperNet has evolved from the tumultuous Start-Up it was in 2006, to the “going concern” that it is now put Brad and StomperNet in a position to make some substantial gains in this space.

On a side note, StomperNet’s recent tease about 09.09.09 has already caused a stir.  And it should.  In July 2008, the foundation of what will occur on that date was the topic of a Strategic Planning Meeting.  The goal was to discuss ways of taking StomperNet more mainstream.  The first part of that plan was the journal now known as “The Net Effect”.  The second and additional parts of that plan will happen at 9am on the 9th of September.  Keep an eye out – it should be…interesting.


I Can Haz teh Vakashun?

This is the hardest part to write because I’m just not sure anyone gives a hoot.  It feels kinda egotistical to even talk about it because it’s essentially all about me me me. But for the morbidly curious…

Going Home

Yes, I’ve moved to California.  To be more accurate, I’ve moved BACK to California.  I was born here, endured high school in the 80’s here, and now I’m back, and deliciously unemployed. But it’s a blue state so I should have no problem getting that 3-bedroom beach townhouse subsidy from the government (Shout out to my Rightwinger buddies there).

I chose San Diego for a LOT of reasons.  First and foremost, it’s so damn cheap to live here…


Second, the weather.  I’m told that I suffer from a “disorder” called SADD.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (for Dummies – I added the last part).  Basically, when it gets cold and gloomy, I get depressed and cranky – and fat. So, I’ve THAT going for me.

Of course, this might have just been my mom trying to subtly tell me that I needed to cut out the carbs and get a life – I’ll never know.

Since the average temperature is 72 degrees and it’s sunny 300 days out of the year, I’m hoping that my countenance will begin to look LESS like raw bread dough and a bit more like burnt, leathery middle age.

Third, about a month ago my best friend Robin Cowie moved to Los Angeles.  Some folks know that Robin was until recently the President of World Wide Brands.  He’s also one of the original producers of The Blair Witch Project.

Robin and I are like brothers.  For all intents and purposes, he’s a family member – our families vacation together, do business together, I’ve watched his kids grow up, his sister Colette and I are like peas in a pod, and we’ve been shoulder to shoulder through the best and worst times.

That kind of a relationship is unique and precious enough to never let distance interrupt its good works.

Robin’s move to LA and mine to San Diego also signal a re-dedication to our mutual Film Careers.  “Blair Witch 3” you say?  That’s a topic for another blog post.

Fourth, they say that your income is the average of the 5 peoples income that you spend the most time with.  If that’s the case, I am now in some crazy good company.  The greater San Diego area is home to some amazing Internet-Centric Entrepreneurs, and many of them I’m lucky enough to call my friends.

Brainstorming, collaborating, and hell, just hanging out with people like Paul Lemberg, Mike Koenigs, Bob Serling, Jason Moffatt, Matt Trainer, Frank Kern, John Reese (who was very gracious when he discovered I now live 218 yards from him and did not immediately sub-let his place and move to Orange County), Frank Kern, and Trey Smith is not only good for my soul, it’s good for business.  It has been, however, a productivity black-hole the last 2 weeks. But I needed the break (Owe…my liver).

Gary Shmerling, the new President of StomperNet, and someone I’m proud to call a mentor once told me “You can achieve anything as long as you don’t care who gets the credit”.  I now have lots of people to do that with.  It wasn’t me that got us kicked out of Sushi Express after too many Sake Bombs – it was a TEAM effort.

None of us is as smart as ALL of us – that’s why to this day I remain a STRONG advocate of Master Mind Groups in any way shape or form.  And while the vocal minority likes to rant and gnash teeth about the insidious “Internet Mafia Illuminati Cell” that’s forming out here in the Peoples Republic of California, I swear to you, unless your idea of La Cosa Nostra includes P’WNING every song in Rock Band 2 on Medium, then the cannolis are safe.

Fifth – Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Nough’ said.

Sixth – Medical Marijuana.  Now, if I can just get a doctor to say there’s something wrong with me.  Oh Wait…  That’s right, I’m SADD!  YES!  (P.S.  I’m mostly kidding sorta kinda you’ll never know got any on ya I don’t inhale)

Who is the idiot that invited Reality? And why does he look pissed?

While this next thought doesn’t have anything to do with California, it was a MAJOR factor in my decision to leave StomperNet and how I intend to conduct the remainder of my life. But be warned – it’s FAR more personal.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a vast array of life experiences – I’ve been dirt broke & I’ve been financially independent.  I’ve worked for a slave driver & I’ve been my own boss.  I’ve traveled & I’ve holed up in my home, not leaving for weeks because “I could”.

And having sampled all of those experiences, I’ve realized that the single biggest bringer of joy and self-actualization are the relationships that you pursue and make throughout your life.

Most of my closest friends know that Janeen is the Elmer’s glue that keeps me mostly together.  And not just personally.  She’s been the Director of Events for EVERY StomperLIVE since the very first, my executive assistant, and professional cheerleader.  She is every bit as responsible for my success as any ANYTHING else meaningful in my life is. She’s been a devoted employee of StomperNet, and was warmly referred to as “The Den Mother” and “Bringer of Malomar Cookies”- the woman knows snack-food.

And 4 months ago, she was diagnosed with a Tumor near her carotid artery in the left side of neck.

Glory often walks hand in hand with your doom

I’ve gone into shock 3 times in my life.  The first was when I was 5 and my forehead rammed into a 4-inch lag bolt when the family van slammed on the breaks and there was no seatbelt law (Happened in California, BTW).

The second was when I was 17 in Camden, New Jersey when an understandable disagreement over a quantity of [REDACTED] lead to a [REDACTED] [REDACTED] pulling out a [REDACTED] and emptying the [REDACTED] in my general direction.

The third and last time I went into shock was when the Ear Nose and Throat specialist described the procedure that would cause yearlong facial paralysis that Janeen would endure post tumor removal as a result of the 5-hour surgery.

Fight or Flight – its part of the post-sympathetic nerve reflex system.  As the doctor coldly droned on, casually gesturing towards the MRI films, I wasn’t about to take flight.

But I couldn’t kill him either (Although later I would reconsider that option).  So I shut down – tunnel vision, nausea, ringing in the ears, cold sweats, dizziness – everything. Does not compute. Run-Time Error.  They were going to peel back 9 inches of her face just 2 millimeters from her main artery.  It was horrifying.

But God Bless her, as I lay hyperventilating in the examination room (Boy do I know how to stop a Pre-Op consultation COLD), she smiled broadly at me and said in an English Accent, “Honey, it’s just a flesh wound”.

Janeen and I meet just when I strapped into front car of the multi-year Roller-Coaster ride that was StomperNet.  And during that time, she’s NEVER stopped supporting me even when it became clear that I was a bona fide work-a-holic. When we should have been “dating”, I was already working 80 hours a week.

Now, her life was literally at stake.  And for the 3 years before, I had taken everything that was magnificent about her for granted.

“Mankind has survived all catastrophes. It will also survive modern medicine.”

My mother is a retired ICU and Trauma Nurse.  My sister (Also a RN) runs the Neurological Ward at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.  Fumbling my way through sobs and angry portent, I explained to them Janeen’s prognosis.

“Awww HELL NO” bleats my sister.  My mother took a somewhat more direct approach; “Andy, get her the F**K away from that quack”.

And then she got on a plane.  4 hours later, mom was pouring over the digitized MRI’s and screen sharing them on a Skype call with my sister and the head doc in her Neuro Unit.

Cut To:  90 days, 4 MRI’s, 3 Aspirated Biopsies, and 2 Specialists later, an Interventional Radiologist pronounced judgment – and although Janeen might die someday, it won’t be from anything on those MRI’s.

In fact, it wasn’t even a Tumor.

For almost 4 months, I stared down the possibility that I might lose my soul mate.

See how fast NOTHING in this world matters when a loved one is being threatened and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Trite little phrases like “Every day is a gift” take on profound meaning.

And while I couldn’t change the last 3 years, I will have something to say about the next 30.

Now it’s her turn to get my undivided attention.  I’m looking forward to dating the woman that’s been my truest companion, soul mate, and best friend. I wonder if I’m even any good at it? And there’s always the possibility she discovers that she is WAY too good for me.

I’m not saying I’m gonna start watching the Oxygen Network or reading Elle, but I’m going to start manscaping and put deodorant on every single day from this point forward.

It’s the end of the beginning

Professionally, there’s lots left I’d like to do.  I’ve been on vacation now for 14 days and I’m pretty much over it.

My Kindle has gotten a work out to be sure, and I’ve been up with the Sun every morning for a 4-mile walk/run/wheeze/collapse.  I’ve had my fish taco, enjoyed Mexican food that doesn’t come from a place with the word “bell” in the name and measured the time it takes for the sun to touch the horizon and then fully set (2 Minutes 43 Seconds) on 6 separate occasions.

It’s time to go back to work.  Not like before, but its still time.

No, there will be no “AndyNet”.

Although, I was thinking of “CamperNet” – I’d get a group of Entrepreneurs with VW Buses and Birkenstocks, head to Yellowstone, camp out, make Smores’ with Peyote, and talk about Internet Marketing and rainbows all while playing unplugged renditions of “And I Ran” (Flock of Seagulls, 1983) on a slightly out of tune guitar I got the day before from Amazon Prime.

The price point would be 81 beads and a peg-collared polo shirt made of hemp.

After that…

Does this come in Pill form?

The first thing I’m going to do is spin up a very exclusive tiny little MasterMind Group.  The working Title is “Guru Therapy”, not because the word Guru is cutting edge or anything, but because it best describes what I’d like the group composition to be – Entrepreneurs who are in the process of carving out Authority Status in their niche.

I’d like to advise, consult, collaborate and bake Smores with people who are experiencing the same sort of challenges that I have over the last 9 years of my own Entrepreneurialship (Made up a new word there…)

One thing I’ve learned from working so closely with Small Business Owners is that missing the Big Picture is FAR too easy when your head’s down working IN your own business. I’ve watched little companies literally multiply their top-line from making little changes in ops and perspective all based on 10-minute conversations I’ve had with them. This is certainly not a boast, just first-hand experience. And it’s not because I have a wand to wave, or Magic 8-ball to consult – it’s because I’ve been there, done that, and gotten the Press Release.  :)

So, the first Guru Therapy group is gonna be a tiny little High-Touch Brain Trust of already successful folks who need a little help and group-support to find the OverDrive gear in their business. Daily reading of FailBlog.org will be required.

A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.


My pet project, however, will be quite a bit larger in scope.  For the last 15 years of my life, I’ve been producing media professionally, and sometimes just for grins.  It’s time to formalize that experience into a full-blow training course for Entrepreneurs.

Video on the web is here.  It isn’t going anywhere, and for the very short future (we’re talking months, not years) it’s still a wee bit of a novelty for some markets.  But if you don’t believe that in the span of something as short as a hockey season that video is going to become a dominant force for all things sales and marketing online, then go ahead and keep rearranging those deck chairs on that ocean liner where you thought you saw Leonardo and Kate Winslet snogging.

For me, making video is about as easy as breathing. And I know I can help other folks realize the unmatched persuasive power that a well-crafted video marketing campaign can bring to their business. After all, StomperNet used Video Marketing to sell Video Training.  And that turned out pretty cool, so…

This course has been welling up inside of me for a couple years.  It’s time to let it out and see what happens.  I was using the working title of “Andy Jenkins Definitive Web Video Production Master Course”(I probably came up with that powerhouse of a title immediately after looking at quarterly tax returns), but once again, a very serious mastermind meeting set me straight.  On the advice of the non-existent Internet Mafia Illuminati Cell of San Diego, I think I’ll call it “Video [REDACTED]”.

Thank You Sake Bombs.

“For fear of taking risks in life I’ve missed a lot of fun.  Now the only things that I regret are things I have not done.”

Use that statement with caution.

For example, you don’t want to be the only person you know with a favorite bar in Disneyworld.

You don’t want to wake up late Sunday morning after closing the club at Mass Control Live and ask your wingman “Why did I make a hit-list last night containing only McDonalds” and have him say “You tried to order a Margarita McFlurry and when they said they didn’t make those you called 911”.

And don’t tell the kids you’re baby-sitting that candy canes are bones of reject elves.

Change is good.  Comfort zones are, well, comfortable – but not always productive. No matter what happens next, I walk away from StomperNet proud of what I had a hand in creating, and proud of the people who Henry the Fifth’d themselves to the benefit of it’s customers each and every day.

Hindsight is always viewed through 20/20 glasses.  Putting them on takes some courage, but it’s ALWAYS worth doing. Looking back, the list of things I would have done differently is probably much longer and more scrambled than this already rambling post.  But I take comfort in the fact that I’m not any dumber than I was when the fellowship began.

I spent a few minutes thinking about a good movie quote to wrap this spaghetti up.  I figured that if you read this far, you deserve a decent payoff.  I’m not sure if you should read anything into it, but…

…it makes me smile.

“I find I am so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head. I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope I can make it across the border. I hope to see my friend and shake his hand. I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams…

…I hope.”

The Shawshank Redemption

I’ll be seeing ya around.


P.S.  My next post will be called “Upsells – The Insidious Conspiracy of Lego Land and Sea World”.  I just can’t help myself.

P.P.S.  Please – do leave a comment or note.

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  • Lee

    Good luck on your new adventure. I hope you find the happiness that you seek out of life. You have a lot of fans that will miss you, but we are all rooting for you!

  • Mike

    Andy, you are much crazier than I already thought you were. Great stuff. Good for you. Enjoy the journey.

  • http://www.dailyinsightsandintentions.com Derek

    Andy -

    Wow, did you just cut and paste from your life journal. Talk about transparency, thanks for an insight into your life.

    I wish your better half multiple years of happiness along side you. Remember, memories go beyond the grave with us, make a ton of them with her.

    I also want to congratulate you for taking the big step and crossing over the comfort zone edge, you will be justfully rewared. Your courage will help others and give me a bit of a kick in the XXX.

    Two more things: I wish I knew you well enough to walk up and shake your hand and say good luck, but you wont need it and secondly, plug me into the Video [REDACTED] list.

    Have a great time in CA and do your best to give Arnold some guidance.


  • http://www.samuraiwriter.com/blog/write-your-own-email-autoresponder-copy Mark McClure

    Spot-on movie quote.

    You remember the scene where Red finds the letter and some money hidden beneath a big ole oak tree?

    There’s a transformational moment, if ever I saw one.

    Sounds like you felt something similar…

  • Jerry West

    The energy level at the live event isn’t the same without you, but I did make up for it by pushing Rohde down the stairs.

    • Chuck Taylor

      Jerry, that made me laugh. I can just see you and Leslie quipping back and forth and that happening spontaneously.

  • Samir Balwani

    Good luck Andy, sounds like you’re in good company.

  • http://www.karenkramer.net KarenKramer

    See … I knew it!

    You are going to make Blair Witch Drag Queen Strippers with Rob Cowie..


    PS..Actually I wish you and Janeen all the best.. It’s been a blast following you over the past five years and I will continue laugh with you over the next however long it is…

  • http://www.mom-sanity.com Rick Hardman


    I am stunned! But I am also proud that you are following what will make you happy. Setting a great example for the rest of us. It is easy to get stuck in that rut. Happiness audit is going to be my new term.

    Good Luck!

  • http://www.video-editing-software-tips.com Lance

    Well I think that just about covers everything… and some!
    I Look forward to seeing the next chapter with greta anticipation.

  • Angela


    Unfortunately I never got to meet you personally, but feel like I know you through your videos. Funny how that works.

    I am not sure how I first got to know Stompernet and you, but am thankful to whoever directed me your way. I never thought I would ever spend $40+ on a “magazine” but boy the hours I have spent reading those journals…still have trouble getting them but that is another story I suppose (don’t they want my $).

    My career in IM has been a journey and you have been an integral part of it. I hope you keep us updated as to what you are doing and where you are going so that those of us who wish to, can follow you once again.

    Good luck to you, Andy, we all wish you well.

  • http://www.trcb.net Siddique

    Good luck Andy, For sure you are in good company in CA.

    Best Wishes
    connecting Neighbors

  • http://www.trcb.net Siddique

    Good luck AJ, I am sure you are in good company in CA.


  • http://www.netwavesolutions.com Sam

    Good luck to you Andy. I wish you well. BTW, I just had dinner with Andrew and I think he felt bad for his role.

  • http://www.michellemacphearson.com Michelle MacPhearson

    Very thoughtful Andy.

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  • Lyndon

    “Josh Leonard: I see why you like this video camera so much.” Blair Witch Project (1999)

    Wish you every success in your next adventure.


  • Bill Barrett

    Bravo Andy Bravo. Think that addresses any and all the rumor bs out there. Your fans love you and your competition will always respect you. We look forward, as you do to your future endeavors.
    Bill Barrett

  • http://diyws.ath.cx Brad Thomas


    Thanks for a great read.
    My best for you in whatever you want to do in the future.

  • http://wiithink.com Dan Pueppke

    Hey Squirrel dude,
    Thanks for the gift you gave of the last few years to us at SN. You remember that ebook “Online Profits”? That began it for me and set off my own “mid-life crisis” You have emerged and I have yet to do so, but you are an inspiration. I now know that we can survive a massive change in our lives, thanks in part to you. Patience does not seem like that great of a virtue until you have arrived on the other side, I suppose. For us,time will yet tell the story.

    Oh, one more thing………Welcome Home Buddy! :)

    Dan & Lynette Pueppke

  • http://www.clear.hu Otto

    Good luck Andy.

    Without you a I would not have been a Stomper, and since the first day a joined the SMARTS training the best experience were your videos.

    Definitely you have chosen the right direction with your decision.

    Wish you success.

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  • http://www.strategicbusinesscreationonline.com Tony Neilson

    Best of luck to Janeen and you.
    You’ve always been asking me to let you know what I think of the Net Effect and I never have until now. I think that you contributed to creating a great publication that is very informative in all ways to an online entrepreneur – budding to outrageously successful.
    I look forward to your future venture on video – an area I’m heading into shortly. Lastly, try to work less hours a week, you’re a valuable resource and you owe it to your friends, followers and loved ones to be around for awhile. Tony

  • http://businesscoaching.typepad.com Paul Simister


    Thanks for such a full and frank explanation of why you left StomperNet.

    I must admit it was quite a bombshell because to many, you were the public face.

    I wish you every success and I am sure that it will happen.

  • Dee Harrison

    Just brilliant.
    All good wishes to you and Janeen

  • http://www.judyofthewoods.net judyofthewoods

    All the best with your new life direction and venture. I have no doubt you will make it work again.

    And I was sooo relieved to read that Janeen is fine after all. Thank God your mother had the knowledge and experience to recognize the mistake and challenge the quack. Just goes to show, always get a second opinion in such situations.

  • http://genesisblogging.com Traci Knoppe

    You have to do what makes you happy. Life is too short to do otherwise. :)

    Can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

    Traci Knoppe

  • http://andybeard.eu Andy Beard

    Couldn’t you come up with just one legitimate reason? I lost count. Reading a lot of novels/scripts with complicated twisting plots?

    Great way to kill any and all rumours and set the stage for the reborn Andy Jenkins.

    Video is interesting, and there are lots of aspects that haven’t really been addressed by anyone in internet marketing and services yet to be born.

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  • May

    Wow Andy, that was truly eloquent and a few reminders about life in there too. We look forward to your new ventures as I am sure with your energy and passion, it will be something to emulate. Good luck.

  • Leonard Klaatu

    Will hanging with Kern and Reese really improve your sanity? You’re not in Atlanta any more, Andy!

    Seriously, it was a good read. And I’m glad you’re off that Stompernet ledge.


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  • http://outsourceouttakes.com Howard Tiano

    Stomper live just ain’t the same without you

    Wish you and Janine good luck in your new adventure.

    Don’t get your cape stuck in the window. Hope our paths cross again.

    Thanks for everything!


  • http://twitter.com/ronakshah Ronak Shah

    Hey Andy,

    I was thinking why? why did you leave StomperNet!

    I feel, home is where the heart is and the treasure lies deep down in our hearts… you will be missed at stompernet by us folks especially..

    Always remember that you were loved, you are loved and you will always be loved no matter what..

    If I happen to come to San Diego, Would surely call you up and meet you. All the best..

    And I am happy for you that you chose what you love.. from the bottom of your heart.. love ya.. tc.


    • http://webcopywritersblog.com Ronak Shah

      Hey Andy,

      I am looking to the new Andy Jenkins who could throw up a lot many things for all IM’rs. Past is past. It’s over and done.

      One thing I can surely say is you’ve always been and are the “hard-working” guy around. No one can match that with your perseverance.

      I don’t care about why you left Stompernet, I cared about YOU ANDY.

      I am really inspired by you and you are one of those guys who stick-to-their-gut to make it work around.

      You’re highly appreciated by me and the IM community.

      I have been waiting for a reply from you since long however I just want to know if you’re coming up with anything NEW AND EXCITING!

      God bless your soul.


  • http://www.sportsfantreasures.com Freddie Brister

    Andy you are the man. Good Luck

  • http://www.beyondfocused.com Brady Irvine

    Hey Andy,

    I have never really followed you or your stuff too closely. I have a pile of unread and unwatched Stompernet stuff that Ive been meaning to get to. However thanks to this fresh, open, honest, inspiring, and hilarious post I am eagerly anticipating your next venture and learning everything I can from you in the future.

    Thank You for Your Time,
    Brady Irvine

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  • http://www.smmbc.ca/ Barry Welford

    I read that through to the very end and normally I’m a rapid skimmer of even the most authoritative items. It’s a great outpouring and most inspirational. I think anyone who reads it will find something of value. Best wishes to you and Janeen for great times ahead.

  • Robert Nelson

    Hi Andy,
    really heartwarming blog post.

    I can understand why you stole ;D my bagel at MC2 now, you had a lot on your mind with Janeen.. so glad to hear she is OK.

    Reality can be a kick in the ass to get us to realize the truly important people and things in our lives!

    Great to read about your happiness audit and you are following your news dreams and goals!

    I look forward to seeing what you are up to in the future!


  • http://www.jasonmoffatt.com Jason Moffatt

    Good to have you in town buddy. Now it’s time to initiate you onto “Team Faceblood”. Surfs up!

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  • http://0nce.com James Stratford

    Am looking forward to what you do next Andy. You are in great company down there, and I can smell a couple of new JV launches coming our way between you guys. :)

    On the serious note thanks for the share and I wish you both the best. It’s a great time for new beginnings and enriched relationships.

    My two Cents!
    @JRStratford on Twitter

    You guys have fun and enjoy yourselves, but kick in and create a revolutionary launch, with options for the average person as well so we can see more IM’er raising up in the ranks. Thanks in advance to Andy Jenkins, Jason Mofatt,John Reese, Frank Kerns, and all of the rest of you. :)

  • http://www.webbusinessresearch.com Jon Poland


    I want to thank you for writing such a thoughtful post. It resonated with me on so many levels.

    I was suppose to be at StomperNet Live this weekend (my first live event) but I had to cancel at the last minute because of issues related to an offline business that I run and have very little passion for. My passion is Web Entrepreneurship & Internet Marketing.

    The profound disappointment I experienced as a result of not being able to attend StomperNet Live caused me to do a lot of soul searching about what I want to do and where I want to do it.

    A few months ago I seriously considered removing myself from my offline business so I could focus on Internet Marketing and then move out to California before the snow starts flying here in Minnesota. Andy, your post has reignited that fire. Thank you.

    I firmly believe that life is all about the experiences you have and the people you share them with. I wish you and Janeen a life full of incredible experiences as you begin the next chapter in that amazing book we call “Life.”

    All the best.


  • http://twitter.com/JeremyQuinn Jeremy

    Hi Andy,

    I love the line where you say: “Despite the common and rampant misconceptions, it’s never been about the tools or technology either – it’s been about the message of persuasion….”

    I totally agree. I did a video that helped me to launch and sell $21 million worth of real estate in 4th quarter 2008 (worst possible time).




  • http://www.takerootandwrite.com Noelle Mena

    I only know you from emails and vidoes, but love this brief but ‘take me for what I am & where I’m at’ article that so clearly conveyed your thoughts & heart. Raw is all I could think of, and that is always relatable for me.
    Best to you & so am I still on your email list??? :)


  • http://nathananderson.us Nathan Anderson

    You certainly know your SEO, Andy. My latest stats analysis shows that extra-super-long-expository copy ranks best in all three search engines.

    Impressed it’s only taken 14 days to get antsy for getting back to work. The last company I walked away from took a whole month for me to ‘get over’. ;)

    • http://www.worldofwatches.com/Swiss-Army-WATCHES.asp?bo_brand_id=2299 Heather

      I wish you and your lovely wife the very best life has to offer and feel grateful for the little time we spent together.

  • http://Learningherbs.com John Gallagher

    Folks like you make Internet marketing fun.

    I so look forward to your next move.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the surf.

  • Andy



    You have been a huge contributor to my life and my business. Your candid brutal honesty, intelligence, energy and overall commitment to your customers sets you head and shoulders above the competition.

    I sincerely appreciate you time and dedication of the past few years and honestly look forward to whatever comes next.

    Hope you and Janeen are doing great and enjoying San Diego.

    Thanks again

  • Dave

    Hey Andy,

    About 4 years ago, I came across a follow-up call for your STSE product owners. I was just starting out so I was tight on cash, and I listened to about 3 hours of questions where you tackled everything in SEO. I literally listened to that over and over and it gave me the base of knowledge to launch my e-commerce store and do close to $15k in revenue pretty quickly.

    Then I started thinking “I wish he would release more stuff”, pretty soon after Stompernet started to launch. With Stompernet, I ended up expanding my business to the point it is today….I just had a $120k/month. WOW!

    Cool SEO stuff is one thing…conversion…video marketing..all that stuff is pretty cool. But the personal side is that you gave me the knowledge to build a sustainable income for myself and my family. My Dad had a business that pretty much faded out in the mid-90′s. I took him in to help me ship products and now he basically warehouses, recieves, and ships everything that our company sells. And now HE doesn’t worry about retirement….he worries about where he’s going on vacation next! By the way, he’s working his way through Cali right now!

    So thanks for everything you’ve done. I was never a big seminar go-er so I never met you in person, but I feel like I know you for sure. I’m not one of those dudes that buys every single product that launches. I can think of maybe a handful of ones i have bought. So probably a solid 95.6% of the knowledge I have to market online comes from you and/or stompernet. Kudos!

    Enjoy cali!

  • http://www.joycebrister.com Joyce Brister

    Hey Bro, ya know California is the only place I would leave the Sip for. Thanks for writing this it surely felt as if you were right here at the Brister house, sitting across from me, Freddie, and Colby just talking. Ya know we will be following what you are up to and were just discussing taking the family out to see your new movie when that is released…so keep us updated, so I can look for you and Janeen on the Red Carpet.
    Please give Janeen a big hug from us and may the both of you live the good life every second.
    I have been experiencing some AJ withdrawals personally and now I can start my day with the blog of death.

  • MattBacak

    Dude. Thanks for sharing your side of the story. It sucks we never hung out when you lived in Atlanta. I guess it’s “California here I come” :-) (karate kid flashback)

    Rock on dude! Matt Bacak

  • http://www.BooJeeBeads.com Kimberly Martinez

    You are amazing. Such Grace, Insight and positive energy. Way to re-invent Andy.I am so incredibly proud of and inspired by you! You Go Dude

    Kimberly Martinez

  • http://www.powerblogservice.com Elizabeth Jamieson

    You are sorely missed.

  • http://www.Jam727.com Jeffrey Meier

    Andy Jenkins:
    I was on your final FOH call, and like everything you talked about, it was amazingly good stuff. I will hope to get another version of FOH and talking with you again. In person as well. Live 8 is a great event, different of course, but your presense is felt everywhere, by all of your hard works. Thanks again for helping teach us, for you are a great instructor. I wish you success always,
    May God Bless you always. becaused you are doing His work.

    Faithfully Stomping On…Jeffrey A Meier

  • http://www.TRCB.com Tcat

    Hey Andy…

    It all makes so much great sense to me, anyway.

    A person either has A/V in the DNA or they don’t.

    If it means S*it to ya, I Grock.

    Thanks for the sincere 411.

  • Brian McElroy

    Hi Andy,

    Congratulations on your new direction… and one of the best blog posts I’ve ever read.

    Best of luck!


  • JB

    You will be a great surfer dude! Frank gives lessons!

  • http://www.online-marketingsolutions.com Andrew

    Hi Andy,

    I am not sure how how to feel about asking that question now? :)

    Sad that it was a factor in you leaving Stompernet, yet happy that you are going to do that makes you happy which is more important.

    Even if you were on ‘autopilot’ you still overdelivered as you always do in your answers.

    Why did I stay up from 2am to 5am my time to listen to you? Because your calls, with no exaggeration were worth the membership fee on its own every time.

    As someone once said I remember on a call, it was like a university degree course of life and business all in 2-3 hours :)

    Being totally sincere, you were and are an inspiration to me and many others as you can see.

    I wish you all the best for the future and I hope we stay in touch.

    Looking forward to your new video course with anticipation.

    You will be missed at Stompernet.

    Thanks for sharing, as always.

    All the best.

    Andrew (Australia)

    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      ANDREW! Brother, it’s CRITICAL that you know just how I needed that question asked. One of my “Spys” told me you felt bad about what occurred – PLEASE DON’T. To quote Zorro “When the student is ready, the master appears”. We could change that around a little to something like “When the big mouth is ready, the Aussie drops the hammer”. I sincerely appreciate the time we worked together. You’re a great man and I know our paths will cross again – probably sooner than you think.

  • Margie Wagner


    Thank you for your words. It helps. Nevertheless, here in Atlanta this weekend, it feels like someone let the air out of the balloon. For those of us who have been in Stomper from or near the beginning there is a huge void. You and Janeen are deeply missed. You set a high bar of excellence. We now can expect no less of Stomper, of ourselves and of you as you go forward toward your passion and joy.

    With gratitude for a remarkable journey.


    • http://www.ginagray.com Gina Gray

      First God Bless you for going after your true passions.
      You are a good man with a lot of heart and soul. I don’t believe many can actually be close to you and just not take in all of your wisdom and knowledge.

      I witnessed several groups hanging on your every word at SN last March and people love to hear you speak.

      You are a great talent to the IM industry AJ. I think I can even say a legend. I also believe you are an incredible teacher and will have a herd following you as Dan K recommends, and you will forever.

      Good Luck dear you deserve all of life’s great things.

      P.S. Have a mojito for me ;)

  • http://yoga.org.nz Al

    Hey cheers AJ
    To be true to your self you have to follow your heart. My first stomper event today has been inspirational . Thanks for helping it to be here .

    Hopefully that perscription will help your liver . !!!


  • Todd Da’ Chizism

    Andy, First and most importantly… Dude… So glad things turned out for the better with Janeen, please send her my hello and good thoughts!

    Ok, now while I read your email and reflect (on my week old mac that you recommended, Thanks)… I can only assume you have gone through somewhat of a life changing moment at this particular juncture in your life! These don’t happen all the time my friend, but when they do, rest assured you have probably just gained more killer wisdom, knowledge, and possibly a keen new respect for life and all things Andy that you would not have otherwise gained without this particular event! We don’t always understand the whole picture at the time, but when it starts to unfold and blossom into a sweet new sticky bud of life, it is powerful and awesome! (Damn did I really just say that?) Sorry, it’s 2AM and I’ve been in Live8 sessions all day!

    So welcome to Cali, and enjoy the new found chapter of AJ and Janeen.

    One last thought in only Todderator Style… The truth of the matter is, it was destined for you to be here in Cali! But not why you think! It wasn’t to just make cool movies or have much groovy love with your awesome soul mate on the beach, nor to hang with the big guns like Reese, Kern and the rest of the cool new transplants, but you were drawn here… Too hang with the likes of me my friend! :)

    So… Now that you know your real destiny… Drinks next week?

  • Todd Da’ Chizism

    Andy, First and most importantly… Dude… So glad things turned out for the better with Janeen, please send her my hello and good thoughts!

    Ok, now while I read your email and reflect (on my week old mac that you recommended, Thanks)… I can only assume you have gone through somewhat of a life changing moment at this particular juncture in your life! These don’t happen all the time my friend, but when they do, rest assured you have probably just gained more killer wisdom, knowledge, and possibly a keen new respect for life and all things Andy that you would not have otherwise gained without this particular event! We don’t always understand the whole picture at the time, but when it starts to unfold and blossom into a sweet new sticky bud of life, it is powerful and awesome! (Damn did I really just say that?) Sorry, it’s 2AM and I’ve been in Live8 sessions all day!

    So welcome to Cali, and enjoy the new found chapter of AJ and Janeen.

    One last thought in only Todderator Style… The truth of the matter is, it was destined for you to be here in Cali! But not why you think! It wasn’t to just make cool movies or have much groovy love with your awesome soul mate, nor to hang with the big guns like Reese, Kern and the rest of the cool new transplants, but you were drawn here… Too hang with the likes of me my friend! :)

    So… Now that you know your real destiny… Drinks next week?

  • http://www.praevention24.de Sebastian Schertel

    Don’t stop the music.

    And for Janeen: take a look at the Gerson Therapy. Or make an appointment with Gerry Kein for an Ultra Height Session. Trust me, take a look and you’ll understand.

    All the best for your future and i’m eagerly waiting for everything you’ll bring into our world.

    Alles Gute!

  • Jess

    Hi Andy,

    I was left quite speechless by your post. To be honest I’m one of those people that usually skims posts to see if there’s solid info and if not then I move on…

    I’m glad I read on. I’ve found that the best decisions we make are the ones we truly make for ourselves whether they turn out to be disasters or not, they are the best lessons in life.

    I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out to see what new amazing things your create in your life. The best is yet to come I imagine.


    Jess (Australia)

  • Mike (Frick) Barrett

    Hey man–

    I know I speak for a lot of stompers when I say that Stompernet has changed lives, and that none of it would have happened without you. Godspeed in your future endeavors.


  • http://HerLoveBucket.com Sherrie Rose (The Love Linguist)


    I’ll take you out for a drink at Jake’s. Glad you’re back.

    “Lady Love Bucket”

  • Shanika Journey

    Hey Andy,

    You sound really passionate about media marketing. I’m kinda feel the same way about it.

    As far as your happiness goes, I say go for it. We all only got one shot. Do what makes you the happiest this life while you can.

    I would love to see you do more with video marketing online. If you’ve been doing multimedia marketing for that long, you go alot to say — and still do.

    Rest up and many blessings to you on whatever you do.

  • http://www.sensoryedge.com Ed


    From a $50 ebook, CD’s, Apprentice meetings, & finally StomperNet… you’ve inspired me to take this Internet thing seriously and run a business while sitting in a crappy chair wearing shorts, a tee shirt, and flip flops. Actually inspired doesn’t really describe what you’ve meant to my family as I sit hear with tears welling up.

    We wish you only the best and want you to be happy in whatever you do.


    P.S. I hope you kept the kimono that Murray brought you from Japan; it’s the height of fashion in San Diego!

  • http://www.cleverchaps.com James Shaw

    Hey Andy, we’re just starting on a very similar voyage ourselves! 28 days from now I’ll be working in Chatsworth, not a million miles from you. It was great working with you, and I plan on staying in touch and hopefully sharing a Mai Tai or two (great Tiki bars in San Diego!)

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  • http://www.stompernet.com leslie

    Nice recap. Just now read it, because, ah, some of us sorta worked this weekend. :-) Best event in the world (like that’s news) and pretty much everyone asked about you so, again, just like always, I said “Andy Who?” ;-)

    And dude, as soon as you get a tan … post a new picture. You’ve been inside for three years now (I fully expect Brad will start loosing his tan for much the same reason).

  • Andrea Warner

    I can’t thank you enough for hiring me a couple of years ago. I thought I was just taking a huge chance on a new job with a (then) one year old company–little did I know that my world was about to be rocked.

    You pushed us, you taught us, and I’m pretty sure you loved us.

    Thanks for everything.

  • CE

    My first experience with Stompernet was the live event where you did the video take off of the movie 300. Was fabulous.

    Just back from this last weekend Stompernet. Was good but lacked the enthusiasm without you.

    Know you will exceed at whatever you set your heart to.

  • http://www.AstonishingSystems.com Antonio Miranda

    Hey Andy:

    You were the reason why I joined StomperNet more than a year ago. You simply have no idea how much I’ve missed you at SNL 8. No idea! Everytime I had a chance to talk to you, you’d push me to be better.

    I believe that whatever you do, you will always cause shockwaves…

    Thanks man!

  • http://sri-hari.com Srihari

    if I had a Kid, I would ‘ve pointed you out as a role model.

    Your words touched me so deeply that I will not be able to sleep peacefully.

    It is so easy to get distracted with all that we do that we forget to live our lives and leave a safe and meaningless life.

    I can not think of what I will do next. but at least, your words made to stop to think of what I have done so far and if I am happy to do it for the rest of my life. My happiness audit failed and I am gonna do something about it.
    and I will make sure that I become reasonable about taking stupid risks and take the stupid ones reasonably.

    Thank you so much


  • http://taylormarek.com Taylor Marek

    Wow, now that was alot of reading! But well worth it, thanks for sharing Andy! :D

  • Kevin

    So, what’s up with your non-Stompernet web businesses? You keep saying your unemployed now….well, what happened to those other businesses? Or was that all crap?

    • http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com Andy Jenkins

      Thanks for the note Kevin. I’m sorry if you think that my other web businesses are all crap. I kinda thought it was pretty cools to sell swords and stuff. BTW, if you mean saying I’m unemployed ONE time is equal to “You keep saying you’re unemployed”, I’ll try to be a better communicator. Maybe I’ll say it a half of a time. Would that work?

      Do me a favor friend, don’t leave comments if you’re only purpose is to play “Gotcha”. Have a great day!

      • Dave

        Looks like you didn’t lost your “fast tongue”…not sure if that’s a correct translation from Ducth to English :o

        Anyway, good luck to you and hope to hear from you soon…keep my request for an email course in mind :o


  • Kevin

    “your unemployed” should be “you’re unemployed”.

  • http://ct-business-marketing.com/ P. Romanacci

    He Man,
    We don’t know each other — But I have watched several of you videos and have always been inspired by them. I look forward to doing business with you one day.

  • http://texasseo.com Kevin Lam

    Well… that sucks. I enjoy watching your videos, Andy. Always full of passion, fun and knowledge. Hope you find your happiness though as that’s something we all want to have in life. Good luck and take care.

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  • Chris Mohritz

    It’s always inspiring to see people follow their hearts.

    Andy – I’ve only met you once (Live7), and ironically I was on the FOH call you mentioned…very powerful.
    I have to agree with Jerry, Live8 didn’t quite have the energy that Live7 did. But I’m looking forward to a new phase with StomperNet…and keeping tabs on your next project(s).

    At the end of the day, ‘my hope’ is that you walk away from StomperNet knowing that you had a positive impact on A LOT of lives. Because you clearly did.

    Best wishes in your next chapter.


  • Scott Corbett

    Andy, I can say about very few people that they truly changed my life–but you’re one of ‘em. I’ll never forget your closing speech at that incredible Apprentice weekend in ATL @ GA Tech. “There’s a guy I can trust,” I remember thinking. Yup.

  • http://pjknowsmoney.com PJ

    Hi Andy (& Janeen) ~

    Ever watched a sunrise from 37-40k feet? It’s one of the most breathtakingly beautiful sights eyes are blessed to behold. That’s where you are. Ironically, that’s where we are, too, cuz of the Energy and passion you passed along to us.

    Pursue the path. Pull some new folks up here with us. The air’s cleaner, clearer, and we’re inspired. (btw, look up the word “inspired”. You’ll find it’s infused with Spirit.) Then do that amazing feat called “landing”. (How we seem to fly without direction in open space and then touch down on a tiny strip of land at a place called “destination” defies logic and explanation!) Life is like that….

    I saw a bunch of the commenters at the registration table this past weekend. They’re good peeps who are sticking around for the next chapter of SN. We’ll all see you “there”, Andy!

    All the best to you, my Bro (& Sis)!

    ~ pj

  • Roy

    Andy, I remember when I bought the original Stomping the Search Engine course and started my journey of building an online business.

    I was one of the lucky people that were accepted into the apprentice program. I had a really good feeling about you guys and just had to check things out to see if you were for real or not. That is when I made my first of many trips to Atlanta.

    When I say I was one of the lucky ones I really mean it. I got to spend one hour a week picking your brains on how to seo my website and market my business. Jeff and I used to get off of every one of those calls and say Andy is a genius.

    Because of what I learned on those phone calls I went from having no businesses making money to 6 online businesses making money. My wife has an online business, my son now 17 has 2 online businesses and has been coming to Stompernet since he was 14, my daughter just turned 15 and has her first online business. I was looking forward to giving you her new business card that she designed herself.

    We are wearing out the carpet in the house going back and forth from our 3 offices. (It’s great not having to go more than 40 feet from the bedroom to any of our 3 offices.) (Not so great when everything goes wrong at once.)

    I agree with Scott in the previous post you truly changed my life (and the life of everyone in my family).

    Andy, I wish you all the best! People that give of themselves unselfishly like you do are few and far between.

    This trip to Atlanta just wasn’t the same without you.


  • http://mgsystemworks.com Mike Gelblicht

    Hi Andy,

    I’ll never forget back in 2003 when I decided on e-commerce and was lucky enough to find your e-book. It was one of the best times I had doing anything in my life. I still remember taking a week of vacation from work to build that first business that grew so quickly.

    Then I got to meet you in person well before Stomper and was fortunate enough to meet people in those smaller settings like the late great Ken Giddens. It was just a great moment in time before the who’s who was really determined in IM.

    Anyway you know what i’ve been through over the years and even though there were some very rough spots I wouldn’t trade it for anything as the experience has been invaluable. Thanks for getting me on the road to freedom with that e-book alone 6 years ago.

    I wish you the best of luck and am glad Janeen is doing well.

    Take care,

  • http://www.bpsyoursite.com Bill Taylor

    Hi Andy:

    Just got back after LIve 8 and read your great post.

    I am glad I saw you again at Stomper Live 7 and we had a chance to say hello again after the years since the Apprentice group.

    While living in Asia (even though you told me not to go) all those intervening years I kept up with your various teaching, launches, lessons and “attitude” all of which were great and I could feel the energy being created with the members.

    I was looking forward to seeing you again at Live 8, I hope we can instead do that in future on the West Coast.

    This long and interesting post of yours hit many great points. It’s amazing how sometimes things just crystallize by someone (Andrew) asking a question that hits you at the right time.

    StomperNet will go on and I am sure Brad will do well with it but I fear it will never be the same without you around to get the message through the way only you can. (Brad does not take to drag as well as you).

    I am so glad that things have come together for you with Janeen and that your life is going great in that regard. Its important to achieve things in life but it makes them much more special if you have a soul mate to share them with.

    I am looking forward to seeing your video products when you do them. I have already started down the same path in my business and I know you will help me to improve it even more.

    I wish you well in everything you do and that you get all the best things in life that the world has to offer.

    Thanks for all your help and inspiration.

    I look forward to seeing you again


  • Greg T.

    Andy, you are the first and one of the few IM “experts” out there that have gotten my money. You were the first person I came across that was actually doing what they were teaching, so we took a gamble. It has paid off in spades!

    With great fondness I remember the first night of the Apprentice 2 program and I remember thinking, what it the world did I get myself into here? What I got myself into was a group that taught us how to take what we thought was a business and make it a real business.

    Thank you for all you have done for us and the literal thousands of others you have taught via the Apprentice and Stompernet programs. Our lives are very different because we have known you. I hope our relationship doesn’t end here.

    Hey to Janeen. It is great to hear she is doing well.

    Regards, Greg Tice

  • Scott Brandley


    Now that you’re closer to Utah, we can totally hang out all the time and be like best friends forever.

    Love you man, and thanks for everything.


  • Cora

    Hi Andy,

    Good luck with your new ventures. I am in CA also so let’s meet up!


  • http://www.drbanerjee.com Raj Banerjee


    StomperNet won’t be the same without you. But of course everybody knows that. I wish you the best brother. San Diego is my favorite place in the U.S.

    Also I am Really glad to hear that Janeen is OK.

    Enjoy Cali,


  • Marty Kind

    Andy, Andy, Andy… there have only been two moments in my internet marketing career that have truly given me cause for melancholy.

    The first was on learning that an individual you introduced me to and with whom I was revelling in the mentorship of – had suddenly passed away. I remember how unexpected to me was the emotion of loss I experienced when it sunk in that the genius that was Ken Giddens was no more.

    I remember discussing it with you on the phone soon after the news broke and it became apparent that irrespective of how long one had known Ken his influence was profound.

    Ken had been poised to share the eagerly anticipated inner workings of his interweb marketing genius with a group of us when his life was cut short, but to be honest he could have proselytized on any number of different topics and he would always have had plenty of willing and eager disciples to impart them to.

    So some might think I am being disingenuous when I say that (in the context of my internet marketing experiences) second only in gravity to the moment of sadness described above was reading the subject line “Andy Jenkins Leaves StomperNet”.

    You see the reason I have associated your departure with Ken’s passing is that both you were / are phenomenal teachers, blessed with and carrying the responsibility for the ability to positively influence others.

    A famous shrink with a long list of letters after his name once said ‘What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches’.

    I’m sure many would agree that if it were not for WHO Andy Jenkins is we would not have learned what Andy Jenkins KNOWS.

    To offer up another final quote that has always resonated with me… “People don’t care what you know, until they know that you care”.

    You always seemed to care and so everyone wanted to know…

    Mate, all the best living on the Left Coast – which is where you will no doubt find your spiritual home ;-)

    Keep watching the Daily Show (the only ‘true’ news program) and give careful consideration to my suggestion for another potential creative endeavour – ‘posthumous ghost writer for Hunter S. Thompson’ – you would be a total shoe-in…


  • KK

    I read the entire thing.

    I can so relate to your quote.

    After many years TRYING to figure out what it was I wanted to do. I figured it out but I was still stuck in a 4 year university degree. Even though I knew I still had to live out my obligations. When I did finally finish..

    “I think it’s the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain.”

    PS. What could be more fun than taking advantage of your SAD getting some.. medical ‘herbal’ remedies.. then listening to your favorite music and even letting those creative juices flow on some new video.. Whats a holiday without the cheetos?

  • http://www.digitalphotographydarkroom.com Ed

    Hi Andy,
    Good Luck and best wishes on your new path. I’m glad that you will have a chance to enjoy and teach what you are most passionate about with someone you are passionate about. Have a great time dating and enjoying life as you put the proper balance of work and pleasure in place. Have a great day and life, and I look forward to learning your video talents when you decide to make them available.

  • http://www.whichtestwon.com Anne Holland

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Dude, you have to take another 100 days off before you start anything. I remember right after I sold MarketingSherpa in 2007, and after a two-week party (in Desert Palms CA) my entrepreneurial urge to run something, create something, connect again, etc. started twitching like a ghost arm when you’ve had an amputation. Luckily my husband, who was psyched about having a wife vs 80-hour-week CEO, took me to Serbia. I kept twitching and working, so next he dragged me to Nepal where there was no Net connection. Enjoyed it for two weeks, drifted… and then wrote a 600-page book in my hotel room. whups. OK,finally nailed the hanging out and relaxing in our beach town in RI. Relaxed, slept, partied, hammocked, gardened, for four whole months off!

    When I really honestly wasn’t wanting to go back to work from knee jerk “used to working” reaction or from ego wanting to do something I’m good at vs something I’m on at the bottom of the learning curve on (hey, it’s a big reason) .. then I went back.

    But with a list. No more than 5 employees ever again. No more than 25-30 hours per week, ever again. Beach, gardening, partying, reading a long fiction book in the middle of the afternoon, all in daily life from now on. Spouse more important than work. Lazing around more important than work.

    And most importantly, focusing on learning new things – painting, languages, etc – so I can build areas of competency OUTSIDE of work. (It’s scary how incompetent we entrepreneurs are at anything that’s not work.)

  • http://www.massage-chair-relief.com Alan Weidner

    Andy, Andy, Andy…

    I can say, in all sincerity and honesty, that you changed our lives forever. The Apprentice program was a godsend to us that brought us out of the depths of mid life melancholy (and constant, no-end-in-site financial crisis) into a brand new world of opportunity and hope.

    Mona and I are forever grateful to you, not only for providing information to us that empowered us to create something very special in our niche, but for making us feel, as you do everyone, that we were the most important students you had. That is a skill for which many parents, let alone internet marketing teachers, can’t boast.

    Bless your ever-lovin’ heart, Andy!

    Al and Mona Weidner

  • http://www.Trust-Guard.com Dave Brandley


    I’m so glad to hear Janeen is doing well. She really is the greatest, you’re a lucky man to have her.

    Andy, I have to tell you. I love to read your stuff!!! You are the best (darn) ;) writer. I don’t know anyone than can write like you.

    Scott and I wish you all the best!

    Dave Brandley

  • http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog/main/i-admire-andy-jenkins-for-leaving-stompernet/ Tiffany Dow

    Andy you and I don’t know each other personally but I did come to read this after seeing your gossip squashing post in the WF.

    Your post is a unique and shining example of what courage and passion is all about. I myself am on Day 21 of a 30 day sabbatical from my business so that I can figure out the best direction to go in – and I have gained SO much insight just from having the guts to do this.

    I’ve decided to cut off 2 of the 4 branches of my business, even though they’re profitable. So reading your story about leaving an already successful venture to branch out on your own makes me feel not so alone in making this kind of life altering decision. I appreciate, and I know my blog readers will too – I posted about your journey so they’ll see there are others and maybe they’ll do a happiness audit too :)

    Good luck and spread those wings far!
    Tiff ;)

  • http://www.livingandcopingwithdiabetes.com John and Sandra

    Hi Andy,

    We will miss you… Sandra and I are grateful for all that we have learned from you over the past 4+ years…

    I said we’ll miss you… yet, I hold out hope of the possibility that our paths may across. As I have observed how you have conducted business over the past few years I have enjoyed your no-nonsense approach and also your candor.

    I don’t know if you will remember this Andy, but when Article Bot was all the rage, you didn’t mince words when the owner started doing things that were improper… I also remember when you recounted about how you would reprimand an editor for trying to do a shlock piece job in an effort to just get by… all of those things shed light on your integrity, your concern for others, and for making sure that a job was done correctly… and that was refreshing.

    We appreciate you A.J…

    Cool Beans… smile

    John and Sandra

  • Mark

    Life can be measured by the amount of great stories you end up with to tell others. Go grab Janeen, don’t look back, and start collecting great stories.

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  • http://www.powerblogservice.com Russell

    Thoroughly wowed by your last playlist – I am still downloading it and will be appreciating it for some months and years to come.

    I am now looking forward to your next compilation. Looks like it will be contain video so I will need ever more bandwidth – no doubt I will be joining Andrew in 4 a.m. webinar calls…

  • http://blog.thefolderstore.com/2008/12/03/when-marketing-leads-to-unnecessary-deaths/ Brock O’Leary

    Hey Andy,

    “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

    You have done it again. Good for you! Nothing is more important to your journey than making yourself and your wife priority number one. StomperNet will never be the same without you. That much is obvious.

    What may be less obvious is that all of your StomperNet “children” have learned your methods, your lessons and your ideals. We learned from what you had to say but more importantly from the way in which you conducted yourself.

    You can sleep easy knowing that your StomperNet children were ready to leave the nest and venture out on their own. You taught us all how to fish when it would have been easier to hand us a fish. You knew what was best for us even when we didn’t.

    “Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” ~ B. F. Skinner

    Many people share your knowledge but few share your masterful storytelling and humor. I will never forget those late night “Apprentice I” phone calls. You were always interesting, entertaining, enthusiastic and informative. Man does that feel like a million years ago. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, what it would become or where we would end up.

    Originally I lusted after the millionaire lifestyle but eventually found my proper place in a life of simplicity. Time is my most precious resource and I have found a way to be successful online while having the proper amount of time for my wife and son. We have the life we deserve and you played a role in that.

    “The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” — Benjamin Disraeli

    You helped make that happen for a lot of people! How cool is that? You should be very proud of yourself for the contribution you have made to internet marketing. Congratulations and enjoy. You don’t need any luck! ;-0

    Best wishes always,

    P.S. God forbid, don’t cut out those carbs! Unless the only ones you are eating are refined and without fiber. In which case, you need to start consuming the whole ones. Look around the world and you will see the healthiest and trimmest people on the planet consume 80-95% of their calories as starch (the proper term for potatoes, rice, corn, beans, etc). If you were ever curious what you would have been like if you were a doctor, check out DrMcDougall.com. A man who tells the truth with style. Just like you. :D

  • Eliane Carbajal

    Dearest Andy,

    I think you´re such a star!!! I admire you for everything you are; your selflessness, your kindness, your commitment to excellence, your immense heart and your incredible dedication to others.

    I wish you a really awesome adventure in everything you do, many amazing times with your sweetheart and a future full of fulfillment and blessings.

    Wherever you go, I´m with you(like 1000′s of others) all the way.

    Much love and warmth from

  • Pingback: Mind Maps Organize Thinking | The Other Blokes Blog

  • Dee

    Hi Andy,
    I have never had the pleasure of interacting directly with you but your past video productions are, for the most part, safely stored on my master hard drive. They are pieces of art and your articulation above shows that beyond being an artist you also excel as a poet.

    I hope our paths cross one day.


  • Raghava peri

    Hey Andy stompernet will not be same now that you left it. I will follow you and what ever i learned from you changed my life and the way i see it.I wish you all success and have a happy life.

    My goal is to meet you before i die and take a photo with you. I am blind and today i proudly say that i know internet marketing because of stompernet and andy jenkins. i listen to your videos, podcasts and i read your blog posts almost daily for new inspiration and i am sure that i will be able to earn money from the internet one day and that i will dedicate it to you.

  • http://wwork.com Susan Smith

    Looking forward to your new life and what it’s going to bring for you and your students…I absolutely loved your video segment in the SMARTs program…your knowledge and wit! I can’t wait to see what’s to come. Best of luck, Andy!


  • http://www.beyourownboss.co.uk John Kirk


    I wish everyone could have the opportunity to read this post and learn about what is really important in this life. Your description of the journey to discovery of what is really your mission in life has obviously struck many a chord here and no doubt will with many more. This is true inspiration.

    I’ve taken the same step 3 times now and am about to make it 4 (some of us have more than one mission!) When the time is right it feels right and if you don’t take the jump, sooner or later the universe gives you a big push! It’s always better to jump first than to be pushed :-)

    But one thing I do know, if you are a good teacher, people will always learn from you whatever you do. Even if you stop actively teaching they will simply watch what you do and learn from that. You’ve been a great teacher so far, I can’t really see that changing.

    Enjoy your new life however it works out .


  • http://www.balloonutopia.com sandi masori

    Andy, I am very new to all this internet stuff, and I totally had my mind blown at my first Stompernet event this month. Though I missed meeting you, your name was mentioned so often, I almost felt as if I had met you. I had the pleasure of some fantastic talks with Audrey and lots of very patient answers to my very newbie questions from the rest of your old gang. Whether you’re still a part of it or not, you set something in motion that is just incredible. So on behalf of the rest of the newbies like me, thank you. And also, as a San Diego local and native, welcome!!! If you have any room for newbie groupies, please add me to the list ;-D.

  • http://www.philhughes.tv Phil Hughes

    Fantastic post dude…
    It all could have been summed up for me in a name:

    I’d love to buy you a frosty beverage and compare who the luckiest guy in the world is. (I know I am, btw :-) Keep chasing those dreams hard and you’ve got a fan here.


    Phil Hughes

  • http://www.peterbuick.com Peter Buick

    It’s a very exciting journey you could be taking us on.

    If you need anything at all, just LMK.

    Peace and light.

  • will


    What an inspirational read. You’ve made me re-evaluate everything… Damn you.

  • Dale

    Had hoped to see you at Live 8.


  • http://www.dysonwebmedia.com Larry Dyson

    Man, I really I get to have a conversation with you some day. I think it’s our generation that allows us to spend 9 or 10 years doing something and then decide, “I don’t think I want to do this anymore” and then move on. I just returned from a high school reunion and saw some high school buddies that had practiced law for 10 years and decided that he hated it and was now looking for something new to do. My father’s generation would have continued to do it and hated it so he could retire. We don’t think like that. I left the Navy, got into software development and then quickly into management probably because of my military background. I quickly got burned out on the cubicle environment and started looking for ways out of that and now work form home and strive to be a better marketer on a daily basis. By the way, music does for me what it does for you. As someone who has played some sort of instrument since age 10, Violin, Drums, Piano, Guitar – I love to play and listen and it changes my mood every time I don it. Good luck Andy and thanks for sharing your Mad Skillz with us.

  • Ken Santucci


    That is absolutely the best “blog” post I have ever read!

    I am new to the Internet Marketing world, having only recently subscribed to a few mailing lists to get a feel for what is going on in this business of making money on the interwebs…before diving in to try and make some “Mad Cash”. After watching your webcast tonight with Frank Kern I look forward to seeing more great information about video and IM.

    Good luck to you and your loved ones!

    Aloha, Ken

  • David Foard

    There was a saying in my family that came from way back…

    It went “Everyone has to run their own race.”

    Enjoy your race Andy, and many many many thanks for all the great inspiration you have given in the past. I listened to your video presentation with Paul Lemberg in Formula5 and took action.

    In the few short weeks since then, I have created almost 30 videos for my web businesses and am loving every minute and 45 seconds (give or take) of them.

    Still have a lot to learn though.

    Now stop reading and go run your race.


  • Dhyan Khalsa

    Thank-You Andy! You have been Humbled by the Love of your Soul-Mate. First it’s the whisper, than the brick, than the final wake-up call. Now that you are truely awake, take some serious meditation time on Pacific Beach and ask for how you can Best Serve our Planet in relation to your Guru Therapy Group.
    You and Frank Rocked Today on your Webinar!! Good to hear you Laugh, and I don’t even know you! Regards to Frank!!!
    Look Forward to meeting all of you guys someday,
    Dhyan Khalsa : )

  • Walt

    ..So lets get dirty…in a nut shell,,,you a brad butted heads and you told each other to F+ck off..I got it..

    Now lets Really get at it…what everybody really wants to know..was it more or less than $10 million you got to leave and live happily ever after?

  • http://www.WestoftheFive.com Travis Houston

    HOLY CRAPOLA, I’m at a loss for words.

    Mister Jenkins… The synchronicity that has led to me reading this blog post… on this day… at this late hour are just to HUGE to be ignored. AMAZING!

    Thank you for an extremely LOOONG, er, I mean Well Thought Out & Inspiring blog post that was precisely the thing I needed to hear.

    See you tomorrow at 1:45.


  • http://dezfutak.com Dez Futak

    Thank you so much for being so honest with what’s going on in your life at the moment…it’s probably too rare & I appreciate very much what you’ve given here.

    Al the best for the Guru Therapy Group & VIdeo ***** :)


  • http://www.easternfemales.com Jack

    Hi Andy

    Will miss your presence at StomperNet, BUT…

    Great webinar with Frank – and now that you’re in La Jolla – do you have any plans to work with him on projects the future?

    What an awesome Globe Stomping duo that would be.


  • http://www.2webvideo.com/ Partha Bhattacharya

    Though I haven’t understood much of what you’ve written (my English is poor, you see), 2 things readily come to mind on this ‘somber’ occasion.

    One, when Danny Sullivan left SEW 3 years back, earth shook. He though soon flourished with Search Engine Land. I’ve no doubt you too will flourish very soon because like Danny you are in the ‘thick of the things’ that elude others.

    Two, I learned a lot from all ‘your’ Stomernet videos and hot tips. I thank you for that, and wish you all the best in whatever you now decide to do.

  • Doug

    Well, I think there was one big take away from this. Perhaps it eluded some of you, but those with a keen eye will have extracted it and committed it to long term memory. And that little nugget of brilliance is…………..”manscape”
    Maybe it’s somewhat common? Maybe Andy is just brilliant….Maybe I just don’t get out enough. Ya, probably the latter.
    I’m glad I signed up with your RSS, Andy. I just hadn’t noticed the 20 page “why I left Stompernet”
    I thought…what is this little one paragraph music analogy bullshit?
    I guess you fixed my wagon. That was awesome Andy.
    Thanks for being so forthcoming with all your personal stuff. I knew I always liked you better than [REDACTED by Andy to be cool].
    Your one of a handful of guys that I trust/trusted to garner my I.M. knowledge. I would be honored to learn “video marketing” from you. So count me in.
    So, thank you…thank you very much for all that I have personally learned as a result of you and/or your products. Also, the webinar thingy was outstanding–It was perfect for a tech neophyte like me.
    For the record though…you stole my line–I routinely include some not so appropriate content in my B to B emails…so I found it easiest to just put–”Sorry, I just can’t myself” into my email signatures.


  • http://aeriepublishing.com Mike McCormick

    Read this after yours and Franks webinar on 8/18/09 which was excellent, thank you.
    Your post reminded me of a plaque which one of our Sons gave me after a similar incident, it reads; Love many, Trust few, Always paddle your own canoe. It is next to the door so I read it daily.
    You are very fortunate to have so many good friends.
    I am also, like Sandi above, a native of San Diego and for what it’s worth, have a couple of restaurant suggestions for you. First, for Italian, The Godfather Restaurant, 7878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, 92111. If you go, introduce yourself to Isidoro and Anthony and tell them Mike sent you. The other is Chiquitas Mexican Restaurant, 4110 Home Ave, San Diego, 92105. Both are excellent. Almost forgot, to mention, neither tolerate “Kevins.”
    Welcome to San Diego, it is better place with you here.

  • http://www.WoldFitness.com Luke Wold

    Too right, donkey!!

  • http://www.fitnessprofitworkshop.com AJ Roberts

    Great stuff Andy. So much of what you said strangely hits close to home. Looking forward to your new stuff.

  • http://www.TheWESTProgram.com Bob Yeager

    Well said… well done and good for you for realizing your passion and pursuing your purpose.

    It was YOUR side of StomperNET that I processed in my mind the most. It will be YOUR progress that I follow.

    Thanks for the years of knowledge and inspiration and the floodgate that is about to be opened on us all :)

    Bob Yeager
    The World Entrepreneur Success Training Program

  • Carlo Selorio

    Hi Andy,

    I’m huge fan of yours and I wish all the best in pursuing your dreams.

    I hope I can meet you one day here in Sydney Australia.

    God Bless,

    Carlo Selorio

  • http://www.yourmdcontractors.com/index.php Rich Glass

    Just send me an opt-in on whatever you do, even if it’s for an extra on Blair Witch 3 or 33.
    Good luck Andy, in what ever you do..

  • Donna

    Never got a chance to say thanks for the awesome opportunity. Happy Belated Bday…..
    Sending JJ HUGS!!!
    Take care and God bless.

  • Donna

    Btw…sleep is still overrated ;-)

  • http://www.homebusinessroundtable.com Karen

    Hi Andy,

    You don’t know me, but I’m a long-time fan from the “Hey, open your OWN Yahoo store” days. Your inspired teachings sorely tempted me to start one even though I was then a newbie online and as far from a marketer as an artsy type can get.

    Tiff sent me here and am I ever glad. Took me three days to get your heartfelt missive read. Loved it all so much I zipped through it all again today.

    You’re fabulous at reinventing yourself. Very inspiring. Thanks for the video-making tips, which I lapped up because I’m just now dipping my toe in the breathtaking video waters. Will watch for any and all videos you create. You know I’ll want your course if I have to up-end the couch to find the dough.

    Best to you and your darling,
    Karen Wehrle

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  • http://www.mlwebco.com Michael Locke

    Amazing post Andy! Thanks for sharing. Many blessings to you, your familiy and your new business ventures.

  • http://bloggerboy.net Riley Fox

    Andy, What a fun-to-read post! You have lived quite the life and it sounds like an exciting chapter is to begin soon. Good luck in California!

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  • http://calebosborneconsulting.com Caleb Osborne

    Wow! Didn’t know you left … explains a lot … Can’t wait for your video training!


  • http://www.nosuckingup.com Bill Hanover

    Thanks for all Andy!

    I’m not much of a long-post reader, but you had me at Hello [REDACTED] ; – )

    Most guys our age have given up or caved-in to mediocrity long ago; and most without a fight.

    You are an inspiration to those of us who keep plugging away, even when anyone with “good sense” would have quit and settled for whatever they had.

    I wish you and your lovely wife the very best life has to offer and feel grateful for the little time we spent together at Live 7 and MC 2.0.

    Thanks for the candor and keeping it real. I was at Yellowstone 2 weeks ago in my RV so I’m in if you decide to make the trip! ; – )

    All the Best,


  • http://www.GreatMagicSecretsRevealed.com Kathy


    I’ve never had the opportunity to meet you but I feel I know you from your videos, the inaugural SMARTs course, great emails and through the Net Effect.

    I thank you for being so candid with what you wrote, it has answered so much and more.

    I applaud your decision to follow your heart. It’s not easy and many people will not agree with what the new path you have chosen to move down as they will feel let down or left behind. That is their problem, not yours.

    Just over two years ago I gave up a very stressful job that most of my community wanted me to stay in. That decision has opened up a whole new world for me, a world of learning internet marketing. I haven’t learned at this intensity since teacher’s college in the 70s. I’d forgotten just how much I love learning and how much I’d missed it while I raised my family. Life is like a series of chapters, at one time all I wanted to do was teach, then my family came along and that was a whole new and wonderful chapter. Now that they are are grown another new chapter has begun for me.

    All I can say is enjoy this new chapter in your life. Every new day is special. Keep being you, the man of utmost integrity I have always believed you to be. Grasp your new life with both hands. Look after your lady and enjoy every day.

    And keep listening to us Australians – we usually have the the right questions at the right time. I’d love to make you an honorary Aussie, you have the right sense of humor for it! I look forward to continuing to learn from you.


  • Elizabeth Steed


    I have enjoyed listening to your advice over the years and I wish you all the best! I know you will be happy in your new life.


  • http://www.marketingprofessor.com Travis Campbell


    Thanks for sharing your story, as only you can. Glad to hear Janeen is well, and that you are going to the next step in your journey. Keep us posted.

    PS: ALWAYS got a LOT out of
    FOH. And BTW, I just relocated
    to Colorado. My wife has SAD
    (no 2nd ‘D’ :-) , after 4 days, she
    is much happier here.

  • Gail Leopold

    Hey Andy!
    I am adjusting my sails, too! I’m planning ahead to the empty nest :( period of my life – which is coming very soon – and changing course. Your post was beautiful and heartfelt. It is a true testament to your writing style when you can touch someone so deeply with just the written word. I was moved to tears.

    I’ve been learning IM on my own this past year or so but now feel armed and ready to really jump in after just completing the 30DC with Ed Dale and getting all my ducks in a row. I bought Mass Control for my son and sent him to San Diego for his 21st birthday so I have access to all Frank’s stuff, too. We’ve purchased several other products from various ‘teachers’. I’ve seen bits and pieces of your work but never really attached myself to you until now. I have my special GURU’s list – and you now have the honor of gracing it (don’t you like how I turned that list thing around? !) I actually am looking forward to your emails. I love the Mind Map – it is amazing.

    I read every comment above mine and get a very real sense of how your students and colleagues admire and trust you. I wish you the best out in sunny Cali with your sweetheart. Looking forward to the webinizzy and learning from a master.

    Full speed ahead Andy!

    Gail L.

  • http://www.known.com Cheryl C. Cigan

    How delightful to be captured and held by such a compelling outpouring of your honesty right up to your excellent choice of a closing quote.

    You’re about video and film production, I am about words. However, this time I have this great mental image moving in my mind of you walking towards your friends as they are busily working in the sun on their own vessels welcoming your smiling and cheerful “made it across the border of ‘self’” presence.

    Congratulations on your choices and blessings to you on your walk ahead. I’ll be there with a tremendous pocketful of understanding.

    Cheryl C. Cigan

  • http://dulcitalove.com Dulcita Love

    Andy, Glad I got to see you in action at StomperNet 6 taking care of the fold. Looking forward to seeing what you create next. Dulcita

  • KiwiKev

    I have 2 words for you….

    “Integrity and Respect”

    You Have It and You Got Mine!

    All the best for the future andy and i can’t wait
    cheers KiwiKev

  • Liz

    Hi Andy,

    Wow, your “happiness audit” and realization that you weren’t doing what you loved got me really thinking. I would really like to find some type of work that I enjoy and am happy doing.

    Do you have any advice for people who are trying to figure out what kind of work they are passionate about?

    I have no idea what I wanted to be when I was 7, so that strategy isn’t working for me ;)

    • Walter

      Many years ago, I got exposed to the system in “What Color is Your Parachute?” If you _read_ the book, *then* go back and re-read, doing the exercises, it can be a big help. It pointed out the fact that i was a good “consultant” type. IOW, I am good at helping people fill their needs. :-) It can help you figure out what you should be doing, and happy at.
      I still use the methods in various ways, to help me with what I’m doing now. If you want more help, e-mail me at fbngraph at earthlink dot net

      • Liz

        Thanks :)

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  • Mark

    Great stuff, great advice. After years of watching your vids , yahoo store profits, and all that, I feel like I know you better now than I ever did….and I still like you:)

    Best wishes going forward!

  • http://www.nikkibackshall.com nikki

    Hey Andy,
    That’s prob the longest blog post I ever read! It was like a mini-saga – but without the cheese.

    Thanks for being so sincere and honest – they say that things happen for a reason and I’m sure that the time you now get to spend with Janeen along with the new projects you’ll be launching will make it all worth it.

    I’m well pleased that you’re bringing out a video course – and not before time. I never could get my head around why that hadn’t come from you before – even behind the walls of Stomper, there’s very little about the actual production and construction of the videos – so I’m looking forward to that especially.

    I hope that SNet doesn’t lose some of that cheeky quirkiness that you brought to the table – it really made it just so much better.

    Good luck with all that you do in the future,

    All the Best,

    Nikki B

  • Bonnie Bunter

    As usual Andy, you are upfront and wear your heart on your sleeve. That is just one of the things I really like about you. No pontification….just tell it as it is…with a bit of fun attached.
    You obviously know where your priorities lay, so I wish you and Janeen a simply wonderful life.
    Thank you for bringing lots of sunshine into our lives and well as some mighty helpful info ! I look forward to what ever you contribute in the future too.

  • http://www.silverlandjewelry.com Ray Paquette

    Hi Andy,
    I thought of so many things I would like to say as I read your story but I will keep it short .
    The most important and unforgettable thought is

    I love your mama!!

    16+ years ago almost lost the most important person in my life(then and now) to the incredible imcompetence of 2 medical people. Fortunately, a colleague of my doctor saved her and much like you I took a new course and after she recovered) as much as possible) we went sailing (something we had wanted to do for years)for the next 4 years and it was wonderful.

    We wish you a Bon Voyage.

    Ray and Catherine

  • http://www.financialbalance.com.au Warren Peachey


    I read every word… And I have nothing to say.

    All the best,

    ps – alright… just one thing–Here’s to alignment and living a certain way!

  • http://theimpactfactor.com/ Ken McArthur

    Love that movie Andy.

    Looking forward to yours.

    All the best,


  • http://www.the-life-plan.com Daren Wride

    Well done Andy,
    All the best in your transition.
    Keep growing and teaching!

  • hilory

    Hi Andy,

    Excellent post I’m keeping the faith for your soul mate!

    I hope this isn’t inappropriate, but I wanted to know if you provide individual consultations on new sites. To say that I am a newbie, WAY over my head, is an understantement. Stompernet is a great resource, but a bit overwhelming when I am juggling umpteen moving pieces, developing content, starting a blog, etc. Learning and applying the Stompernet priciples may drive me over the edge! You could probably look at my site and tell me 20-50 things that I am doing wrong, but this may not fit your direction for your next steps. It can’t hurt to ask, right? :)

    Best wishes for you and your family!

  • Walter Daniels

    I’ll match your comment about candy canes, with one of my own. About 10 years ago, the oldest daughter of a good friend, after I told an alleged joke (her mother doesn’t always think they’re funny), she said, with the tone only a child can use. “You’re silly.” I replied. “Of course I am. How else will you learn to do it. It’s my job as an adult to teach you.”
    She and her sister live 1500 miles away, but I still work on teaching them how. Just as I do with the almost 12 year old that I adopted as my Granddaughter. I do it because life without silliness, in the proper times and places, is what life is really about. There isn’t much to match a someone being silly as an adult, because they learned how from you, when they were a child. It’s like watching a baby bird fly for the first time. You learn what love really is.

  • Anthony Harris

    Dire Straits, I think, in name and nature.

    No failure, but a revision.

  • http://www.whoismicheleprice.com Michele Price

    I totally understand your musing. I have been re-examining what makes me happy and continue to distill what I do so that I stay in the vibration and zone. I am with you LOVE video and mulitmedia marketing.

    I love your fresh expression of honesty.

    p.s. I understood your comment on “un-employed” enjoy your half-time.

  • http://www.orientationsnova.com Suzanne

    Hello Andy,
    I read every word of your explanation and I thank you for your honesty. I followed everything available in StomperNet about video creation last July 2008; I just loved and respected the way you taught and gobbled up all the Andy Jenkins classes I could find. Personal life got in the way and I had to suspend membership in Sept 2008. Summer 2009 I was getting ready to rejoin then I heard you’d left StomperNet and I needed to know why. I Googled you and I just found your blog about leaving. I admire you for taking the time to share. What do I think about your decision?

    I’m extremely happy and excited for you… My recent life realisations forced me to make major changes and we’re now both going down a similar path, just in different fields. Even though change is frightening, “My happiness first”, is the most unselfish and important decision that you could ever make! Follow your passion and you’ll never regret it. I just wish I’d done it 20 years ago; but I believe it’s never too late. Enough about me… I anxious for you to launch your video teaching projects. Enjoy life, take your time but be quick about it :) Maybe that’s a bad translation… forgive me, I’m from Quebec. Anyway, you can count on me, I’ll be there as soon as you launch.

    BTW I’ve been helping people with SAD for 9 years now and I just want you to know… even if you moved to a sunny place, you may still get symptoms this autumn. I’m not offering to sell you anything (you’re in USA, I’m in Canada) but I can provide you with some helpful tips to prevent symptoms before they start. Just email me for private info and call it part of my Free line :) After all, you’ve taught me so much already about video marketing I feel I owe you one. It’s your turn and I’d love to help.

    Best wishes to you and Janeen.

  • http://www.jaystueve.com Jay Stueve

    Hey Andy,
    Did you know any of the Ferris’ back in Brighton? There are three boys. They might be a few years older than you though. Not sure. Thanks for sharing all this by the way.

  • http://www.home4you.kz Nurlan

    Hello Mr.Jenkins,
    I wish you all the best in your next jump. I know that it would be even a greater jump. I loved watching your teaching DVDs with the kind a language that is so easy to comprehend, catch and follow. I learned quite a lot. I was in one of the the latest events of Stompernet and I hoped to meet you there personally but unfortunately you were already gone m(_ _)m
    Thank you for your insights and teachings.
    Hope to meet you one day on your own event. I will come for sure.

  • http://www.josegonzalez.co.uk Jose Gonzalez

    Andy, it took me 3 days to read this..

    Where’s the call to action!!!!!?????

    I was ready to buy ANYTHING by the time I reached the end!

  • http://charlotterealestatemarketplace.com Chris Evans

    Andy! You rock dude.

    Please write a book. You had me on the edge of my seat reading this post. And I get bored easily.

    I’m sure it would be a best seller!

    Thanks for all you’ve done!

  • http://www.videoproductiontips.com Lorraine C. Grula

    Andy, that was amazing to read. Your mind and soul are awesome. I’m with you on the medical MJ.

  • http://www.philwipermortgages.ca Phil Wiper

    It’s Sunday afternoon before the BIG game. Your words and action speak volumes. I am for one looking forward to being part of your new adventure.

  • http://www.worryfreeisland.com croz

    Hi Andy

    I always had great respect for you as an internet marketer, but now I have tremendous respect for you as a man.
    I can assure you that you have chosen the right path as I firmly believe that “Wherever Happiness goes Success and Wealth will follow”
    Reading your story Had you still been at Stompernet you may not have found the time to sort out Janeens situation. The universe works in mysterious ways.
    Andy you have my good wishes and my sincere hope that you get all you desire and MORE

    Abundance to All


  • Phuong Ha


    You certainly have a way with words. There’s been many many people but few have (oh should I share) moved me emotionally (other than the typical people – mom, dad, brother, kids, wife, etc…) as you…YES, you my friend.

    I am man enough to say this without the slight bit tinge of homophobia, you really are a decent guy that I can see myself hangin out with. You rock dude.

    The Ways Andy is a Great Person: (this all seems like arse-kissing, but it’s just the way I communicate brother, so don’t feel weird about it. Just read the it)

    1) You’re damn honest in a very well, honest way. Most people try to be honest but fail short.
    2) You move along your words, your convo, your dialogue like the way I think. (High D personality)
    3) You’re caring and compassionate about the important things that matter to you.
    4) You’re true to your “self”, a trait I carry, admire and think I am passing to my kids.
    5) You know when the bottle is empty. (Brad, Stompernet, etc…)
    6) You’re hanging with the coolest F**Kin dudes in Cali!!! (Frank, John, Trey, etc…)
    7) You very much like me, can visualize a complete storyboard, script, dialogue, and score to any situation you throw at me.
    8) And, finally, I like you as a person because you’re not afraid to share your feelings (Janeen, may the spirits keep her strong)

    I was gung ho about your course, but I will heed your advice in the 4 video for VIDEO BOSS, “if your using FOOD money for this, don’t buy this.” (not exact word for word -please do not quote), so I didn’t. Love the stuff but it’s not the time. Later brother when things are better, I’m onboard.

    Please keep in up to date on stuff. I’m also up till 3 or 4 and wake at well, 6 or 7, so very little sleep for me.

    Take care, and if you want any good dating advice, let me show you my clickbank link….ha ha. Take Care brother.

    Phuong Ha

  • Phuong Ha

    Oh BTW, you don’t need to post any of this, it was only meant for you to read anyways, since I know you read all this. That’s just how you work. Someday, I would like to meet you and have a beer and roll a, well….hmmmm…smoke with you and trade lines like,

    “When I left you, I was but the Learner, now I am the Master…” (me)
    “Only a master of evil, Darth.” (you)

    take care…

  • Serry JW

    Andy, PLEEEZE! Send the 4 links again to those great VideoBOSS videos. I am a newbie, didn’t download them and want to learn the information so I can be ready the NEXT time you offer the course……
    Would it help if I top my PLEEEZE with a little SEO, PPC whip cream…….YUM!

  • http://www.JasonCardamone.com Jason Cardamone


    I appreciate you sharing so candidly.

    I’ve just been introduced to you since getting into Video Boss…and I see I’m in the right crowd.

    I’m looking forward to creating some kick a$$ & extremely profitable videos and being one of your top students. and I then look forward to meeting you one day soon…along with the other guys who’ve had a major impact on my internet career. (Reese & Kern)
    (I’m the guy who you answered first in the Boss video responses about me being freaked out about losing my youTube account)

  • http://mystartupbizcoach.com Randi

    OK – I would have read this back when you originally posted it….if I would have known who you were (I know… only 1 of 2 people in the world…). But here I am….finally. Honestly, don’t remember how I learned about you (maybe it was ShoeMoney…) – but I should give him/her a Medal of Appreciation. You always make me laugh (especially today after the cuzin’ Frank webinar…&%#$!) and this post was no exception…but this time I couldn’t help but get a little teary-eyed. You may think your talent is churning out a kick-ass video, but you’re a ninja ass-kicking writer. Thanks for the continued laughs… : )

  • http://www.healthysystems.com Gloria Jean

    Andy …the others have said it so well but …thank you so much for sharing your soul with us. I was so glad to meet you online years ago when you first designed your slides about SEO that really I owe my thanks to you for even knowing what SEO really meant. With that and many sneak previews from you here and there when I could find you …I designed my second website for our company.

    You are right, your video’s are terrific …and I can’t say that enough. You make me laugh …you teach and you keep my attention …and tonight you made me sad for what you and your friend have gone through. I can only wish you both the best!!

    But on the selfish side …don’t leave us hanging ..I look forward to seeing your teaching videos. I will look forward to following you.

    My best to your health and success!!

  • http://www.businessstrategy.com/ Sandra

    I must say, it was hard to see you leave. Stompernet will never be the same with out! But I’m glad it works out for you in the end and the fact that you stood by your gut the whole time is beyond me because I would have lost it. You’re strong willed Andy, keep it up! Thanks for clarifying this, I just now found this from when this happened just a year ago…

  • http://trafficvoodooreviews.com Ronak Shah

    FYI I am a stompernet affiliate and I’m looking forward to receiving my affiliate commissions asap since a few months.

    I am surely going to get paid but the timeframe and hassle of dealing with StomperNet is really a hassle. Affiliates emails are most of the time remain unanswered.

    Andy, looks like you’re lucky that you left StomperNet at the right time.


  • http://www.shoppercompare.com Colin the Comparison Shopper

    Hey andy,

    its funny because i could identify with just about everything you’ve said. The partnership, the way it worked for you guys, and myself and my own partner have been doing some special things since 2006, i was 20 at the time. Made it big, too “big” for being so young.

    Lost some years in there, party too hard, wake up now 24 back at it heavy. Stomper Net, and whoever is left there, watch out. we’re coming for you

    live llong and prosper



  • http://www.houseoption.com David Houses

    We all are looking forward to whatever you do next. You have some great insights on what the market needs and make the best products to meet those needs.

    Have fun in all that you do and we’ll all keeping our eyes open to buy what you sell next.

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  • http://brett.tv Brett Moffitt

    Ive been traveling for a couple years and only just heard you had left Andy.. Ive been on a beach in nowhere land, so forgive me fir being a late in the messages.. I wish you well in all your endeavors.

  • http://www.onlinecharlestonrealestate.com/ Sandra Hopkins

    Although you’ve left StomperNet that wouldn’t mean that we will forget you.. you have a handful of infos about this. Goodluck to your new career!

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